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This graph is pure transparency to those who understand the Chinese. Whether in trade agreements, military power, or their economic goals, they never show their hand.

Some estimate they are holding 20,000+ tons of gold.

I believe they will shock the world with twice that (40,000 tons).

That will be the day everything changes and it will be by their design.

Does anyone truly believe Russia doesn’t know this ?













All I can say is people need to do their own research.


5G Will Use the Same Frequencies as Pain-Inflicting Military Weapon
February 27, 2019

What do . . .

The installation of extreme density 4G and 5G Close Proximity Microwave

Radiation Antennas on light poles, utility poles, and other street furniture in the public rights-of-way in our communities . . . and

A Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) weapon developed by the military

. . . have in common?

The Department of Defense has developed a RF-EMR crowd-control weapon called the Active Denial System (ADS). The ADS works by firing a high-powered beam of 95 GHz waves at people — that is, a millimeter wavelength weapon — similar to millimeter waves being used for new 5G installations:

The Panoply of RF-EMR Frequencies and Wavelengths in a 4G/5G World

5G: 600 MHz = waves 20 inches long

4G: 700 MHz = waves 17 inches long

3G/4G: 800 MHz = waves 15 inches long

3G/4G: 900 MHz = waves 13 inches long


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Horses, a puppy, and beer…what’s not to like?

Is A Gold Backed Italian Lira Coming? We Still Think So!
April 8, 2019

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,  

       Gold is higher after a restful weekend in the states with the trade at $1,302 (June) , up $6.40 and right beside the high at $1,302.30 with the low at $1,295.50. Silver is totally held back with its trade at $15.14, up 5.4 cents with the high at $15.16 and the low at $15.075. The US Dollar is down this morning, but the charts point to higher climb in the long run, with the value pegged at 96.805, down 19.7 points and close to the low at 96.765 with the high at 97.02. All this of course was done way before 5 am pst and the Comex Open. The Venezuelan currency now has Gold pegged at 13,003.73 Bolivar, a huge 104.87 gain since Friday’s post with Silver gaining only .55 Bolivar at 151.211.    

     April Deliveries for Silver have stopped for some reason with the demand count still stuck at 75 requests for physical with Zero Volume up on the board so far this morning and since last week’s Wednesday count. Silver’s Overall Open Interest shows a slight drop from Friday’s increase with the count losing 149 Obligations totaling 204,897 Overnighters as we wait for the delayed data to be updated.

     Europe still seems to be a mess these days as the Yellow Vests protestors are still out and about in France, starting its 22 consecutive week of tax payer’s revolts with Immigration Issues abounding in Greece as fake news sets up another riot. Then Italy says it right! Gold “.. Belongs To The People, Not The Bankers” – Italy Moves To Seize Gold From the Central Bank. We’re pretty sure the ECB is not too happy about this at all, since they have to make statements surrounding the precious metals subject all the while court cases are everywhere surrounding how the precious metals have been eased into these cheap prices via paper receipts that seem to disappear into the City of Chaos where it seems they are trying to disappear the Brexit Vote as well.    



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Most major central banks, not just Japan.


Bank Of Japan Morphs Into A Hedge Fund
April 6, 2019

Investors are betting big on Japanese stocks. Well, at least one: the nation’s central bank.

Overseas punters couldn’t seem to sell yen-denominated shares fast enough in the fiscal year ending March 31. In fact, they dumped them by the largest margin in 31 years – US$50 billion. That has the Bank of Japan gorging on stocks via exchange-traded funds – by roughly that same exact amount.

The plot thickens when you consider that in 2018, the BOJ’s balance sheet surpassed the entire size of Japan’s $4.9 trillion GDP. First, Governor Haruhiko Kuroda’s team cornered Japan’s government bond market, hoarding more than half of all outstanding securities. Now it’s bigfooting equities. Welcome to what’s arguably the world’s biggest hedge fund.




As you have said 100 times, there are no markets!


Here’s What It’s Like To Be a Bear in a Rigged Market
April 6, 2019

Central bankers and media handlers must be laughing at how easy it is to slaughter the Bears and doubters with another fake-news round of trade-deal rumors and another Fed parrot being prompted to repeat some dovish mumbo-jumbo.

It’s not just tough being a Bear in a market rigged by trade deal rumors, Federal Reserve dovishness, a tsunami of Chinese liquidity and $270 billion in stock buy-backs in the first quarter–it’s impossible. Even “smarter than the average Bear” Yogi couldn’t beat the market, and so he ended up taking one for the Jellystone team so other Bears might live to fight another day:














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Bill Holter’s Commentary

CIGA Tom with a string worthy of replacing the quote at top of JSMineset!

