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Bill Holter’s Commentary


Senate Banking Committee Chair Says Stablecoins May Be “Outright Fraudulent”
December 15, 2021

The Senate Banking Committee held a hearing yesterday titled “Stablecoins: How Do They Work, How Are They Used, and What Are Their Risks?”

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), the Chair of the Committee, set the tone for the hearing by including the following poignant remarks in his opening statement:

“Last month, I wrote to some of the biggest stablecoin issuers to get more information on how they manage their funds that back their coins, and to ask what rights their users have. Their responses were not particularly enlightening – and should lead us to assume most ordinary customers don’t have much in the way of rights at all.

“So let’s be clear about one thing: if you put your money in stablecoins, there’s no guarantee you’re going to get it back. They call it a currency, implying it’s the same as having dollars in the bank, and you can withdraw the money at any time. But many of these companies hide their terms and conditions in the fine print, allowing them to trap customers’ money. And if there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back, that’s not a currency with a fixed value – it’s gambling.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Supply issues? Think about this for a moment…why are you fed bullshit and lies 24/7 but this “supply issue” is true? I would suggest you follow the money and cost of the various potential treatments? Not much profit in Ivermectin is there?

“Supply Issues” Pause UK Ivermectin Trial as Merck Lands $2.2B US Govt. Contract for New Drug
December 16, 2021

In late June, the University of Oxford announced that PRINCIPLE, one of the U.K. Government’s national priority platform trials of COVID-19 treatments, would be evaluating Ivermectin, the seventh treatment to be investigated in the PRINCIPLE trial. Along with the influenza antiviral drug favipiravir, Ivermectin, the “safe, broad-spectrum antiparasitic drug,” was added as part of the trial’s focus on treatment for people in the U.K. who have recently developed symptoms of COVID-19. Yet, suddenly, without an explanation from Merck—who is a key manufacturer of the generic, readily available drug Ivermectin—MedPage Today reports that PRINCIPLE’s trial on the drug is paused, stating:

“The Ivermectin arm of the U.K.’s PRINCIPLE trial is “currently paused due to temporary supply issues.”


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People always want to know “when?”. When will the market crash? When will the credit facade implode? When will the reset occur? When will truth and the rule of law return? When will we return to “normal”? When, when when!

 First things first, were things “normal” prior to Covid? Or, were we like frogs in a pot of heating water and accepting each expansion of the tyranny envelope as the new normal? Only now do people (some) see the world as off the rails, and it wasn’t just a couple of years ago? And what about the people who see our new world as something just, right and the way it should be?

 In case you are wondering, our current state of affairs did not just happen, or happen by mistake. It all started on Nov. 22, 1963 when JFK was assassinated. The Warren commission signed off and whitewashed the affair…and the American public didn’t say boo. Then the US defaulted on Aug.15 1971 by going off the gold standard. The dollar began to seriously debase, there were a couple of recessions and then it was off the “nominal” races. The markets crashed in 1987 but were saved by a paltry $6 million jam job to Value Line futures. Governments learned a valuable lesson here, market pricing could be “forced” via derivatives!

 Then along came 911. Just as today with Covid’s antivaxxers, and horse paste promoters, anyone who questioned the official narrative was deemed a conspiracy theorist. The average American did not want to hear common sense nor truth. No, they just wanted to ignore it all and go on with their lives…because it really didn’t affect them. The problem is, 911 brought forward all sorts of government skullduggery versus the citizenry in the form of terrorism laws, surveillance, etc. Again, few spoke up so we now see and live a “new normal”.

 So here we are today in the new normal with no currency on the planet backed by anything real, only government promises and hopium to lend any value. Almost every western nation today fits the 1970’s definition of banana republic…both financially and how badly the rule of law has failed. Populations have been sliced and diced by age, sex, skin color, religion, political/sexual preference etc. etc. Divide and conquer at its best!

 Insane asset valuations have been created and funded by debt and fine-tuned by derivatives. Debt has become the “foundation” to everything, again, part of the new normal. We have even seen make believe assets (NFT’s) soar to mighty heights, but not to worry as this is now normal? Right has become wrong, up is now down, black is now white. If you have and use common sense then you are considered a racist, bigoted, homophobic/islamaphobic/misogynist pig. If you believe assets should be real rather than fake, or stand on their own rather than propped up by debt, then you are considered a dinosaur doomed to extinction.

 Just in the last two years alone, the Fed has increased money supply outstanding by over 35%…and had at least four cases (never to be prosecuted?) of members caught insider trading. We had very dubious elections, the largest bank in the land plead guilty to their 4th and 5th felonies, a bad case of the flu that preceded experimental injections made mandatory, leaving many sterile, immunocompromised or even dead. Follow the science they say? I am here to tell you that this particular brand of science will lead only to outright tyranny…I could go on and on as the above doesn’t even scratch the surface.

 My point is this, if you ask “when”, then you have not been paying attention.  “When” has already happened and is happening daily, and it was all pretty much done in broad daylight if you knew how and where to look. They have already told you the plan…to build back better. Do you get it? In order to build back better, they must tear the system down first. Look around you? There is nothing but lies and bogus policy that anyone with a functioning brain can decipher.

