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What would we, in the USA, say if Iran called for regime change in America?


Trump “Committed To Regime Change” In Iran: Giuliani
May 7, 2018

President Donald Trump is committed to regime change in Iran, said Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s newest controversial attorney (although perhaps not for long) and longtime informal advisor.

Speaking to reporters after a Saturday keynote to the Iran Freedom Convention for Democracy and Human Rights in Washington, Giuliani said “We got a president who is tough, who does not listen to the people who are naysayers, and a president who is as committed to regime change as we are.” In other words, pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal is now being conflated with regime change in Iran.

Giuliani says he’s been a supporter of regime change for “ten years,” that it’s the only way to peace in the middle east, and that it’s “more important than an Israeli-Palestinian deal.”



If this AUMF is passed, Congress will have chosen to make itself irrelevant on the issue of war.


Rand Paul: Congress Moves to Give the President Unlimited War Powers
May 7, 2018

The new Kaine/Corker AUMF declares war on at least the following places and people: the Taliban, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, ISIS anywhere, al-Shabaab in Somalia and elsewhere, al-Qaeda in Syria, al-Nusra in Syria, the Haqqani network in Pakistan and Afghanistan, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, in Niger, Algeria, Libya, and Nigeria, and associated forces (as defined by the president) around the globe.

That is simply breathtaking. Previous AUMFs have never included “associated forces,” and with good reason. Yet the Kaine/Corker AUMF not only codifies military action against those associated forces, but by conservative estimates authorizes war in over 20 nations.

Should Congress declare war? Absolutely. Are there places we will need to be at war? Yes. Should we be having this debate at this time? Yes, we should. But we must have a full debate, with all sides considered, and with the constitutional power of every branch of government clearly in mind.

It is indisputably clear that the authority given to the executive under the AUMF passed after 9/11 has become too broad and needs updating. But this Kaine/Corker AUMF is not the answer. Simply put, it provides even more expansive war-making authority to the executive branch than the status quo.

If this AUMF is passed, Congress will have chosen to make itself irrelevant on the issue of war.



A fish rots from the head down! When an organization or state fails, it is the leadership that is the root cause.


Criminal Probe Launched Against Disgraced NY Attorney General Schneiderman
May 8, 2018

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office announced on Tuesday morning that it was opening a criminal investigation into allegations of physical abuse by that pinnacle of hypocrisy and “virtue signalling”, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who resigned just hours after accounts of abuse by four women were published.

Schneiderman resigned Monday night within hours of an exposé in The New Yorker detailing the four women’s accounts – a swift and shocking fall for a Democrat who brought charges against Harvey Weinstein in the wake of the #MeToo movement, and ane point was thought to be President Trump’s eventual downfall.

The four women went on the record, accusing Schneiderman of choking, hitting and threatening them during brutal, alcohol-fueled sexual assaults – which they say were not consensual. While neither woman filed any police complaints, both said they sought out medical attention and confided in people close to them about the abuse.

    Sometimes in bed, she recalls, he would be “shaking me and grabbing my face” while demanding that she repeat such things as “I’m a little whore.” She says that he also told her, “If you ever left me, I’d kill you.”

    She recalls screaming in surprise and pain, and beginning to cry, and says that she felt frightened. She has asked to remain unidentified, but shared a photograph of the injury with The New Yorker.

    “It wasn’t consensual. This wasn’t sexual playacting. This was abusive, demeaning, threatening behavior.” -The New Yorker

Manhattan DA Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said on late Monday that prosecutors would be investigating the claims.


Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal – Wikipedia


I told my wife as soon as I saw this in the morning, Trump would for sure pull out.  Anything CNN reports turns out to be wrong…



To my point earlier….

Who at CNN is getting paid off to release fake news?

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Oil Algos In Crisis As Bloomberg Reports Trump Will Pull Out Of Iran Deal
May 8, 2018

Update 2:  Bloomberg reports that President Trump is said to have decided to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal…

President Trump has decided to pull out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, according to a person familiar with the decision.

