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Sweetest music to my ears since…well, ever!
It was only a matter of time before Russia and China knocked the “golden” ball out of the park.
If you don’t own gold by now, you may never own it.  Not because of its scarcity, but its price.
Perhaps those owning Bitcoin may be able to convert it to real coins. 
CIGA Wolfgang Rech
I guess we only have 28 days to wait and discern whether or not the BIS does actually cave? 

June 28: Bank for International Settlements Caves In to Russia and China

June 1, 2021

On April 6, 2021, the website “Russia Today” made an announcement: (

“Putin poised to set out vision for future in dramatic speech, in what allies say will be the ‘world’s most important political event'”

However, it turned out that Putin did not set out any vision for the future, in any dramatic speech, and “The world’s most important political event” did not take place.

What has been going on?

In my opinion, there is only one explanation for this odd situation: Putin was threatening to restore gold backing for the Russian Ruble and for the Chinese Yuan, and this scared the living daylight out of the BIS, the Bank for International Settlements of Basel, Switzerland, which caved in to the pressure from Russia and its ally, China.

As a result of Putin’s threat, this May the BIS advised that it was implementing new rules to govern international banks, regarding the presentation of amounts of gold which they hold, which are no longer to include “unallocated gold”.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Did you ever believe in your lifetime the phrase “something for nothing” would ever be a reality? Well, here you go!

Italian Artist Sells Invisible ‘Immaterial’ Sculpture For $18,000
June 1, 2021

An Italian artist was able to sell his invisible “immaterial” sculpture – which technically does not exist (in this plane at least) – for thousands of euros.

Salvatore Garau, 67, challenged the boundaries of contemporary art even further after cashing in ¢15,000 (around $18,000 or P875,000) for his work titled “Io sono” (I am) at a recent auction, as per Il Giorno on May 21.

The said “sculpture,” which is physically just air, seemingly gets its value from the bold concept of Garau rather than its materiality, if there is.

Garau argues, however, that he did not sell “nothing,” but instead sold a “vacuum,” according to the report.

“The vacuum is nothing more than a space full of energy, and even if we empty it and there is nothing left, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, that nothing has a weight. Therefore, it has energy that is condensed and transformed into particles, that is, into us,” Garau was quoted as saying.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Is this a bluff or a final call demanding the cards be laid on the table?

Russia Again Warns SWIFT Disconnection A Real Possibility In “Sanctions Spiral”

June 1, 2021
Russia is again warning of the impending threat of the West blocking its banks from using the SWIFT payment system amid a broad “spiral of sanctions” – in the words of director of the Economic Cooperation Department (DEC) of the Russian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Birichevsky.

“It’s no secret that there are threats, primarily from the United States, to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system,” he described in Monday statements to a national broadcaster. It’s certainly not the first time that Western allies have threatened such. The threat to cut off Russia from the global system for financial messaging and cross-border payments which acts as the protector of the dollar reserve system has lingered for the past half-decade, going back to the initial Crimea crisis and the start of war in eastern Ukraine, and recently repeated in an EU resolution.

The top Russian economic officials still said he’s confident Russia won’t be disconnected “anytime soon” or possibly never, but used the lingering threat to reintroduce that the country is pursuing its own international payment mechanism: “Since 2014, Russia has been working on its own payment system. This system already exists,” he said.

“We all use the MIR card. It is also accepted in a number of neighboring countries and in Turkey. Negotiations are also underway with other partners,” he explained.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Debt, debt and more debt!

Visualizing the Snowball of Government Debt
May 31, 2021


Visualizing the Snowball of Government Debt in 2021

As we approach the second half of 2021, many countries around the world are beginning to relax their COVID-19 restrictions.

And while this signals a return to normalcy for much of the global economy, there’s one subject that’s likely to remain controversial: government debt.

