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Part #1: “Russia Hoax Coup and Epstein Interlocked – Kevin Shipp (Part #1)”

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the Russian hoax and attempted coup of President Trump and the sex trafficking case against Jeffery Epstein are linked together by the same Deep State players.  Shipp explains, “The FBI has completely raided his vault, and they have some pretty damning material.  I don’t know why it took so long, but they have raided Epstein’s island . . . So, there is a lot of damning information the FBI has now on certain people.  At the top of the list, and the one who flew the most, was Bill Clinton.  Then he lied about it.  They are intertwined in that regard and with the Clinton Foundation that we know is a fraud.  It is known around the world, and you’ve got these two intersections with Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Of course, Hillary Clinton is tied to the dossier in an attempt to get rid of Donald Trump.  So, these webs interlocked with each other, and these people interlock with each other.  Welcome to the global elite.  Welcome to human trafficking.  These things are connected, and with Epstein dead, there are a lot of prominent people breathing a sigh of relief—for now.  Is Barr aggressive enough?  He says he is going to pursue this case anyway.  Is he going to call in the people seen on the CD’s, videos and photographs?  That remains to be seen.”


Part #2 “Fed Out to Get President Trump – Kevin Shipp (Part #2).”

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp thinks the Fed rate hikes throughout Trump’s two and a half years in office are a way to “get the President.”  Trump has been highly critical of the Fed, and he says it is to blame if the economy tanks.  Shipp explains, “God bless Donald Trump because he is the first President to call out the Fed like he is doing.  He has got the Fed shaking in their boots.  When the Fed gags its board of directors and its members, that is not good.  Something not good is going on.  Perhaps they are bringing the interest rates down to zero.  Perhaps it’s the fact we are entering into, not only U.S., but a global recession.  So, they have put the lid on any comments coming out, and I think they have done it for a reason that is concerning. . . . I think it is tied to an upcoming global recession, and we may see quantitative easing (money printing) rates go to zero, and they don’t want the President or the public to know what they are about to do.


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J. Johnson’s Latest – Silver’s Call Options Count Keeps Climbing
August 16, 2019

Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,  

     Gold is lower in the early morning report with the trade now at $1,524.60 down $6.70 after dipping down to $1,515.90 with the high to beat at $1,538.60. Silver is down as well (barely) with the trade at $17.18, off by 3.4 cents after it too was knocked down to a low of $17.03 with the daily high to beat at $17.315 with another target close by at $17.37 made this past Wednesday. If we pass that price, it will make a new high for this run and the year. The US Dollar is still the reason why precious metals are manipulated lower and with its value now at 98.12, up 11.5 points after it touched a high of 98.175 with the low to beat at 97.99. All this happened way before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.    

     The emerging markets currency watch shows a day of profit taking with Gold’s price, under the Venezuelan Bolivar, now at 15,226.94, barely losing 2 Bolivar with Silver priced at 171.585, a reduction of only .05 Bolivar. The Argentina Peso now has Gold now priced at 87,214.17, a reduction of 4,678.37 A-Pesos from yesterday’s count and after rising over 80,000 Pesos since last Friday with Silver now at 982.900, taking 52.09 A-Peso’s off of yesterday’s tally and after adding a total of 227.45 Pesos since last week’s closing. The Turkish Lira now has Gold valued at 8,475.13 proving a loss of 57.77 T-Lira with Silver now gauged at 95.5096 showing a cut in value of .6506 in T-Lira.    

     The August Silver Delivery demands shows a reduction in count of 91 leaving the demand count at 49 fully paid for contracts still waiting for receipts and with Zero Volume on the board so far today with no trading range (yesterday or) today. Silver’s Overall Open Interest now stands at 229,355 Overnighters proving a drop in count of 4,360 Obligations while keeping Silver just above the $17 mark leaving us the impression that the shorts are exiting with only 11 days left before the Sept Call Options come off the board. Of note here is the “Deep in the Money Calls” in September that tally over 15,250 options with the right to buy at $17 and below, all the way down to $7.25. In short, if a portion of these “Long Calls” are to be used to exit some futures shorts trade, then someone may be preparing for something very big and soon. Please note this is only one of many possible outcomes.    


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

You already knew this but you might want to read the comment section for a few laughs?

The Recession Question We Should Be Asking Isn’t ‘When’ But ‘How Bad?’
August 15, 2019

It’s taken a while, but equity investors finally seem to get what bond investors have been signalling for months. Back in March, the yield curve for three-month and 10-year U.S. Treasuries inverted, meaning the three-month bills were yielding more than the 10-year notes, which isn’t the right way around if everything is hunky-dory in economics-land. But stock markets went on to have a pretty good April, a so-so May and then an even better June, as investors paid more attention to the Federal Reserve’s flip-flop than to the yellow light the three-month/10-year curve was flashing.

