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If you are female, young, cute, super liberal and look like the girl next door you are special. You can commit a crime that reads like the foundation for espionage and be labeled by the liberal press as well intentioned whistle blower.

If when in prison for desertion from the armed forces under combat conditions you decide to shift gender you get a presidential pardon.

If, as boss of FBI, you make public a private conversation with POTUS which contained nothing incriminating towards POTUS after you were fired from leadership of the country’s major anti crime and treason agency it was just a weak 2 am moment and on you go.

If you use your home server to transmit and receive thousand of government secrets and then run for for POTUS, the transgression is just a simple lapse in judgement. It is labeled “No Big Hamburger” by you and MSM.

If it is 1951, you are female, old, pug ugly, and a jew, convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage, you fry in the electric chair with your hair on fire and your eyeballs smoking as they pop out, eliminating in your pants from the pain too intense to describe.

Meanwhile the world rolls on with all markets manipulated for private gain by the 1% and world central banks. The regulators looking the other way if the doer is a member of the club.

You might know that there has already been various earthly destructions, one of which came from the natural development of a terrible then poison gas, now called oxygen. The worse of all environmental problems right now is an Atomic electric plant in Japan that daily spews 10,000 year of non correctable nuclear poison into the pacific ocean and who cares? Planetary warming naturally occurs every few million years and that is the liberals threat of all time, not the atomic plant?

Do you know that the Polar Bear is a Grizzly Bear that mutated over time to accommodate to the conditions of habitation? A Polar bear does not have white hair. The Polar Bear’s hair is simply transparent.

The Indian kid who scored the highest marks in education this year in his country is really a genius. He decided to drop out of school and become a reclusive monk. Father Lazarus, a Christian Coptic Priest in Egypt is also on the right path, if Isis has not yet crucified him.

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Beginning to look scary, sliding into the abyss.




Markets are hitting new all time highs today. But let’s look under the hood. It’s eerie!

Apple -Down

Amazon -Down

Netflix -Down

Google -Down

Twitter -Down

Snapchat -Down

Microsoft -Down

AS of noon today, Dow up 100 points!

In 20 minutes, the price drops are: (with the Dow still up 98)

Now at 1:20 pm….

Now at 2:00 pm….

Now at 2:50 pm….

Apple -Down 1.22 – 2.21 -4.45 -5.29 -7.60

Amazon -Down 8.70 -14.22 -18.50 -29.00 -33.50

Netflix -Down 1.60 – 3.68 -5.75 -8.15 -10.15

Google -Down 5.67 -14.50 -21.00 -32.00 -37.00

Twitter -Down .24 – .39 -.51 -.72 -.93

Snapchat -Down .93 – .89 -.81 -78 -.83

Microsoft -Down .74 – 1.21 -1.78 -2.22 -3.02

Facebook -Down .80 – 1.94 -3.40 -4.86 -6.40

Tesla -Down 2.50 – 7.50 -8.50 -9.11 -13.00

Has the bloom fallen from the rose?

Oh well…..there’s still Tesla.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech



Most investors of the “Jive 5” (remember the Nifty Fifty in our day?) believe nothing can stop their stocks from going up forever (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google).

Just remember, there’s always a Black Swan lurking in the shadows. It’s almost impossible to spot in advance. But once it slowly approaches the light of day, the nimble will spot it and begin reacting. Then, and only then, can you ride their coattails.

My feelings are simple……technology will never leave us. It’s here to stay. However, that can’t be said for the consumer!

I believe, as the article below insinuates, that the elimination of the Middle Class will leave Amazon without the consumers to keep its momentum going.

For Facebook, I believe its “eyeballs” will be leaving in droves as the populace becomes aware of their addiction and Facebook ‘s propagation of such a business plan.

As for Apple, its transformation from a software innovator to a hardware company will take its toll. Many respond that Apple is capitalizing on the services side of the equation, like I-music. But as seen in Amazon, it is highly dependent on the welfare of the consumer.

Nonetheless, it’s never the company itself that breeds success. It is management. And the era of Steve Jobs and his visions has long passed.

Netflix will succumb to competitive forces such as Disney, ESPN, carriers, cable companies, Apple and Google (the Jive 5 will begin feeding off each other).

Google will become a victim of legal entanglements and restrictions regarding its invasion of privacy. Advertisers still appear to be its lifeblood, if I’m not mistaken.