 We are way beyond “math” now, isn’t it obvious to you yet that they plan to pull the rug out from under everything they possibly can? At this point, the spark could be anything from the little boy who exclaims the king as naked to some sort of horrific false flag? With the speed of destruction we have already experienced, what makes you believe there is ANY time left?

 And lastly, if you believe there is going to be a White Knight who rides in to save the day and bring back “normal”, you are sorely mistaken. As it stands now, inflation (even as per BLS) is sniffing at 10%. Do compressed interest rates under 3% make any sense? What effect will higher interest rates have on the most highly levered system the world has ever seen? I’ll leave you with this…The Fed is dead, cash is trash, and return OF capital should be your highest financial concern!!!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration

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Historical perspective from CIGA Bill


To Whom It May Concern:

Growing up, my Opa was my hero. German was his first language and his English wasn’t great while I was the exact opposite but somehow, we were still able to communicate and, although I didn’t get to know him for very long, we became quite close.

My Opa never talked about the war but he was a very cerebral and earnest man – a great thinker with clearly a mind of his own. I only knew him for five years; from the age of twelve to seventeen but was devastated when he died.

It was years later that I asked my mother (his only child) about my grandfather’s war years. She told me that he had been a successful business man in Hamburg, living in a big house with a nice new car when the Nazis came to visit him. They wanted him to join the party and take on the role of officer. At the time, my grandfather had many Jewish friends and had observed what was happening to them one by one at the hands of the Nazis. He told the Nazis that he wanted no part of them. His reward was a one-way trip to the Russian front, his new car taken away as was his house which was appropriated for use by the Nazi party. My mother and grandmother had to flee to the country to stay with relatives.

My grandfather was one of only two soldiers from his unit that survived. He was eventually captured by the Russians and put in a prisoner of war camp. He managed to live only by eating the dandelions that grew inside the encampment. When the war ended, he somehow found his way back to his family. My mother said he was like a walking stick man, he was so skinny. But he survived.

While my grandfather was away, my mother, who was around seven or eight years old at the time, still had to go to school. At the beginning of each school day, every child was required to make the “Heil Hitler” salute. My mother, however, had been forbidden by my grandfather to ever do this. Her punishment was to stand in the corner every day with her face to the wall for fifteen minutes. And of course too, there were the taunts from her classmates. Often she would go home crying and asking her mother why she couldn’t just do the salute like the other children. She was told by my Oma that Hitler was a bad person and that her father would be very angry with her if she ever submitted. In those days, a father’s words were final so my mother continued to take her lumps at school. My mother remembers being told by one of her teachers that after Hitler won the war that she and the rest of her “Jew loving” family would be sent to the gas chambers. My mother went home that day and told her mother what her teacher had said. She asked my Oma what they should do. My grandmother said to pray that Hitler loses.

The reason I am writing this brief excerpt from my family’s past is because I read about something strikingly similar happening in some(?) schools in Germany. Apparently, every day, each child is asked whether or not they have been vaccinated. If they say yes, the rest of the class is expected to clap their approval. If they say no, they have to stand in front of the class and explain why they are not.

I am from Canada and yesterday I listened to someone representing the Jewish anti-defamation society how he was outraged that some police officer had suggested that the unvaccinated in Canada and around the world were being treated much as the Jews were in Nazi Germany. This spokesman was mortified by this and could not see how the attempted genocide of an entire race of people could be compared to the fight against a horrible disease.

Here in Canada, I am not allowed to get on a plane, train, or even a bus without a vaccine pass. I cannot go into a restaurant or any event or public function. As long as I’m masked I can still get groceries but in New Brunswick they are even talking about taking away that privilege! I guess they just want us all to starve if we don’t submit. In Australia, they have started sending people to special quarantine camps. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already had Covid or not, if you come into contact with someone who tests positive for it, you can be hauled away by the police for at least two weeks. If you dare act up or try to rebel in any way, your time in captivity can increase at the discretion of the “warden”. I have been told that there’s already one of those camps in my own province and many others across Canada preparing for who knows what.

In Austria, they are going to start fining people the equivalent of $5000 dollars Canadian every three months that they go unvaccinated. Many other European countries are waiting to see how this pans out but are just itching to do the same. In the meantime, the media around the world either ignores or downplays any attempt to protest these increasingly draconian measures. Laws are being made to limit or even eliminate protest – peaceful or otherwise.

In Nazi Germany, things started slowly at first. The Nazis made the trains run on time, the economy was humming and people were starting to feel pride in being German again after their defeat in World War 1. Sure there were some anti-semitic events occurring which caused some consternation among the Jewish community but Germany was a civilized country. Surely, things would get better in time. But they didn’t get better. The propaganda got louder and more invasive. Public sentiment started to get more vociferous against the Jews. Suddenly, they were the scapegoats for all the bad things that were happening or had happened in Germany. The “dirty” Jews were likened to rats spreading disease. And what do you do when you have a rat problem? You call for the exterminator.