The initial reaction was a rise in prices but it seems the machines are exhausted…

AP also reports that President Donald Trump is following through on his campaign threat and withdrawing the U.S. from the landmark nuclear accord with Iran.

That’s according to two people familiar with the decision, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record. They did not have any details on how the withdrawal would unfold.


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J.P. Morgan Files Patent for Blockchain-Powered Payments
May 4, 2018

Here we go. J.P. Morgan Chase has applied for a patent to facilitate payments between banks using the blockchain.

The patent was originally submitted in October, but the application was made public by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday. It outlines a system that would essentially use distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain, to keep track of payments sent between financial institutions.

In the application, J.P. Morgan notes that cross-border payments require “a number of messages” that must be sent between the bank and clearing houses involved in the transaction. This often results in delays and a restricted availability to the funds. Rather, the transaction on the blockchain would eliminate high costs, provide a system for accurately logging the transactions, and process payments in real time with a verifiably true audit trail.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

This is a step on gold road to the first of two resets.

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Every step forward for China is one step backwards for the dollar…

Nigeria, China Sign $2.4 Billion Currency-Swap to Lift Trade
May 3, 2018

Nigeria and China agreed on a currency-swap worth $2.4 billion to boost commercial ties and reduce the need to use the dollar in bilateral trade.

Yi Gang, governor of the People’s Bank of China, and Godwin Emefiele, his Nigerian counterpart, signed a three-year swap of 15 billion yuan or 720 billion naira in Beijing on April 27, the Chinese central bank said in a statement Thursday. The transaction can be renewed if both parties want, it said.

The deal, more than two years in the making, will “provide naira liquidity to Chinese businesses and provide renminbi liquidity to Nigerian businesses respectively, thereby improving the speed, convenience and volume of transactions between the two countries,” the Central Bank of Nigeria said in a separate statement. It will allow Nigerian companies to import spare parts and raw materials from China by sourcing renminbi from local banks and help them avoid “the difficulties of seeking other scarce foreign currencies,” it said.

China is Nigeria’s second-biggest trading partner after the U.S., with volumes between the two totaling $9.2 billion in 2017, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Nigeria runs a deficit, importing $7.6 billion of goods including textiles and machinery from China and exporting just $1.6 billion, mainly oil and gas.


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CIGA Tom with an excellent question for Charlie Munger!


So is he saying gold has value or is bitcoin just artificial, worthless gold?


Berkshire’s Charlie Munger: Bitcoin is worthless artificial gold from CNBC.


Courtesy of Dave.


Iran Calls $6bn US Court Verdict A ‘Mockery’ Of Justice, Americans & 9/11 Attacks Victims
May 7, 2018

 Accusing Washington of attempts to “rewrite history,” Iran has firmly rejected as a “mockery” of the justice system the US court’s recent default ruling which ordered Tehran to pay over $6 billion in damages to 9/11 victims.

“Issuing such an absurd and unacceptable verdict mocks not only the international legal system but also the survivors and families of the victims of the September 11 attacks,” Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Bahram Kasemi said Sunday, rejecting the New York court’s decision.

Last week, Manhattan’s District Judge George Daniels made a default ruling (issued in the absence of a defendant) that found Tehran liable for the deaths and ordered its entities to pay over $6 billion in compensations to the families of more than 1,000 victims of the September 11 attacks.



Question: Do you feel you are in a new Cold War? Sergey Lavrov: I think it’s worse.


Military and non-military escalation into nuclear war
May 05, 2018

by R.Lesnoix for The Saker blog

Recent events have put the prospect of nuclear war back into the limelight. We believed we had left this behind when the cold war ended. We were wrong. Not only is it back, it is back with a vengeance. We now face the real possibility of non-military confrontations escalating into all-out nuclear war. This worries me as it seems that the thresholds for these are both lower and more obfuscated. What’s worse is that at least some of the people who may trigger this appear to be both ignorant of these risks and have a less than desirable level of competence.