But on Wednesday, a more traditionally watched yield curve — the one between the two-year and 10-year Treasuries — also inverted. And so did the corresponding curve in the U.K. Add to that some dismal data from Germany and China and — well, oh yeah, the yield curve inversion mattered again.


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…a sign of the times Wolfgang!


Not only is JC Penny selling used clothing, but Macy’s has jumped on board!

Need any more signs of a recession?

Food lines, perhaps?

Oh, wait…. we already have them.

They’re called “Food Stamps”.






Perhaps now is a good time for the Salvation Army to go public with a stock offering,

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Jcpenney Halves Losses, Will Begin Selling Used Clothing
August 15, 2019

Shares of J.C. Penney surged after the ailing department store cut its quarterly losses in half and announced that it would begin selling used clothing to staunch fading sales.

Retailers have been searching for ways to get people back into its stores in the decade since the global economic downturn altered consumer behavior, a period that has run parallel with the ascent of

Among the worst hit has been J.C. Penney, a company that traces its roots back to 1902 and just received a delisting warning from the New York Stock Exchange because its shares have fallen below $1.

On Thursday, the Plano, Texas, company said it would be partnering with thredUP, a resale website where people can buy and sell clothes online. J.C. Penney will open threadUP shop in 30 stores soon.

“We are not simply running a business – we are rebuilding a business,” said CEO Jill Soltau said in a prepared statement. “We are making a difference and today, I feel more confident than ever that we will reinvigorate and rejuvenate this great company to sustainable, profitable growth.”


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Harry Dent gets stuffed again only one day after pontificating…I don’t think he will need much time to see $1,525 in the rearview mirror, then maybe he withdraws his “$700 and possibly $250” gold forecast? I have publicly requested several times we debate the facts, and nothing but crickets from him. I know I am not “Harvard trained” and instead only went to the school of hard knocks and common sense but I renew my offer to debate the economic/financial facts. I will accept anyone he would like as moderator…what do you say Harry?

Harvard Trained Economist: Gold Fails Bullish Breakout, Stocks More Likely To Breakout Instead
August 14, 2019

Harry Dent says this could be it for gold. Here’s why…

by Harry Dent via Economy & Markets

The funny thing is that gold and stocks currently seem to like the same thing: more money printing.

Treasury bonds keep falling in rates and we’re seeing a slowing global economy despite Trump’s tax cuts and central banks leaning towards easing. That has hurt stocks a bit, as has the recent near break-off in trade negotiations with China. Markets were fearing a currency war now that the trade war is at an impasse.

So, no surprise gold has been rallying here. But for stocks, the surprise is that they’re holding up as well as they are considering the slow growth foreshadowed by the bond markets and trade impasses.


J. Johnson’s Latest – Will The London Precious Metals Sucker Punch Keep The Prices Down?
August 15, 2019

Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,  

     Gold just got a sucker punch right in price with the trade now at $1,524.80, down $2.80 and recovering from the hit that brought the price down to $1,518.30 with the high to beat at $1,534.90. Silver was negative first, giving the Silver Signal another shot with its trade now at $17.175, down 10.5 cents with the low at $17.075 and the high at $17.37. The US Dollar is also weaker in our early morning report with its value pegged at 97.72, down 10.6 points and close to the low at 97.68 with the high at 97.915. All this was done just before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.  

     The South American Currencies are still in mass print mode with the Venezuelan Bolivar now pricing Gold’s value at 15,228.94 Bolivar proving a gain of 31.96 with Silver now at 171.535 also gaining .299 Bolivar since yesterday’s early report. Argentina has been in the news of late with rumors of defaulting or collapsing everywhere and now has Gold valued at 91,892.54 giving the people, stuck under that currency, a 6,852.62 A-Peso value jump with Silver now at 1,034.99 Peso’s giving a jump of 80.783 A-Pesos as the Money of the People passes the 1,000 Peso mark. The Turkish Lira now has Gold valued at 8,532.98 subtracting another 33.06 from yesterday’s lower move with Silver now pegged at 96.1602 showing a slight increase of 0.0551 in T-Lira value.  

     August Silver deliveries continue to move along with the demand count now at 140 fully paid for contracts and with a Volume of 47 up on the board so far this morning, and once again, with no trading range to report, just like yesterday when 41 contracts got delivered either here or over in London. Based on Harvey’s stats, these demands were probably delivered over in London and most likely settled in paper. We’re starting to see the rolling out of the September contracts and the roll into the December with Silver’s Overall Open Interest now at 233,715 Overnighters proving 717 Obligations left the field of play when Silver made another new high for the year. I find it interesting that the Open interest in the September Silver $17 Calls are still elevated in count showing 1,261 purchased Calls giving the count a loss of only 400 contracts over last past week to now. I’ll do another Options tally for tomorrow’s report to see where we are in the total count including the “In The Money” situation in the Sept trade, so stay tooned! It may mean something.  


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This could be a very real “what if” Wolfgang.


What if……….one day the East says “you want our products?  Pay in gold.”
“The recent increase in gold prices may be set to continue on the strength of a global push for de-dollarization…
Countries increasingly hostile to the US and dollar hegemony, such as Russia and China, are searching for alternatives to the dollar including gold.”
The ensuing global scramble for gold will be unprecedented.
Remember, you can’t print gold.
CIGA Wolfgang Rech

China Curbs Private Gold Imports As It Adds 10 More Tons To Its Own Hoard
August 14, 2019

China continues to escalate its capital controls with headlines today from Reuters that Chinese authorities have curbed private gold imports since May as the trade war escalated in a move that could be aimed at curbing outflows of dollars and bolstering its yuan.

According to sources, China’s gold imports are down 300-500 tonnes, with around $15-$25 billion, since May.













We have termed this as “all roads lead to gold”!



Essentially, this article is about a “Mind Reset”.

Old timers look at gold as an inflation hedge.  Higher prices = higher gold.

Today’s youngin’s take a different view.  Higher prices = less chance of a rate cut = lower gold.

That is the way the lemmings trade, because according to the conventional wisdom, if inflation is higher, then the Fed will be less likely to cut rates. After all, they’re cutting rates because inflation is too low and if inflation comes in hotter, well, then there’s less of a reason for the Fed to cut rates. So paradoxically, higher inflation is seen as being bad for gold. And the reason I’m saying paradoxically is because gold is an inflation hedge. Normally, the more inflation the more you want to buy gold.

In my eyes, it’s a win/win situation.

-If prices of goods soar, make no mistake, there will be a run for the gold. That will never change. Think hyperinflation.

-If rates go negative, gold will provide a safe haven without any “opportunity cost” being missed.

And no one is even talking about the fiat currency destruction underway!  When paper becomes worth less, or better yet worthless, the fireworks will begin.

Eyes will open soon.  But by then, it may be too late or too costly.  Kind of like buying life insurance on your deathbed.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Schiff: The World Will Drown In An Ocean Of Inflation; Gold Is Going Ballistic
August 15, 2019


The gold market took a one-two punch on Tuesday as Trump made some concessions in the trade war and inflation numbers came in a bit higher than expected. Peter Schiff talked about it in his latest podcast, saying gold traders still don’t understand the gold rally.


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J. Johnson’s Latest – The Resolute Longs in Silver Are BTFD!
August 14, 2019

Great and Wonderful Wednesday Morning Folks,  

     Gold has returned to the green zone after yesterday’s paper attack with the price for December Gold now at $1,528.00 up $13.90 with the high at $1,529.10 and the low at $1,504.50. Silver is higher as well with the September trade at $17.145, up 16 cents with the high right here at $17.18 and the low down at $16.855. The US Dollar did get a boost during yesterday’s activities with the Dollar now at 97.54, down 9.1 points and close to its low at 97.505 with the high not that far away at 97.68. All of this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.    

     The emerging markets currency watch is wishy washy this morning with Venezuela’s gold price now at 15,260.90 Bolivar taking back about 50% of yesterday’s gains with Silver now at 171.236, it too losing 2.746 Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold priced at 85,039.92 proving a gain of another 3,645.04 A-Pesos with Silver pegged at 954.207 Pesos proving a gain of 32.239, giving the nation another Whooper day for metals and a very bad for the currency’s value. Turkey’s Lira now has Gold priced at 8,566.04 showing a loss of 67.36 in T-Lira value with Silver at 96.1051 losing 1.7086



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JB with some humor for us, the only problem is “they” think the public is so stupid this explanation may actually be floated?
















CIGA Nat checks in with a reminder for us of Howard Buffett’s thoughts on precious metals.


You probably have already seen this, but since you posted the incredibly revealing graph comparing Berkshire Hathaway to Gold,  I thought the Super Irony of Buffett’s Father’s writings on Gold in 1948 when he was a congressman from Nebraska, Juxtaposed to his son Warren’s disingenuous Hypocrisy on the value of PM’s would be of interest to your readers.  Wonder what he’ll do with that 120 billion in cash he’s sitting on.  If he’s smart he’ll listen to his Father’s words and do the same thing with gold he did with silver, except keep it this time, and don’t write derivatives on it. Your readers might find Howard Buffett”s  “Freedom Rests On Gold” fascinating, enlightening, and encouraging.