With Covid, things started slowly at first. A two week shut down and everything would get better. It didn’t. Covid cases were going through the roof. Every day we were greeted by the media with world-wide infection rates and death counts. And then, hallelujah, came the blessed vaccines to save us! Get two shots and you will be free to see people again and throw away your masks which aren’t helpful anyway. And of course, there is no chance that there will ever be a vaccine mandate. That would be inconceivable and probably illegal.

Months later and people are still getting Covid. A new Delta variant is hitting. More people need to get vaccinated! We need to get to 65, no, 75, no 80% to be safe again. Wait, no, that’s still not enough. People are continuing to get sick and it’s all the fault of those damn anti-vaxxers. Because of them we all still have to wear masks and restrict our social gatherings. It is a pandemic of the anti-vaxxers! That selfish and ignorant minority of people are the disease spreaders! Either they submit or by God, they will face the consequences. Shun them and if you know who they are and where they live, report them. Omicron is here! No one is dying from it yet but you know they will. Better get your next shot. Everyone has to have it or we will NEVER be safe again!

It is not the disease that we have to fear. It is the “cure” and the people behind the “cure”. They are the Davos gang, the Faucis, the Gates, the Schwabs the Soros of the world who have all spent years scheming ways to reduce our world’s population to their stated goal of 500 million people. That means that SEVEN AND A HALF BILLION of us somehow have to die so that these world planners can enjoy their Great Reset. These people are the modern day Nazis who happen to own the media, the banks, the judges, the health institutions, and of course, the politicians.

I submit that the small minority of “anti-vaxxers” are in fact the equivalent of the persecuted Jews of World War 2 Germany, if not now, soon. And the people who offer up their arms in salute of their dictators? They will be sent to the “Russian front” to face a final kill-shot. Sadly, this includes everyone in my family. A father’s words are not taken as seriously as they used to be, I’m afraid. And yes, I am afraid – for us all.

Pray that they will lose this war.

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Up, up, and away?


‘Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.’ Oscar Wilde. (1854-1900).

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By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned gold expert James Turk says, “Federal Reserve money printing has gone off the rails, and they are in a situation of inflate or die.”

Inflation is not the only problem because as the money loses buying power, the general public loses liberty.  In Turk’s new book “Money and Liberty,” he lays out a direct link between sound quality money and liberty.  What we have now is basically increasing inflation, or a decrease in the quality of money, and increasing tyranny.  Just look at what has been happening with the CV19 pandemic.  Turk explains, “In the system that we have, in order to make it work, you need inflation and regimentation.  When you have regimentation, that means cutting back on liberty. . . .They are trying to keep the system going, and as they keep the system going, there is more and more regimentation. . . . The system has come to its end, and we have to recognize that nature gives us everything humankind needs to advance and that includes natural money, which, of course, is gold.”

Turk says, “The Fed can’t raise rates because only a 1% interest rate hike would raise the borrowing cost the government would have to pay out to $300 billion more per year.”  What the government can do is spend more money, and that is the problem for all Americans.  Turk explains, “Hyperinflation results from government spending at the end of the day.  When the government is out of control, its spending is out of control and the central bank turns that spending into currency, and that’s where we are.  We are on the path to hyperinflation.”


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

This bears watching closely as the entire world runs on credit…

BoJ Panics, Unleashes Short-Term Liquidity For First Time Since 2006 Amid Repo Spike
December 13, 2021

A sudden panicky surge in Japanese repo rates prompted The Bank of Japan to unleash a rarely-used tool in an attempt to tamp down any liquidity crisis before it accelerates.

Tom/Next repo rates (the one-day repo rate for transactions starting next business day), surged early in the day to their highest in 2 years…


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Posted without commentary other than yes…2+2 does equal 4.

Have Professional Athletes Become the Canary in the Covid Coalmine?
December 10, 2021

The sudden spate of on-field emergencies has raised questions among several seasoned veterans of the game, Robert Bridge writes.

Amid studies showing a link between some vaccines and heart problems, professional athletes appear to be collapsing on the field of dreams like never before. Are these incidences normal occurrences, coincidences or symptomatic of mandatory vaccine programs?

As more countries make vaccinations mandatory requirements for participating in many aspects of life, including that of sporting events, stadiums around the world have become something of testing grounds for determining the efficacy of the rollout. Thus far the results do not look particularly promising.

Last month, the world of female rugby was rocked by the news that Scottish sensation Siobhan Cattigan, 26, died suddenly “in non-suspicious circumstances,” as the Daily Mail reported. Yet anytime a young person – not least of all a healthy star athlete – dies unexpectedly there is some inherent element of ‘suspicion’ involved. Perhaps not in the criminal sense, but certainly from a medical point of view.

Moreover, had Cattigan’s premature death, the cause of which has not been disclosed, been an isolated event then it could be chalked up as something of a tragic ‘fluke.’ It appears, however, that Cattigan’s sudden death was not an isolated event, but rather part of a disturbing trend in the world of sports.