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May 28, 2019

By Greg Hunter’s

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what is going on in Washington D.C. with the “treason” against Trump is unlike anything we have ever faced as a nation. Shipp explains, “This is an historic battle between the President of the United States and what I call the ‘Shadow Government.’ Some call this the ‘Deep State,’ and that includes the CIA, the FBI and the NSA. President Trump is the first President to stand up against this Shadow Government. They have been spying on Trump since he was a presidential candidate. So, this is huge, it’s historic and nothing like this has ever occurred in any western government. . . . The Shadow Government has been controlling Congress, controlling the judiciary and controlling the President of the United States. No one has stood up against them until Donald J. Trump.  They did not figure on this, and he is not bound to this Shadow Government or their threats. Trump has got them quaking in their boots because they have been engaged in illegal surveillance. They have been engaged in a false counter-intelligence against the Trump campaign, literally planting spies in the Trump campaign. I can guarantee you they are scrambling like rats trying to get off a ship. Comey points fingers at Clapper, he’s pointing fingers at Comey, there’s Loretta Lynch and on and on. They are scared because if this stuff is declassified, the American people will see what they have done. For some of these people, this amounts to treason. They attempted a coup against a duly elected President of the United States.”

Make no mistake, what happened to President Trump with the “hoax” of Russia collusion was a frame job to try to knock him out of office. Trump has called this “treason,” and when he says this, the mainstream media is silent and won’t report it. Shipp says, “They know it, and they are trying their level best to support these Shadow Government/Deep State players because the media was complicit in this false Russia collusion. There is no way they are going to report on information that will expose their role in it. . . . They shot and they missed, and it was a bad miss because they tipped their hand.”

Shipp says new Attorney General William Barr is the right man for the job of prosecuting treason. Shipp says, “Barr was a former CIA attorney . . . I was skeptical at first, but now I am right behind Barr. I think the fact that Barr was a CIA attorney gives him an inside view. . . . So, Barr has an edge . . . over the CIA and the FBI. He knows how that system works. He knows how they are going to stonewall him. He knows how they are going to use classification to try to conceal what they have done. They got the worst President and the worst Attorney General for them to expose what they are doing both at the same time. Barr has subpoena power, and they are quaking in their boots because this has never happened before. They have never been challenged like this before.”


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

THE biggest story of the weekend!

“A Big Wake Up Call”: Chinese Bond Market Roiled By First Ever Bank Failure
May 28, 2019

Late last Friday, we reported that several hours after the market close, China’s financial regulator and central bank made a shocking announcement: for the first time in nearly 30 year, China would take control of a bank, in this case the troubled inner Mongolia-based Baoshang Bank, due to the serious credit risks it poses.












The news which highlights the potential for increased stress at regional lenders that piled into off-book financing in recent years, was strategically timed to hit ahead of the weekend, and with the market closed, it avoided an immediate panic selling waterfall. However, the fact that in China banks are now fair game for failure, and will soon join the record surge in Chinese corporate defaults…


The European Union is a Mess!
May 28, 2019

 Great and Wonderful Tuesday Morning Folks,   

      We start our post-holiday trading day with Gold being pressured lower after yesterday’s upward slant and subsequent to the weekends Euro-Elections data coming out with the August Gold futures trade now at $1,287.80, down $1.40 from Friday’s close and right beside the low at $1,286.90 with the high at $1,292.60. July Silver is leading the charge lower with the trade at $14.465, down 9 cents and beside its low of $14.45 with the high at $14.61. The US Dollar is still benefiting from the Euro-Commotion with its value pegged at 97.63 up 15.3 points and just off its high at 97.715 with the low at 97.57. All of this was done way before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and before the London close.   

      The emerging markets mayhem continues with our check on Venezuela’s inflationary pressures its currency causes it’s people with Gold at 12,861.90 Bolivar adding 56.93 over the past 3 days with Silver now at 144.469 losing .849 Bolivar. In Argentina, the Pesos pressure now has Gold pegged at 57,627.69 losing 164.21 Pesos with Silver at 647.283 A-Pesos, losing 8.582. The Turkish Lira now has Gold pegged at 7,767.01 losing 28.876 Lira with Silver at 87.2567, et tu losing 1.1681 T-Lira as it seems all (5) eyes are on the emerging sector to keep precious metals steady at a time when the world is kicking out the socialists and, all at once.     

      The primary focus for us is the delivery system in the futures as May Silver’s final days are here with a demand count still at 219 requests for physical and with Zero Volume up on the board so far this morning. This is only 1,095,000 ounces of Silver standing for delivery, with today being the last trading day for the June Options with tomorrow being the last day these May Silver delivery demands have to be met, in which the bankers have to give the receipts for physicals. It even appears that the Short traders are continuing on as well with the Overall Open Interest in Silver now at 211,708 Overnighters proving a gain of 1,452 more shorts in play, in order to stay the price. This here is our proof that the price is being faked by the amount of paper shorts.


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May 26, 2019

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial analyst Bo Polny made a huge contrarian call on election night 2018. He predicted the stock markets would not rally but sell off by the end of the year. He was right, the DOW was down nearly 20%. What is he predicting now? Polny says, “The reason the stock market crashed in the month of December is because, basically, we are leading up to the greatest crash in history, which is going to hit this year. The crash that happened in December is only a prelude to what comes this year. So, that was only leg one down, and leg two is going to be much, much worse. It’s a replica of the great crash of 1929. That massive crash is about what is to be experienced this year but worse.”

Polny thinks the next stock market selloff will start in June, but not everything sells off.  Gold, silver and cryptos are going to spike higher. Polny explains, “The crash that comes in July is going to blow away the crash that comes in June. Then there is going to be a rush to safety. People will flee to safety. Remember, how much money have they printed? How much money do we not know that they printed? You know about that whole game of the $21 trillion in ‘missing money.’ With all of this money that has been printed, all of this money has to go somewhere. People will lose faith and confidence in this paper based system. The cycle . . . foretells the end of the paper based monetary system beginning in July. . . . Gold is going to jump in June initially. They are then going to try to hammer it back down. Once it jumps, they are going to start to lose control. When July hits, that’s when it will get pretty epic. By year end, Bitcoin, gold and silver will all, all be at new all-time highs.”

Polny adds, “When you do time based analysis, you have direction and time. So, what I know is the stock market has a down cycle into the end of the year. What price the stock market hits by the end of the year, I don’t know. I will tell you it’s probably a 40% crash from the top as a guess. . . . One of the things out of being here today and get out of this is to protect your family. Protect your family with an ark of safety. What is an ark of safety? Having food and water in your house and also having means. They have kept down the price of gold and silver because if it goes up, it’s the end of the paper game. This is also going to bless God’s people. You can’t have that because this is a fight between good and evil. Moses said to Pharaoh, ‘Let my people go,’ and that is where we are. These are Biblical times. . . . God says prepare. We are going to see gold and silver explode between year end. I believe the fireworks are going to hit in July, but I also think the start of it will hit in June.”


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In the news this week:

I am not including Brexit news, you can get that anywhere, but the only interesting part for us is probably the pound up after resignation announced but probably not for long.

Economists at JPM cut 2nd qtr forecast from 2.5% to 1% and 1% is probably generous.

Shelton wants a gold standard

25% of Americans going into debt for necessities

Russia considers gold back cryptocurrency

I think this is just political spin against China.  The farmers aren’t in trouble because of China.  The farmers are in trouble because in March over a million head of cattle were killed from floods.  The cattle which survived can’t be fed because the grasslands are covered by flood mud and there isn’t any grass for grazing.  The fields can’t be planted because of continuing rains and soggy ground.  This has nothing to do with China.  This is BS propaganda.  This has nothing to do with trade wars.  It’s sickening.  These floods are going to be to the coming economic crash what the dust bowl was to the Great Depression.  Never let a disaster go to waste…just use it for a political agenda.

Deutsche Bank going down the gurglar…no surprise here.

US debt at $13.6 trillion.  Higher than in 2008


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The Velocity of Money chart for those that listen to the JSMineSet subscriber audio.


Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V)











Could declassifation of prime documents cause dehydration?


I live in the land of dehydration, this is not it…


Watch: Sickly Nadler Passes Out During De Blasio Presser
May 24, 2019

Maybe he’s tired from signing all of those subpoenas.

One day after Nancy Pelosi publicly questioned President Trump’s mental health and suggested that his family should consider an ‘intervention’, Jerry Nadler – the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and point man for various Congressional investigations involving the president, staff from his 2016 campaign, and members of his administration – appeared to pass out during a press conference held by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Footage shot by NBC New York shows de Blasio stopping a press conference at P.S. 199 in the Upper West Side of Manhattan to come to Nadler’s aid, offering the Congressman water, and remarking that he appeared to be dehydrated.

When de Blasio asked if he was okay, Nadler responded with a faint ‘no’.


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Theresa May Out and with One Hell of a Huge Q drop!
May 24, 2019

Happy Friday Morning Folks!   

      Gold is lower during the London trade with the now price at $1,282.10, down $3.30 inside another one of those tight trading ranges between a high of $1,284.70 and the low at $1,280.30. Silver is inside an equally tight trading range with its current price at $14.55, down 6.3 cents and at the same exact price as May Ag’s quote with the high to beat at $14.595 and the low at $14.52 as we wonder about the old adage before Algos took over; “never sell a quiet market”. The US Dollar has a wider range with its value now at 97.675, down 4.8 points within the early morning range between 97.775 and 97.555. All this non-activity was done way before 5 am PST, The Comex open, and before Teresa May finally leaves office.   

      The Venezuelan Bolivar now has Gold pegged at 12,804.97 Bolivar, regaining another 52.93 overnight with Silver now at 145.318 it too gaining back another .799 in Bolivar value. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold priced under the fiat at 57,791.90 Pesos, a regain of 513.23 Pesos in a huge swing upward with Silver now at 655.865, adding back another 6.603 A-Pesos in whopper type fashion. Turkey’s Lira, our newly added emerging market currency, now has Gold at 7,795.77 T-Lira, losing 36.59 from yesterday’s early morning quote with Silver pegged at 88.4248, a loss of .3506 in value.   

      May Silver’s delivery demands are now at 209 contracts waiting to be filled and with a Volume of 13 up on the board so far this morning, proving a drop of 48 obligations during yesterday’s trade as the deliveries keep it all real. Silver’s Overall Open Interest proved a point during yesterday’s mini-rally, which caused a few shorts to exit their trades as the count dropped 714 Obligations making the count now 210,256 Overnighters. How tight is the trade and what would happen if the rest of the overwhelming short positions got spooked and exited their trades, which in turn would force the prices higher in order to slow down demand? We don’t have the answers to these questions, but we do believe these inquiries will be answered in very short order.    


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Courtesy of JB.



















Sending chills down my spine.

Be afraid. Very afraid!

2007 Redux?

“If DB goes under with its massive book of derivatives, other banks would be in the same trouble as DB. Nenner says

This is not a hyped prediction considering the IMF called DB the “most systemically dangerous bank” in the world in 2016. If DB does break $6.40, do we get a daisy chain of default around the world? Nenner says”

When fear grips the market, it will game over.

A new epoch of reality will take hold.  It will be called the “Golden Times”.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Nenner: If Deutsche Breaks $6.40 “The World Is In Trouble”
May 22, 2019

Via Greg Hunter’s,

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says if there was ever a global canary in the coal mine warning for the financial system, it is Germany’s Deutsche Bank (DB). Late last year, Nenner predicted if DB stock went below $8 a share, “You should be worried.” Recently, DB stock hit all-time lows and now sits around the $7.40 per share level.










Nenner warns, “I see it can hold up to late July, and then it can go to $6.50 (per share)…”

“If it breaks below $6.40, it can go out of business. So, it’s a very serious situation… I think all the markets can have a bounce in a couple of days to the end of July. That’s why DB might hold up, but if it gets below $6.40, the world is in trouble.”

This is not a hyped prediction considering the IMF called DB the “most systemically dangerous bank” in the world in 2016. If DB does break $6.40, do we get a daisy chain of default around the world? Nenner says:

“It is a very dangerous situation. I don’t think DB is the only one. They just got caught. I think if you look at the balance sheets very closely of other banks, especially Europe and Italian banks, you will see a lot of troubling signs also. I don’t think it’s only Deutsche Bank. It’s much more…





This is quite an eye opening article.

This is getting very, very dicey!  This is no longer about government vs government, but a nationalistic trend taking everyone down with it.

A full blown consumer war getting underway.

And furthermore, it appears that despite all the “good” reports of our economic activity, coming out from government sources, may just be hogwash.

…and will likely lead to a global trade recession or even a depression, which as we showed last week













…may have already started.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

The Boycott Begins: Chinese Company Orders Employees To “Stop Using American Products, Eating At KFC”
May 22, 2019

In a harbinger of what’s to come as the US-China trade war gets worse by the day, a Chinese company has told all of its employees to boycott American products and halt international travels to the U.S., reported The Epoch Times.











Jinggang Motor Vehicle Inspection Station notified all employees last Thursday, May 16 that the use of iPhones, driving in American automobiles, eating at American fast food restaurants, using American household products, and even traveling to the U.S. was forbidden by a new company policy; any employee who violated the new rules would be fired. Here are some excerpts from the notice:

“Employees are prohibited from purchasing or using iPhones; instead, they are recommended to use Chinese domestic brands of cell phones, such as Huawei.

“Employees are not allowed to purchase vehicles made by China-U.S. joint venture automakers. They are recommended to purchase 100 percent Chinese-made vehicles.

“Employees are forbidden to eat at McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken. They are not allowed to purchase P&G [Proctor and Gamble, a U.S. maker of household products], Amway [U.S. maker of health and beauty products], or any other American brands. Employees must not go to the United States as a tourist.”

The company’s memo was emailed to employees several days after state-run newspaper Global Times published an editorial piece that called on the Chinese public to “fight a people’s war” against the U.S.



People won’t realize they missed the boat for all the gold in China.


Why China Is the World’s Largest Gold Consumer
May 19, 2019

Gold has long enjoyed deep cultural significance in China, which holds the title for being both the world’s largest gold consumer and its largest producer. Demand for the yellow metal in China looks like it will continue to rise, driven by a combination of increasing levels of wealth, global economic uncertainty and changing central bank policy.

Momentum Drivers

We typically see four key drivers for gold demand in any market: jewelry purchases, industrial use, central bank purchases and retail investment. China’s market is no exception.

Jewelry Sales: Gold plays a strong role in traditional celebrations in China, and is typically gifted at weddings and births, while ornamental gold sales also spike around the Lunar New Year and during Golden Week in October. At a time when gold jewelry sales are static or falling in many markets, they rose by 3 percent in China in 2018 to reach a three-year high of 23.7 million ounces accounting for 30 percent of the world’s total, according to the World Gold Council (WGC). The rising wealth of China’s growing middle class is expected to continue to support this trend going forward.



The headline here says it all. The underlying question here is the compelling one…If everything in global currencies is as good as we are told, “Why are the Swiss ready to step in?” This is like someone saying “I’m innocent” but saying, “You need to talk to my criminal defense lawyer.” If you are innocent, Why are you represented by a criminal defense lawyer. Are people really this stupid? I guess so.


SNB Is Prepared to Intervene in Currency Markets, Official Says
May 20, 2019

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The Swiss National Bank stands ready to intervene in currency markets if necessary, according to one of its policy makers.

“We’ve always said that we have this approach that we have on the one hand negative interest rates still in place, but we’ve always said that whenever we feel it’s necessary we would be intervening, and that still counts,” Thomas Moser said while attending a conference in Copenhagen on Monday. “So if we feel that there is a need for more interventions we will certainly do it.”

For the past four years, the SNB used a deposit rate of minus 0.75% plus a pledge to use interventions to keep the haven franc in check.