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Courtesy of Dave.


“Globalist Warning Signs Are There” – BIS Boss Outlines Central Bank Digital Currencies Vision
April 5, 2019

Authored by Steven Guinness,

The behaviour of central bankers is rarely (if ever) given sustained coverage in the national press. Outside of prominent economic channels, developments from within institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements are seldom remarked upon. Instead, attention is restricted to the latest round of political theatrics which serve to disguise the actions and intentions of globalist planners.

As the furore of Brexit gained in intensity last month, BIS General Manager Agustin Carstens gave a speech at the Central Bank of Ireland 2019 Whitaker Lecture. Under the heading, ‘The future of money and payments‘, Carstens mapped out what has been a long standing vision of globalists – namely, to acquire full spectrum control of the international financial system through the gradual abolition of what Bank of England governor Mark Carney has called ‘tangible assets‘ i.e. physical money.


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CFTC Deep State Insider exposes the Precious Metals Manipulation…Game On!
April 5, 2019

Good Friday Morning Folks!  

     The manipulated price of Gold is now trading at $1,291.50, down $2.80 with the low right here at $1,285.90 and the high to beat at $1,297.80. The manipulated price in Silver is now at $15.085, up 1/10th of a penny with the low right here at $15.065 with its high at $15.175. The US Dollar is also as flat as the precious metals with its trade at 96.92, down ½ of a 100th doing the exact opposite of the real money sector and is closer to the high at 96.94 than the low at 96.81. All this of course was done way before 5 am pst and before the Comex Open. Venezuela’s currency situation now has Gold priced at 12,898.86 Bolivar losing 23.97 overnight with Silver pegged at 150.661 Bolivar gaining .749. After yesterday’s EXPLOSIVE Ted Butler article and the facts he presented, it is our opinion these price swings in the emerging market currencies, are about to happen in the primary currencies (imo) because of the CFTC’s past hidden transgressions against the price of Silver and Gold.      

     April Silver’s Delivery demands remain unchanged from yesterday’s count leaving 77 contracts with Zero Volume up on the board since Wednesday’s close to now. All the proof in the world regarding the precious metals manipulations is right behind the pricing mechanism that utilizes massive short positions to manipulate the price with the Overall Count in Silver adding another 3,469 obligations in order to stay the price illegally (that is unless the CFTC ordains the trade) bringing the total count to 205,046 Overnighters with the largest portion of these shorts being JP Morgan (Must read Ted Butler’s latest).  


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Time And Volatility Will Pop The Price Of Silver And Gold
April 4, 2019

Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,  

     The Algomated Shorts in Gold continue to restrict all upward movements with the trade now at $1,293.90 down $1.50 and as usual close to the low of London at $1,293.50 with the high at $1,297.90. Silver is worse off because it needs more pressure to control with its price at $15.01, down 9.2 cents and right at the Maginot Low of $15. The US Dollar is seeing more support from all the activities in Europe with the value pegged at 96.77 up 10.8 points inside a 20 point trading range between the low at 96.605 and the high at 96.805. All of this non-volatility of course happened before 5 am pst and the Comex open. The Venezuelan Bolivar now has Gold priced at 12,922.83 taking back some of the gains it attempted during yesterday’s trade with Silver now at 149.912 losing .899 Bolivar in value.    

     April Silver Deliveries are pressing forward with the demands for physical now at 77 obligations waiting for receipts with Zero Volume up on the board so far this morning. This means 20 contracts were settled out yesterday, somewhere between the Comex and the City of London, where we still have no idea if these receipts that are sent over there actually get settled out in physical, cash, or at all. Silvers Overall Open Interest continues to climb, proving a gain of 1,915 more shorts to stay the price now totaling 201,579 Overnighters as we head towards breaking 245,000 held overnight contracts that were required when Trump won, when he entered office, and when the population of Britain did it’s Brexit vote. In our opinion, this is where it all breaks down, which is why we focus on the numbers behind the price.    

     Italy’s economy is not doing so well these days as the not so united Europeanization populations continue to complain about the EU’s burden placed upon all employment and purchases (income and taxes) as the … Italian stocks tumbled on Thursday after the Italian Treasury once again slashed its forecast for economic growth for 2019.” Then more reasons get added for holding precious metals.. This debt mountain threatens the financial stability of Italy and the future of the euro: Any plans to strengthen the single currency must solve the question of who will bear this burden.” The Euro Leaders of course feel the people should bear their entire burden, but the people no longer want this political union anymore, which is why we hold physicals.