These are only the obvious pitfalls. The biggest pitfall will be the old standby……no more incremental buyers of their stock. In fact, as Amazon will be plagued by a lack of middle class consumers, so the same thing will prey on all the above.

I’m middle class and can tell you that $350 a month for Verizon phones family plan and $350 per month for cable, are eating away at my standard of living. I’m sure I’m not alone.

As far as social networking is concerned, I’ve opted out of Facebook as it has become too childish and too much of a distraction in daily life. And it’s not just me. I’ve seen employees in many companies sit in their cubicles texting and roaming the net. That will not last long.

Perhaps I’m just an old fart that’s being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. However I do have a long, deep, rich past that provides continual reminders and warnings of what was and what will be. Something Millennials have yet to acquire.

Sitting on my back porch with a good book and Johnnie Walker Black, I remain enthralled with my “Golden” years.

A loyal Comrade In Golden Arms…..

CIGA Wolfgang Rech



Italy faces borrowing shock when ECB removes support, warns Pimco — It is an absolute mystery to me how Italy has been able to survive so far with more NPL than Greece has debt — there is only one answer: Draghi!


Italy Faces Borrowing Shock When ECB Removes Support, Warns Pimco
June 4, 2017

ITALY faces a “horror” scenario when the European Central Bank winds down its bond buying programme in a move that risks sparking a surge in the country’s borrowing costs, according to one of the world’s largest bond managers.

The Pacific Investment Management Company (Pimco) said the ECB’s €60bn (£53bn)-a-month quantitative easing (QE) programme was “very supportive” for countries such as Italy and Portugal and had helped to limit volatility in these countries.

Andrew Balls, chief investment officer for global fixed income, said removing that support was likely to push up bond yields in a country that has struggled to implement reforms and reduce its massive debt pile amid weak growth.



Compliments of CIGA GG


The EMP threat put in context: It may not be the top threat we face, but it’s still a threat – Part 2
June 6, 2017

Recently we reported that the threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, via nuclear attack or a massive solar storm, has long been considered a threat to the nation’s power grid and all of the infrastructure it supports. But, our report noted, because there still isn’t a consensus among experts about how best to protect the grid, or how to pay for that protective upgrade, the issue is not at the top of concerns for the federal government. There are, after all, only limited funds and resources to dole out each year, and while EMP testing and research has been ongoing since the 1950s, there is still no universal protective system in place, government analysts and experts say.

But as we also noted, the federal government’s and the power industry’s lack of action on technology to protect the grid should not imply that there is no threat at all posed by an EMP incident. And while some question the 90-percent casualty rate estimate from earlier this year regarding the number of Americans who are likely to perish following EMP incident, most reasonable people agree that there will be a large number of casualties.


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unnamed (1)

Dear CIGAs.

Today Fox News interviewed Mob Don Natalie concerning his offer of his personal services to the US Government in order to end home grown terrorism. It actually sounded quite effective.

Now I am looking for the new movement to make Don Natale the Don of US Homeland Security. Why not? He certain has the skill set, and experience.

“Flash Crashes” on a irregular basis to be the new form of equity bear market. Don’t look for the upcoming equity bear to follow previous experiences of intack trending.

You witnessed today what the impact of algo artificial intelligence computer systems will have versus central bank buying trying to paint a false face of prosperity on popular equity leaders.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

What makes you think he has not scored the same in life having become the “Highest Good?”

‘Scoring Top Marks Doesn’t Give Happiness’: India’s Best Student Renounces The World To Become Monk
June 8, 2017

A top Indian student who received the highest score in the exams has decided to take an unusual path. Instead of applying for prestigious college, he renounced the world’s pleasures and became a monk, saying that scoring top marks in exams “does not give happiness”.

Varshil Shah from the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat state scored 99.9 percent in the May 27 Class 12 exam, topping the state, the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) said.


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Law Professors Weigh in on Comey’s Leak to Legal Colleague: Let Him Testify!
June 8, 2017

Two law professors weighed in on Twitter on Thursday after fired FBI Director James Comey revealed during his appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he asked Columbia Law Professor Daniel Richman to leak to the press the content of his discussions in private meetings with President Donald Trump.


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The alt-media has a new YouTube channel. Brian has shown a rapid learning curve and has come up to speed rather quickly, please watch his very first interview. Some good questions for a first timer!

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unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Some things make your day, even the day of Comey’s revenge.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Have you ever considered that Hell is not a fantasy? In fact we are living in it and do not realize it.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Yes, just a perk of the 1% and top politics.