To see how each country is faring in the aftermath of an unprecedented global borrowing spree, this graphic from visualizes debt-to-GDP ratios using April 2021 data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


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By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle contends the recent revelation about alien encounters on the CBS show “60 Minutes” is nothing more than theater to fool and set up the masses on the coming alien narrative.  Steve Quayle explains, “The plan has always been in the elite world to destroy humanity.  Even the Georgia Guidestones say this.  Quayle says, “When 60 Minutes took this on, you have to ask yourself how does something so concealed and so hidden all of a sudden have F-18 fighter pilots locking on to advanced technology. . . . The whole reason they are going to reveal it now is they are going to bring on the aliens as the world’s saviors.  Look at what mankind is doing.  We are destroying ourselves.  We are destroying the planet.  Every political buzz word is being used.  The true meaning of the alien reveal is they want . . . to release it in a staged manner. . . . The lie is this:  Mankind cannot save itself.  There are diseases, global warming, and the entire makeup of creation is out of balance.  Are we facing a pole shift, and are there massive problems that only the Aliens, our space brothers and our creators, can help us with?  I say this is the biggest bag of ‘bull sheet,’ which is the lie and the cover-up . . . . I am putting in all my last days telling people if you understand it, you will not be destroyed by it.  This is the big lie:  Aliens did not create us. . . . I am created in the image and likeness of the living God.”


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Odd that the US “risk free” 10 yr. Treasury rate is higher than even Greece?







An excellent point on Memorial Day weekend!



Friends of Freedom

Ike WAS Right

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Reversion to the mean will be quite ugly!










This one is rich in irony!


Boomeranged karma JB?



Atlanta ‘Defund The Police’ Backer Has Car Stolen — By Kids In Broad Daylight: Reports
May 27, 2021

An Atlanta city councilman – who is aiming to be the city’s next mayor – had his car stolen by children in broad daylight Wednesday, according to reports.

Councilman Antonio Brown was attending a ribbon-cutting ceremony at an event in northeast Atlanta around noon when at least four kids jumped into his car and took off, FOX 5 of Atlanta reported.

“You don’t immediately think, ‘Oh, these kids are going to steal my car,’” Brown said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The incident occurred amid a recent crime wave in the city. Brown, who joined the city’s mayoral race less than three weeks ago, is running on a campaign of “reimagining public safety,” the paper reported.

Last year, he voted in support of an ordinance to withhold $73 million from the budget of the Atlanta Police Department. The ordinance was narrowly voted down.


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By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager and economist Peter Schiff says all the debt and money printing by the Fed will, ultimately, get down to one thing and that is the U.S. dollar.  The Fed has been getting away with this turbocharged money creation policy since the last financial meltdown in 2008.  In 2021, the consequences of “money for nothing” are finally kicking in.  Schiff explains, “The inflation crisis and the dollar crisis . . . are a much bigger economic event that will have a much greater impact than the 2008 financial crisis.  I have been warning about the consequences of all this money printing for years and years.  Now, finally, you are really starting to see that.  The government has been able to bury the amount of inflation they have been creating because of the CPI (Consumer Price Index).  The CPI doesn’t really capture the degree that prices are going up.  So, it creates a false sense of confidence that we haven’t had inflation, but now prices are rising so rapidly that even the government’s doctored CPI number can’t hide it. . . . We are getting these huge price increases across the board.”

How worried should people be about all the Fed money printing?  Schiff warns, “The Fed says there’s nothing to worry about.  Inflation is just going to magically come back down.  We are still going to be at 2% inflation.  So, we can keep the printing presses going with the pedal to the metal, and we are going to have these huge deficits.  We are going to print all this money, and there is nothing to worry about.  Well, you better worry!  This crisis will be much worse than 2008, and unlike 2008, nobody’s getting a bailout.  The reason the Fed could do the bailouts is the Fed could print the money to fund the bailout.  The next crisis is the dollar that is going to be in crisis. The dollar is going to be crashing, and they can’t bail anybody out from a dollar crash because all they can do is print more dollars, which will just accelerate the collapse of the dollar.”


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

“Second Amendment Protections for Travelers.” in Texas.

Bill Requiring Hotels To Allow Guests To Store Guns In Rooms Passes Texas Legislature
May 24, 2021

Today, the Texas House passed a bill to let guests carry their weapons in hotels.

Senate Bill (SB) 20 would forbid hotels from prohibiting firearms. Hotels would keep the power to require concealment of weapons, but they would have to let their customers carry and store their weapons in their rooms.

Debate arose over the state’s authority to regulate how property owners run their buildings. State Rep. Rafael Anchía (D-Dallas) said that the bill would hamper private property rights and compared the Second Amendment to the First Amendment, noting that the state lets hotels prohibit certain acts of speech like loud music.

In response, Rep. Cole Hefner (R-Mt. Pleasant) said guests have an expectation that their rented rooms become their “domain” during their time there, and responsible gun-owning guests should be allowed to take their weapons in from their cars.