Nuclear war was typically associated with one of two scenario’s: either a gradual escalation of conventional warfare into (total) nuclear war or an all-out first strike. A first strike could be launched in the hope (or expectation) of destroying enough of the enemies nuclear firepower to make the counterstrike ‘survivable’ or it could be launched to preempt such a first strike by the enemy. If a side feels that it’s own counterstrike capabilities are vulnerable to a first strike, the chance of them launching a preemptive strike go up considerably should they feel threatened.

Still, the second scenario typically also involves an initial conventional military engagement. This would likely be a relatively small scale confrontation. Instead of the gradual escalation of the first scenario in this case one side skips the intermediate steps and goes straight for the jugular. This can be either the side who considers themselves strong enough to get away with a first strike or the side that feels it’s weaker and needs to use-it-or-lose-it.


Now I wonder if this WAS the reason why Julian’s communications to the entire world was cut off a few weeks ago.


2018, the year that truth matters! May, June, July info dumps are the correct timing as the midterms approach. It is either now drain the swamp or be impeached Mr. President…


Wikileaks Dumps Hillary Email Exposing Her Ordering US Diplomats to Steal DNA from UN Leadership
May 6, 2018

There’s an extremely serious dump of emails that came from Wikileaks exposing Hillary Clinton for ordering top US Diplomats to steal the DNA and passwords from United Nations leadership.

The stunning email comes from the account of Hillary Clinton that used the address “”.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>New email from Hillary Clinton (&quot;;) released by State Department talking about <a href=””>@WikiLeaks</a> exposing her ordering US diplomats to steal DNA and passwords from UN leadership <a href=””></a><br><br>Background: <a href=”″></a> <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) <a href=””>May 6, 2018</a></blockquote>

<script async src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>




Unless you believe in Alchemy, or for that matter Captain Kirk finding a Gold Comet, no one can stop the oncoming tsunami of rising gold prices.

“The increased spending, however, has not produced the equivalent in new gold discoveries. During the past decade, 41 discoveries have resulted in a mere 215.5 million ounces of the precious metal.”

And over the past decade, lest we forget, about $15 trillion in new monetary stimulus was printed.

Let’s see, exponential rise in currency and dramatic decline in new gold found… figure it out.

See the source image

One thing for sure is that gold itself will not be turned into anything else.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Is The Supply Of Gold Depleting?
May 7, 2018

Authored by Lawrence Thomas via,

The demand for gold is increasing, yet new discoveries of the precious metal have not kept pace with the demand. Funds for exploration are historically high, $54.3 billion, up 60 percent over the past 18 years.

The increased spending, however, has not produced the equivalent in new gold discoveries. During the past decade, 41 discoveries have resulted in a mere 215.5 million ounces of the precious metal. Even counting recently discovered but unexplored mines, which may hold as-yet major discoveries, the total available amount of gold in these discoveries are not expected to surpass 363 million ounces over the next ten years.

Gold discoveries have followed a predictable pattern. 263 major gold discoveries have been made in the past 28 years, but half of those discoveries happened in the 1990s. This boom lasted until the turn of the century when the rate of discovery began to decline. Only 16 discoveries were reported from 2000 to 2002, which produced 108.3 ounces of gold. That amount was below the average finds of the 1990s. This decline has continued, with both new discoveries and the amount of gold mined decreasing steadily. By 2010, only 18.6 million ounces of gold was discovered, a severe drop from the 61.5 ounces found in 2009.



In the America I grew up in, we did not do torture.


Trump Defends Gina Haspel As “Most Qualified Person” To Lead The CIA
May 7, 2018

President Trump is stepping up to defend Gina Haspel, his nominee to lead the CIA following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s exit, after reports surfaced that she offered to withdraw her nomination during a meeting at the White House over the weekend.

Blaming Democrats for obstructing Haspel’s nomination because she was “too tough on terrorists”, Trump insisted that his pick is the “most qualified person, a woman, who Democrats want OUT because she is too tough on terror” before ending his tweet with “Win Gina!”

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>My highly respected nominee for CIA Director, Gina Haspel, has come under fire because she was too tough on Terrorists. Think of that, in these very dangerous times, we have the most qualified person, a woman, who Democrats want OUT because she is too tough on terror. Win Gina!</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>My highly respected nominee for CIA Director, Gina Haspel, has come under fire because she was too tough on Terrorists. Think of that, in these very dangerous times, we have the most qualified person, a woman, who Democrats want OUT because she is too tough on terror. Win Gina!</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href=””>May 7, 2018</a></blockquote>

<script async src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>



I am amazed how few people understand the importance of history and economics.


Greyerz – China Bought 212 Tonnes Of Gold Last Month, 16,000 Tonnes Since 2008!
May 6, 2018

As the world edges closer to the next crisis, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE and historic moves in currencies, told with King World News that China just bought another 212 tonnes of gold, which means they have purchased a staggering 16,000 tonnes of gold since 2008!

May 7 (King World News) – Egon von Greyerz:  “It can’t happen here! What is happening in Venezuela and Argentina cannot occur in Western economies. That’s at least what markets believe with stocks and most bubble assets remaining in ‘cloud cuckoo land.’ Rates in Argentina have just gone to 40% to protect the currency. Anyone who believes that rates in the US will remain at current low levels or that German and Japanese rates will remain negative has a massive shock coming…

In Volatile Markets, Is Wealth Preservation King?

In a King World News interview I spoke with the man who predicted the Swiss National Bank would experience staggering losses and that the Fed would also experience massive losses that will destabilize the global financial system! His company is the only one in the world offering a precious metals investment service outside the banking system, with direct ownership and full control by the investor. He has also become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events. To find out what he and his company can do to help answer that age old question for you CLICK HERE.


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This is an internal deep-state war that has been going on for years.


As US Military Effectiveness and Diplomatic Efforts Fade into Irrelevance Many Countries Start Ignoring Washington
May 4, 2018

Diplomatic work continues in some of the areas with the highest geopolitical tensions in the world. In recent days there have been high-level meetings and contacts between Turkey, Iran and Russia over the situation in Syria; meetings between Modi and Xi Jinping to ease tensions between India and China; and finally, the historic meeting between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un. The common component in all these meetings is the absence of the United States, which may explain the excellent progress that has been seen.

The last seven days have brought a note of optimism to international relations. The meeting between Modi and Xi Jinping in China offered a regional example, confirmed by the words of Wang Yi, member of the State Counsel of the People’s Republic of China:

“Our [India and China] common interests outweigh our differences. The summit will go a long way towards deepening the mutual trust between the two great neighbors. We will make sure that the informal summit will be a complete success and a new milestone in the history of China-India relations”.


We talked about this on Saturday. We were told, by General Wesley Clark, what the plan was many years ago. Take 7 minutes and listen, as he says there was a policy coup.



Kent State is the one school shooting that the US government wants you to forget.


48 Years Ago US Troops Massacred Ohio Students And Covered It Up (VIDEO)
May 4, 2018

espite overwhelming evidence of US troops being given orders to open fire on peaceful antiwar protesters at Kent State, not a single person has ever been held accountable.

On May 4, 1970, members of the Ohio National Guard descended on the campus of Kent State University in Ohio to quash and antiwar protest. During the protest, soldiers opened fire on an unarmed group of students-firing 67 rounds in 13 seconds-killing four and injuring nine others. To this date, not a single person has been held accountable and the government still refuses to admit that it participated in the murder of its own citizens.

As the Free Thought Project reported in 2016, Kent State is the one school shooting that the US government wants you to forget.

It has been 48 years since that day and there has yet to be a credible and impartial investigation into the massacre. Also, no group or individual has faced a single consequence for opening fire on innocent students and killing them. Although eight of the National Guardsmen who opened fire that day were indicted by a grand jury, all of their charges were eventually dismissed.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Who does this jackass think he is?  I am pretty sure there are laws against this, if not there should be.  Can you imagine the charges immediately filed if someone from Trump’s administration does this seven years from now?

Kerry Is Quietly Seeking To Salvage Iran Deal He Helped Craft
May 04, 2018

WASHINGTON — John Kerry’s bid to save one of his most significant accomplishments as secretary of state took him to New York on a Sunday afternoon two weeks ago, where, more than a year after he left office, he engaged in some unusual shadow diplomacy with a top-ranking Iranian official.

He sat down at the United Nations with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to discuss ways of preserving the pact limiting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It was the second time in about two months that the two had met to strategize over salvaging a deal they spent years negotiating during the Obama administration, according to a person briefed on the meetings.

With the Iran deal facing its gravest threat since it was signed in 2015, Kerry has been on an aggressive yet stealthy mission to preserve it, using his deep lists of contacts gleaned during his time as the top US diplomat to try to apply pressure on the Trump administration from the outside. President Trump, who has consistently criticized the pact and campaigned in 2016 on scuttling it, faces a May 12 deadline to decide whether to continue abiding by its terms.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

This is not something you just “lose, rather, it is something that gets stolen.  Probably just need to look at who had access and check their bank accounts?

Bill Holter’s Commentary

China will do what is best for China …or is this a little arm twisting in order to settle in yuan?

China’s Top Oil Company Sinopec Cuts Saudi Crude Imports
May 5, 2018

China’s Sinopec will cut its June imports of crude from Saudi Arabia by 40 percent for the second month in a row because of unjustified high prices, an official from the top Asian refiner, Unipec, told Reuters.

Saudi Arabia raised the price for its Arab Light to a four-year high, and according to the Unipec official, the grade is now considerably overvalued compared to other Middle Eastern crudes.

Last month, a Unipec official told Reuters, “Our refineries think these are unreasonable prices as they do not follow the pricing methodology.” Besides Sinopec, a source from another two refineries in northern Asia said they will be cutting their imports from Saudi Arabia by ten percent as oil buyers have a hard time grasping how the Kingdom is calculating the price for its most popular grade.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

2018, the year that TRUTH will matter!

Trump Sent The Deep State Running For The Hills With This Tweet
May 2, 2018

The Deep State thought their perfect plan was in place.

Key loyalists would obstruct and cover up evidence that would block any investigation into the real scandal – the scheme to frame Trump for collusion with Russia and remove him from office.

But that all ended when Trump sent the Deep State running for the hills with this tweet.

Congressman Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan – two of the leading members of the House Freedom Caucus and pro-Trump stalwarts – requested that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein provide them the unredacted version of the memo he wrote authorizing the Mueller probe.


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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

True or in Bert Seligman’s case be one.











Bill Holter’s Commentary

Luke Gromen on the Petro yuan.

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Yes this is a conservative message and the left will scoff at it…but that does not make it false. In fact, it is 100% true which is why it hurts so badly as the truth usually does hurt…someone!





Class war at its best.


The folks who are getting the free stuff don’t like


The folks who are paying for the free stuff , because


The folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer


Afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.


And the folks who are paying for the free stuff


Want the free stuff to stop.


And the folks who are getting the free stuff want even more Free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!


Now. The people who are forcing the people who pay


For the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING


The free stuff that the people who are PAYING for the


Free stuff are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.


So.. The people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the Free stuff by the people


who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff and giving them the free stuff in the first place.


We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting free stuff than paying for the Free stuff .


Now understand this.


All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere


Between 200 and 250 years after being founded.


The reason?


The voters figured out they could vote themselves money


From the treasury by electing people who promised to give


Them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.


The United States officially became a Republic in 1776 ,


238 years ago.


The number of people now getting free stuff


outnumbers the people paying for the free stuff .


Failure to change that spells the end of the United States


As we know it.




A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!


Borders : Closed!


Language : English only


Culture : God, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!


Drug Free : Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!


NO freebies to: Non-Citizens!


Subterranean Homesick Blues AKA “The Reset” Riddle

Bob Dylan

Johnny’s in the basement

Mixing up the medicine

I’m on the pavement

Thinking about the government

The man in the trench coat

Badge out, laid off

Says he’s got a bad cough

Wants to get it paid off

Look out kid

It’s somethin’ you did

God knows when

But you’re doing it again

You better duck down the alley way

Lookin’ for a new friend

A man in the coonskin cap, in the pig pen

Wants eleven dollar bills, you only got ten


Maggie comes fleet foot

Face full of black soot

Talkin’ that the heat put

Plants in the bed but

The phone’s tapped anyway

Maggie says that many say

They must bust in early May

Orders from the D.A. Look out kid

Don’t matter what you did

Walk on your tip toes

Don’t tie no bows

Better stay away from those

That carry around a fire hose

Keep a clean nose

Watch the plain clothes

You don’t need a weather man

To know which way the wind blows


Oh, get sick, get well

Hang around a ink well

Hang bail, hard to tell

If anything is goin’ to sell

Try hard, get barred

Get back, write braille

Get jailed, jump bail

Join the army, if you fail

Look out kid

You’re gonna get hit

But losers, cheaters

Six-time users

Hang around the theaters

Girl by the whirlpool

Lookin’ for a new fool

Don’t follow leaders, watch the parkin’ meters


Oh, get born, keep warm

Short pants, romance

Learn to dance, get dressed, get blessed

Try to be a success

Please her, please him, buy gifts

Don’t steal, don’t lift

Twenty years of schoolin’

And they put you on the day shift

Look out kid

They keep it all hid

Better jump down a manhole

Light yourself a candle

Don’t wear sandals

Try to avoid the scandals

Don’t want to be a bum

You better chew gum

The pump don’t work

‘Cause the vandals took the handles


Why was his body camera not activated? Or was it and they are lying?


Mandalay Bay Shooting Body Camera Footage Released: No Broken Windows Reported
May 4, 2018

The Las Vegas Police Department has released nearly three hours of footage from the October, 2017 shooting at Mandalay Bay, in which Stephen Paddock, 64, killed 58 and wounded over 500 more.

The footage shows a group of officers as they prepare to enter Stephen Paddock’s 32nd floor room, when one shouts “Breach, breach, breach,” before a loud explosion can be heard nearby.

The footage is the first peek into the actions of the LVPD on the fateful evening of October 1.



It is a turning point, a historic turning point.


Hassan Nasrallah: Israel Has Come Into Direct Confrontation With Iran
May 03, 2018


[…] Today, the whole region goes through a worrying situation. Worry is one thing, and fear is another. We say a worrying situation. Why? Because many leaders, governments, analysts, personalities and people in general, even people at home, everyday people who perhaps do not care much about politics, today follow the situation (with alarm), wondering where things are going, what will happen, because of certain events that occurred in Syria.

Last week, two important events took place, after which the situation remains tense.

The first event is the Israeli blatant and manifest aggression against the T-4 base or airport on the outskirts of Homs, that targeted Iranian forces from the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution of Iran who were present there, hitting them with a large number of missiles, causing 7 martyrs among its officers and soldiers and wounding others. This was a new, significant and important event. Maybe some people do not pay attention to its importance and magnitude.

In this operation, Israel has deliberately killed (Iranian soldiers). This is an unprecedented event. In the past, Israel has struck us [Hezbollah] for example in Quneitra, and it turned out that coincidentally Guardians [of the Islamic Revolution] officers were with us. Israel declared hastily that they did not know it, and thought that all (targeted soldiers) were Hezbollah’s. This is an event that has no precedent since 7 years, it is unprecedented since 7 years, that Israel openly targets the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution in Syria, killing deliberately, in an operation that caused a number of martyrs and wounded.