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April 9, 2017

By Greg Hunter’s “Early Sunday Release”

Internet data mining expert Clif High uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to spot trends and make predictions for future events. In his latest in-depth report, High sees a “huge” calamity coming for humanity. Clif High explains, “There is all kinds of data for money and lack of money and lack of funding and all kinds of emotions around this. There are hints in the data that something huge is coming for August and September that is being exposed by the language now. I think it’s a bond crash or not a bond crash because I don’t know how that works. It’s not a stock market crash. The data I am looking at now says the stock market is not meaningful. We may lose 50 cents on every dollar in the stock market in just a few days, but it’s meaningless. It won’t make any difference at all to anybody according to what the data is showing me because the real crisis is in the crash of government.”

High goes on to explain, “The emotions at the moment are projecting a crash of the ability of the state to function. . . . We have the projection that there is going to be some sort of big government crash. It concerns funding, interruption or something. . . . We have something akin to a definition change relative to bonds. . . . One way to think about this is there is going to be a human collective or re-understanding, or new understanding, about the whole bond market as we go forward in August, September and October. This is going to cause huge disruptions for governments, which basically depends on the bonds as its source of funds. I don’t know what that definition is going to mean, but the way the language is presenting itself, it’s very much like the same language that appeared in newspapers ahead of the Bretton Woods conference. . . . At that time, a bunch of countries got together around WWII and talked about how to deal with gold, money and the dollar after the war was over. . . . We have that same kind of language now relative to the bonds. . . .This redefinition is going to cause real problems relative to governments. If I had to guess, I don’t think we will have a stock market crash, but a government crash or Fed crash or bank crash. I don’t think a stock market crash will be meaningful because by the time it crashes, nobody will care because before we get there, the Fed will crash. The Fed is the market.”

Maybe this is why Clif High is also seeing language that prices are going up for things like Bitcoin, gold and silver. Clif is seeing the term “gold fever” repeatedly. He is also seeing the term “silver rush” for the white metal. High contends, “The amount of pressure they have had to use to push down on gold and silver prices means when it starts to go up, there will be a bit of a flutter. Then, they are going to push down harder, and then it’s just going to blow. The language is suggesting that this is really happening around silver.” High also says at some point in the not so distant future, prices will be rising so fast that “no one will be selling gold and silver.”


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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The latest from John Williams’

– Sharp Narrowing in February 2017 Trade Deficit Reflected Plunging Imports of Consumer Goods, Such as Autos and Cell Phones
– Declining Consumer Demand and/or a One-Time Reporting Aberration?
– First-Quarter 2017 Real Merchandise-Trade Is on Track for Worst Deficit Since Third-Quarter 2007
– Despite a Nominal 0.8% Monthly Gain in February Construction Spending, Inflation-Adjusted Activity Remained in Stagnant Non-Recovery, Headed for First-Quarter 2017 Quarterly and Annual Contractions
– Consumers Face Continuing Income and Credit Stresses, Amidst Mixed Optimism

“No. 878: February Trade Deficit, Construction Spending, Updated Consumer Liquidity ”

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

“I didn’t leak nothing to nobody” is a double negative isn’t it?



There was a saying back in the era of the Soviet Union that went something like this:

“We pretend to work … They pretend to pay us!”

Today, maybe it can be said this way in America:

“They pretend to report the news … and we pretend to believe them!”

“Social Engineering”? … Just watch the Main Stream Media!


Fake-News Giants Claim Susan Rice Spy Scandal Is ‘Fake’

WASHINGTON – Is it a real story, or is it fake news?

That’s the raging debate about the exploding scandal over Susan Rice’s “unmasking” of incoming Trump administration officials when she served as President Barack Obama’s national security adviser.

Despite some likening the White House use of classified leaks for political purposes to a scandal bigger than Watergate, media outlets Tuesday were shooting down – or flat-out ignoring – the blockbuster report that verified the Obama administration surveilled the Trump team.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Was he told YOU’RE FIRED??? Implications?

Lacker Abruptly Quits Fed Over Role in Leak of Policy Plans

April 4, 2017

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker resigned abruptly on Tuesday as he disclosed his role in the leak of confidential information about policy options that the central bank was considering in 2012.

Lacker said during a phone conversation with an analyst from Medley Global Advisors in October 2012 that she brought up an “important non-public detail” about Fed policy makers’ discussions before a meeting, according to a statement emailed by law firm McGuireWoods in Richmond, Virginia, on Tuesday. Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of the information, Lacker said he should have declined to comment or immediately ended the call.

“Instead, I did not refuse or express my inability to comment and the interview continued,” he said.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Didn’t I just write something like this for subscribers?

Venezuela Reminds Us That Socialism Frequently Leads to Dictatorship

April 4, 2017

On March 29, the Supreme Court of Venezuela dissolved the country’s elected legislature, allowing Venezuela’s top court to write future laws. The court is filled with allies of Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolas Maduro, while the legislature is dominated by Maduro’s opponents, and the court’s ruling was seen as the latest step on Venezuela’s descent into a full-fledged dictatorship. But following international outcry—as well as the appearance of cracks within Maduro’s own party—the court reversed itself just a few days later, on April 1.

Thus, the uneasy standoff between Venezeula’s legislature and executive is set to continue. Last week’s episode is only the latest reminder of the tendency of socialism to lead to dictatorship, as identified by the Nobel Prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek in The Road to Serfdom.

In 1944, when he wrote his book, Hayek noted that the crimes of the German National Socialists and Soviet Communists were, in great part, the result of growing state control over the economy. As he explained, growing state interference in the economy leads to massive inefficiencies and long queues outside empty shops. A state of perpetual economic crisis then leads to calls for more planning.


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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

When does the Democratic Resistance turn into Democratic Anarchy?

When do the oppositions rants turn in Sedition?

Did you vote count at all?

Is the USA ungoverned?

Ungoverned Seditious Anarchy trumps interest rates or anything else considered bullish on the dollar?

What are the ear marks of a failed system? They are Ungoverned Seditious Anarchy typically previously run by an Oligarchy developing into lawlessness but for the very few 1%.

Six Questions Raised By The Report Susan Rice Unmasked Names Of Trump Advisers
April 4, 2017

The report that former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice was involved in the “unmasking” of Trump transition and campaign officials caught up in surveillance gives new credence to the possibility that Obama administration officials were involved in some kind of surveillance of Trump’s advisers and, possibly, then-candidate and President-elect Trump himself.

A Bloomberg report raises a host of new questions and points the investigation in a number of new potential directions.

1. Who were the unmasked members of the Trump team, and to whom were they talking?

To this point, only ex-Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn’s conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak has been identified. Additionally, when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes announced that he had seen intelligence materials related to the unmasking of Trump associates, he said the materials were not related to Russia, but it’s unclear if that means the conversations completely excluded agents of the Russian government.