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Money supply explodes while velocity hits a deep freeze with commodity prices beginning a moonshot…what could possibly go wrong?







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Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny says we are approaching the “Greatest Time Point in Human History” near the end of April.  In the last year, Polny has calculated time points and big events such as his prediction of a “new era of time” that would unfold after his February 2020 interview.  It certainly did with the age of Covid lock-downs that started in March of 2020.  Polny also predicted a 35% to 40% decline in the stock market in mid-2020.  (The market sold off 38%.)  Polny also predicted “something epic” would happen on September 18, 2020, and that was the day Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg died.  So, what is Polny’s cycle analysis telling him now?  Polny says, “What started in 2020 will end in 2021, and we have related that actual cycle to Noah’s Ark.  When oil went to zero (April 21, 2020), that would equate to when the door was closed on the Ark. . . . This is the time when Noah is on the Ark and doesn’t step off until April 26, 2021. . . . The world we are presently stepping into is the new era, and it does not start until April 26, 2021, and right now we are in transition.  The greatest time point in history is about to happen.”

Polny says there are other biblical cycles ending as well in 2021.  Polny explains, “One of the cycles that we are following is called the Red Sea Moment, and the cycle time point for that is April 25, 2021.  (This is when Moses parted the Red Sea to escape from Pharaoh in ancient Egypt.)  So, we are about a month away right now. What will happen, I don’t know . . . but it is truly fascinating that things are happening right now at the Rea Sea.  (A massive container ship is currently blocking the Suez Canal.)  The United States is replaying biblical cycles.  April is going to change our world forever.”


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Is this “collateral” down 60% in value over the last year? Use your head people!

NJ Mall Didn’t Pay Electric Bill, May Lose Power: Reports
March 23, 2021

NEW JERSEY — A New Jersey mall reportedly could lose power because it didn’t pay its electric bill.

Atlantic City Electric posted a notice to the entrance of Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing this week notifying the owners that electric service will be disconnected April 7 unless overdue bills are paid, according to NJ Advance Media and The Press of Atlantic City.

The notice also circulated on social media:



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A very long but good read on silver.


SLV is a complete scam, its a scalp trade set up by banks to screw over investors. Avoid it at all costs. The silver market is and has been rigged for years


WSB was never moving into silver. The media got the story wrong.

Think about who reads weekend financial news. Old people. The last time silver had a real short squeeze was in the 70s, and these people are now in their 70s. Who clicks on ads? Basically only old people. Dealers of gold and silver love to advertise, and media likes to make money through click-through revenue. Of course they are going to post all these stories of small unit silver selling out at dealers, they will get higher click through and sales kickbacks from the targeted ads on these articles.

If you are purchasing SLV thinking you are purchasing silver on the open market, you could not be more wrong. Purchasing SLV is the best way for an investor to shoot themselves directly in the face.

I have done some research on SLV and I have come to believe that it is essentially a vehicle for JPM and other banks to crush retail investors by manipulating the silver market.

So what are these games of manipulation that the banks have played?

The general theme could be described as this: If banks hold the silver, the price is allowed to rise, but if you hold the silver, the price is forced to fall.

Jeff Currie from Goldman had an interview on February 4th where he dismissed the idea of a silver short squeeze, and he had one line that was especially profound,

“In terms of thinking how are you going to create a squeeze, the shorts are the ETFs, the ETFs buy the physical, they turn around and sell on the COMEX.” – Jeff Currie of Goldman

This was shocking to holders of SLV, because SLV is a long-only silver ETF. They simply buy silver as inflows occur and keep that silver in a vault. They have no price risk, if the price of silver declines, it’s the investors who lose money, not the ETF itself, so there is no need to hedge by shorting on the COMEX. Further, their prospectus prohibits them from participating in the futures market at all. So how is the ETF shorting silver?

They aren’t. The iShares SLV ETF is not shorting silver, its custodian, JP Morgan is shorting silver. This is what Jeff Currie meant when he said the shorts are the ETFs. Moreover, he said it with a tone like this fact should be plainly obvious to all of the dumb retail investors. He truly meant what he said.


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By Greg Hunter’s

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter has been predicting the financial system is going to go down sooner than later.  He says the signs are the lies being told to the public to try to hold the system together.  Holter explains, “If you look at everything, nothing is natural.  Everything is contrived.  We are lied to about pretty much everything 24/7. . . . They lied about everything regarding Covid.  They have lied about the election.  They are lying about the unemployment rate.  They are lying about inflation.  They are lying about the true amount of total debt outstanding.  They are lying about everything. And one other tidbit, 36% of all dollars outstanding have been created now, were created in the last 12 months.  Oh, and the Fed is no longer going to publish M2. . . . How can you make a business decision if you don’t know how much money is outstanding?”

This leads us to all the digital dollars sloshing around and Crypto currencies.  Holter says, “Crypto currencies are a perceived exit from the system.  They are perceived as a safe haven.  If Bitcoin, which is nothing but digital air, can become $65,000 per unit, what can something real become worth?  What these crypto currencies are doing is illustrating a debasement of all the fiat currencies.”