Appoint A Special Prosecutor To Investigate The Murder Of Seth Rich, The Alleged Wikileaks Email Leaker
May 19, 2017

On July 10, 2016, Seth Rich was shot twice in the early morning as he walked back to his house in Washington D.C. Immediately after the crime, the death was called an armed robbery… but none of Seth Rich’s belongings were taken from him.

Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the family, said that there was evidence Seth Rich had contacted WikiLeaks and that law enforcement were covering this up. MSM is not covering this murder, instead pushing it to the side, so it is now up to us.

The facts do not add up, law enforcement stopped covering the crime, and now it is time for us to fight for justice. Seth Rich deserves this.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

They called us “conspiracy nuts” last year when we brought this up.  Maybe we were nuts at the time because we had an Attorney General that turned a blind eye to so many wrongs.  Are we still nuts or does this sound like an Attorney General who despises pedophiles and will follow the evidence no matter where it leads to?  I was asked today in an interview if there was anything that could change the course of this country, I answered “by following the rule of law applied equally to everyone”.  Seeing someone powerful or famous “perp walked” would be a great start!

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Everyone has their own reason to own gold and silver. We own it because it is money and everything else is credit that relies on someone else to perform. During a credit crisis, historically the best place to have your capital is in “hard currency”. In today’s world there is no such thing as a “hard currency” other than directly gold or silver themselves…

Why the World’s Billionaire Investors Buy Precious Metals
June 7, 2017

There are always lessons that can be learned from the “smart money”.

Unlike regular investors, billionaire money managers like Ray Dalio and Stan Druckenmiller are professional investors. They have entire institutional teams at their disposal, dive deep into the nuances and complexities of the market, and spend every waking moment of their lives thinking about how to get more from their investments.

They want to make money – but they also want to execute on strategies that will protect their wealth and build robust portfolios that can withstand any type of macro event.


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As an addendum to yesterday’s subscriber article, the topic of “time and sales” needs to be discussed. “Time and sales” is a very simple report that can be requested by literally anyone in any market. For example, when I was a young broker I had a large client who traded a minimum 10,000 shares at a clip. From time to time he would request a time and sales report to make sure his order was a good fill. Over a year’s time and asking for close to a dozen orders to be checked, he did have one trade where he was ripped off for an 1/8th ($1,250) of a point (we still traded in 1/16ths and 1/8ths so you can guess how long ago this was). The order was rectified and the client was reimbursed.

The reason I bring this up is because the CFTC, NYSE, NASDAQ, SEC or any other agencies have this tool of “time and sales” available to them. All exchanges are required to keep these reports. The CFTC can pull a time and sales report to investigate ANY time period they choose going back to the 1970’s …which of course includes many of the obvious and blatant precious metal waterfall events since 1996. The report will tell them EXACTLY how many contracts were bought or sold and which firm(s) performed the trade. Then, they can query the firm to find out who the buyer (or gross seller) was. They have the ability to track ANY trade back to the source, end of story!

But, they have not ever done this no matter how loudly the public cried out. Why not? This is fairly obvious, can you imagine if we truly knew “who”? I guess you could say because the public could NEVER handle the truth in their opinion?

So what is the point here? I wrote yesterday commenting on the settlement between the CFTC and David Liew and said I hoped they would “pull on that thread”. The more I thought about it, the CFTC never needed David Liew (though he would be helpful). All they need (needed) to do is pull a time and sales report before, during and after any of the plentiful waterfall events in precious metals. This would lead them to the clearing firm and thus the ultimate client. I might add, there was gross negligence after 911 for the airline put trades never to have been tracked back to the source. I would also add, if anyone in law enforcement is reading this, many people were MURDERED that day and there is no statute of limitations for murder. Please demand a time and sales for who bought all of those puts, follow the money (even though the winnings were never collected). The firms were required to “know their customer”, the identities can still be discovered if someone within law enforcement truly wanted to know. Perhaps, just as above …the public cannot handle the real truth?

The question still remains, is the CFTC now “changed” with a new administration and are they serious about following the rule of law?

If this is the case, all they need to do is follow the paper trail to discover who sold time and time again into the paper gold and silver markets to “e”ffect (no not a typo) and suppress price? Time and sales is in no way rocket science, any B grade broker has heard the term and knows what it is …does the CFTC? I am certain they do!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration