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Bill Holter’s Commentary

…because gold IS money, oil is not!

Gold Or Oil: Which Is A Better Iran Crisis Hedge? Here Is Goldman’s Answer
January 6, 2020

Now that Dennis Gartman’s daily recos can no longer be faded, algos are feeling just a little confused: after all, with no 100% guaranteed way to make money, some risk has to be taken and that just won’t stand. So what is a good alternative to the “Gartman Letter”? Here Goldman’s sellside recos certainly come to mind. And while nobody can ever come close to the uncanny Gartmanity of Goldman’s former FX strategist, Thomas Stolper, Goldman’s research desk does have a peculiar habit of advising its clients to do precisely the opposite of what Goldman’s own prop desks are doing at any one moment.

Which is why we have some bad news for gold longs, who have enjoyed a tremendous surge in the price of pet rock in the past year, and which is now up about 40% higher than when some WSJ hack decided to mock gold back in July 2015…


Bill Holter’s Commentary

But we were told “climate change” was the culprit…?

Nearly 200 People Arrested Across Australia For Deliberately Starting Bushfires
January 6, 2020

Authorities in Australia have arrested close to 200 people for deliberately starting the bushfires that have devastated the country, yet the media and celebrities continue to blame “climate change” for the disaster.

The fires have caused at least 18 deaths, destroyed thousands of homes, millions of hectares of land and killed hundreds of millions of animals.

A total of 183 people have been arrested by police in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania for lighting bushfires over the last few months, figures obtained by news agency AAP show.


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Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,

     We start our first Monday, and first full week of the new year off, with Gold’s price trading slightly higher at $1,578.80 up $26.40 after hitting $1,590.90 with the low at $1,562.30. Silver is still Silver, not allowed the break (yet) with its trade up a little at $18.465, up 31.4 cents after hitting $18.550 with the low at $18.170. The US Dollar‘s current value is now pegged at 96.305, down 21.6 points after dipping down to 96.230 with the high starting point at 96.585. All this of course happened already, before 5am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after one of the most comfortable celebration parties I have ever been to.

      The Emerging Markets Currency Watch is proving what the markets will do when precious metals are allowed to move freely in the primaries with Venezuela, now pricing Gold at 15,768.27 Bolivar, up 298.63 with Silver priced at 184.419 Bolivar proving a gain of 2.447 over the weekend. Argentina’s Peso, the currency that has yet to be adjusted higher (by reducing the digits to the left of the decimal) now has the nobel metal trading at 94,307.72 giving those that hold a 1,771.86 A-Peso gain (x100 ounces per contract) with Silver now trading at 1,102.19 Peso’s showing a gain of 14.72 (x5,000 ounces per). Over in Turkey, the Lira has Gold trading at 9,435.15 Lira proving a gain of 182.97 Lira with Silver also gaining with its value at 110.356 T-Lira offering those that hold a 1.515 T-Lira gain in value. 

     The January Silver Delivery Demands now show a total of 84 fully paid for contracts proving a drop of 35 requests for physical either getting Silver delivered here, or sent to the EFP-lands of London, and with no trades so far this morning with the exception of those possible trades that are posted inside the parenthesis’s (). Friday’s trade activity inside the delivery month proved a Volume of 83 with a trading range between $18.11 and $17.965 with the closing price adjusted to $18.065.

      Silver’s Overall Open Interest, the one part of the trade that strict chartists have no clue about, continues to gain more controlling shorts with the count now at 233,783 Overnighters, proving an increase of 2,621 more short contracts jumping in, losing more money as the prices gain and as the Resolute buyer awaits for his chance to pounce in again! Not only is Silver gaining more shorts but Gold continues to break new Open Interest ground by adding more contracts behind the price with its total now at 799,504 (thank you Harvey O.) proving a gain of 12,755 overnighters willing to tell us holders how wrong we are. Are we seeing a Commercial Signal failure or another head fake? Go team! One day the idea of removing the physicals from the Comex at these prices, will really do some damage to the short trade, if hasn’t already. 

      While all media was attempting to fire up the “fear trade of war” inside everyone’s mindset, we celebrated the 60th birthday of Bill Holter and yes Jim Sinclair was there. In my entire life, I have never been to a gathering where everyone was talking to everyone about everything. Some of the greatest writers and supporters of precious metals were all elbowing one another in friendly fashion and even the political discussions had zero issues. No one cared about political affiliations at all, in fact, everyone allowed everyone their voice to be heard! It reminds me of the days of “All in the Family” and “The Jefferson’s” and the Trump Stadium gatherings, all at once. What a time to be an American!

    Hang in there Baby, keep the faith, and make sure to set that attitude to positive, no matter what is going on in your life, and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Money manager Michael Pento says forget about the sky high stock market because everything is being propped up with massive global money printing. Pento explains, “Let’s look at the facts. Global debt has now risen above $250 trillion. Let that sink in for a second, and it is a record percentage, 330% of GDP. So, we have never seen debt like this before in nominal terms. Even as a percentage of the phony GDP that is engendered by free money, it is at a record. So, the central bankers have realized that they are trapped. There is no escape from global massive debt monetization. . . . We have China, Japan, Europe . . . and even our Federal Reserve is back in QE. We have a standing repo facility. We could only raise rates to 1.5%, and we are headed back to 0%. So, the only way this massive pile of debt is able to be serviced, even on the margins, is when money is free and central banks continually debase currency.”

Pento goes on to say, “Now I hear from the central bankers that inflation is not rising fast enough. They are panicked that inflation is not rising fast enough. You have to wonder why the faith in fiat currencies isn’t eroding even more rapidly. It is going to because all the ingredients are there. I think the pace of that erosion is going to become a deluge. . . . The zeitgeist of the day should be central bankers are trapped and they can never raise interest rates. Real interest rates will be falling, and if you want a chance of staying in the middle class, you have to preserve your purchasing power, and that means owning gold.”


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Great and Wonderful First Friday of 2020 Folks,

      We start the day off with Gold trading higher with the “now” price at $1,548.90, up $20.80 after reaching $1,554.00 from a low of $1,530.40. Silver is still Silver, even when bombs that may require this metal are dropped, with the trade at $18.22, up 17.4 cents after hitting $18.325 with its starting point at $18.055 during the overnight. The US Dollar is getting supported as well with its value pegged at 96.685, up 16 points after the trade reached up to 96.795 with the low at 96.395. Of course, all this was done before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after the Iranian leaders sent one of their general’s, along with support units, into a land not their own, in order to make a statement against our country. That’s a very special kind of stupid right there!

      In Venezuela, Gold now has a value pegged at 15,469.64 Bolivar, proving a gain of 233.71 overnight with Silver now getting 181.972 Bolivar for an ounce, a gain of 2.547. In Argentina, Gold is now priced at 92,535.86 Peso’s proving a gain of 1,268.20 Peso’s in a single night with Silver at 1,087.47 A-Peso’s, a gain of 12.68. In Turkey, where the hostile activities are much closer to their borders, Gold is now priced at 9,252.18 Lira proving a gain of 160.54 with Silver gaining 1.774 with its price at 108.841 T-Lira.

      January Silver Deliveries now show a demand count of 119 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 51 up on the board so far this morning with a trading range at $18.11. Yes, that again is the high/low/last and up 14.4 cents from yesterday’s 2 Volume trade that caused the market to settle lower than the physicals, which were purchased at $17.99 and $17.98, yet the Comex adjusted settlement is at $17.966. The physical demand count fell by 97 contracts during yesterday’s trade proving something we can’t confirm with simple Comex accounting. Either these receipts got settled here into physicals, transferred into a warehouse at the Comex, or were sent to London via EFP paper, so it can be sent back here in a pump and dump fashion again (maybe).   

      The Overall Open Interest in Silver now has a count of 231,162 Overnighters proving the point that 1,462 more short contracts, had to be created out of thin air, to offset the buy orders to neutralize the price more than it should. Comex shorts are only 13,034 contracts away from breaking new all-time high territory. At the same time this is going on, Gold is doing the Silver  “thang” as more and more short contracts had to be created in order to tell the buyers, how worthless it is to hold real money against the paper. Gold’s new life of contract high in paper, not price, is now at 787,920 Overnighters.

     The definition for the term “Overnighters” is the total amount of “buyers” and “sellers” combined. These Overnighters are algo positions as well as the individuals and hedge funds, willing to keep their money at risk over a 24-hour period. Open Interest is the proper term for this, yet the explanations are the same. Regardless, both precious metals have huge increases in paper contracts but not the physicals. Physicals are only found in the earth and it is limited, unlike the paper mâché used to control the price in the markets.

      A Commercial Signal Failure may be set up right here and now! I’ve been involved with a few of these events in the commodities sector over the past few decades with vivid memories when Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Cattle, which all blew out the shorts when they discovered they were on wrong side of the trade. Over the past few years, the controllers of paper have had their day, it may be the time when the paper game loses to rock (in paper, rock, scissors fashion). We will know for sure when physicals, needed to supply the game of paper, cannot be found at the Comex. All that can be said now is stay tooned, we’re still waiting in a game where the waiting is the hardest part!

      Enjoy your weekend, keep a positive attitude in the head no matter what, keep your metals as close to you as family, and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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Great and Wonderful first trading day of 2020 folks,

      Gold starts the year off right with the trade at $1,525.50, up $2.40 and right by the high at $1,525.90 with the low at $1,519.70. Silver is still Silver, tagging along with the trade at $17.965, up 4.4 cents after hitting a high of $18.005 with the last night low at $17.830. The US Dollar has a bounce in its step with the trade now at 96.355, up 29.7 points after reaching up to 96.425 with the low at 96.100. Of course, all of this was done before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.   

      In Venezuela, Gold is now priced at 15,235.93 Bolivar showing a gain of 16.98 since Tuesday’s tally with Silver now priced at 179.425 Bolivar showing a 1.099 pullback. In Argentina, Gold’s value under the Peso is now pegged at 91,267.66 Pesos, showing a gain of 13.48 with Silver at 1,074.79 showing a reduction of 7.56 in A-Peso value. The Turkish Lira’s value for Gold is now priced at 9,091.64 proving a gain of 24.33 Lira with Silver losing 0.484.

      January Silver Deliveries are in full swing now with the physical demand count at 216 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts waiting for receipts either to be delivered here at the Comex or sent to London (so they can be sent back here in pump and dump fashion). So far this morning, there has been no purchases made so we have no trading range to post as of yet.

      During Tuesday’s trade, the delivery month’s Volume was equal to the Open Interest of 232 Contracts, inside a trading range between $18.065 and $17.80 with the last trade settled at $17.825. So, what this is suggesting is 100% Volume Vs. Open Interest was traded, inside the delivery month, and the prices dropped? Riiiight! Like the holder of the product is worried about lower prices when the costs of extraction are sharply higher than what is described as a real price.

      The Comex delivery system has a solid consistency, to opaque everything, as we wait to see if the Resolute Buyer stepped in and doubled Tuesday’s original Open Interest with the Comex delivering the posted 232+ contracts already waiting in the supposed FIFO (deliveries are supposed to be First Order In – First Order Out) claims at the exchange, or, if this was a spread trade “out” of these posted orders for physical? Here’s what the numbers might mean; it’s possible that only 16 contracts were delivered on Tuesday with a Volume of 232, or 232 more purchases were made as 248 contracts got receipts, or the mish mash in the middle of these two examples? This system has issues alright, which is why we are here reporting on it. We, of course hope the Resolute Buyer is doubling down going into the Soaring 20’s of Precious Metals, and that this Resolute Buyer is a manufacturer with needs. 

      Nothing screams calm like the Overall Open Interest in Silver as the shorts continue to acquire more paper with the Overall Count now at 229,700 Overnighters proving a gain of 2,842 more shorts in order to stay the price. At the same time, Comex Gold continues to gain more paper as well. This is exactly what we look for in a commercial signal failure, rising open interest, rising prices, and low inventory. Nothing to worry about huh?

      Each day and for years, if not decades, we survived the slings and sucker punches given by those who are allowed to add paper to suppress the prices instead of allowing the prices to move upward with the restrictions on paper. There should be a figured mechanism that restricts the issuances of this additional paper being added to the Comex by the centrals who have controlled the price via a criminal element. This will either end with the CE being forced to close its precious metals trade desk under RICO, or the last bar gets taken out as the COMEX is forced to find product. We should be encouraging those that can, to buy up those large bars at Comex and to swap them out into USA Legal Eagle precious metals tender!

      Nothing says Happy New Year, like a Resolute Buyer, the continuing saga of “more papers please” and the reduction of physicals, all happening at the same time. Enjoy the day, the year, and the physical possession’s you hold in your hand. When the currencies find their natural price, you will be more thankful for having the physicals, than those that opposed the ideas with paper …. Keep the faith, the attitudes positive, and no matter what …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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Great and Wonderful Last Day of 2019 Folks!

    We have a good start for the last day of the year with Gold up $5.20 with the trade at $1,523.80 after being driven up to $1,529.00 before the “calming down” affect was put into play with the low at $1,517.50. Silver is tagging along as usual with the trade at $18.075, up 7.4 cents after reaching $18.20 with the low at $17.965. The US Dollar, which is the only reason why precious metals has not exploded in price (here), is still losing steam, and more than precious metals are rising, with its value pegged at 96.105, down 30.2 points and at the low of 97.085 with the high way up at 96.415. Of course, all this happened already before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and still not a peep from California’s Nancy Squad who is making sure they win against the majority vote by “Any Means Possible”, even if it’s unfair or illegal.

      Venezuela’s Bolivar now has Gold gauged at 15,218.95 Bolivar proving a gain of 85.89 Bolivar overnight with Silver gaining 1.598 Bolivar with the price pegged at 180.524. Argentina’s Peso, which has yet to have their currency digits reduced (like Venezuela), now has Gold priced at 91,254.18 Pesos showing a gain of 594.45 in A-Peso value with Silver now priced at 1,082.35 Pesos, a gain of 9.15 in the overnight. Over in the lands of Turkey the Lira, which has a closer value to the Dollar’s peg, now has Gold priced at 9,067.31 Lira showing a gain of 51.80 with Silver gaining 1.044 overnight with its last price of the year at 107.551 T-Lira.

      January Silver Deliveries are now in full swing with the Demand Count now at 233 fully paid for contracts (dropping 24 from yesterday) waiting for receipts to either take delivery here at the Comex, or get their pieces of paper sent over the trusting lands of London. Yesterday’s activity in January ended with a Volume of 82 and with a trading range between $17.91 and $17.85 with the last trade at $17.89 ending with an adjusted settlement price of $17.908.

      Over the past 4+ years, Silver’s Overall Open Interest has remained elevated, with the prices subdued because the burden of paper overwhelms real price discovery, and that has yet to lapse with this mornings count at 226,858 Overnighters proving 1,067 more shorts had to be “applied to the lie” we call the price. When it’s all said and done, the solution will present itself at the Comex!

      By law, the Comex is obligated to find these products at the prices they claim, or the entire Commodity Complex will melt Up/Down! The increased prices will include Precious Metals, Foods, Energy, Softs, everything physical that is traded at the Exchanges which in turn will leave all the bankers play toys (all debts, treasuries, currencies, et al) looking like paper-chaff on a windy day. The Crossfire Hurricane phrase may be an applicable expression when this happens. We’ll all be in it when the prices really move, and whether we like it or not. Preparation is why we write our missives.

     Gold is another one of those commodities that has a CFTC approved overbearing amount of paper applied to the price with last night’s World Record closing Comex Count at 772,683 Overnighters proving a paper increase of 5,606 more shorts as Gold gained only 50 cents. One has to wonder how many other commodity markets have this overbearing; paper shorts applied to the price we know is a lie? We must keep in the back of our heads the Q-Quote #2619; Yes. Gold shall destroy FED. How? Maybe by letting the criminal element have its way at first, then not allowing them to change the rules when they run out of product, like they did in 1980 with Silver.

     Happy New Year Everyone! Keep the attitudes positive, have a smile on your face no matter what, and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

The physical market cannot accommodate this anywhere near current pricing…!

Petrodollar Shock: Russia Could Invert Part Of Its National Wealth Fund In Gold
December 29, 2019

In the past two years Russia has been quite explicit in its shifting preference between fiat, in the form of the world’s reserve currency, US Dollars and hard assets, i.e., gold: after liquidating almost all of its Treasury holdings in mid 2018, roughly around the time relations between the US and Russia hit rock bottom and started digging, Russian gold holdings continued to climb and just a few months back rose to a record, more than doubling in the past 4 years.



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By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Wayne Jett is an accomplished lawyer who has argued cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Jett is also an expert on the Federal Reserve and author of the popular book “The Fruits of Graft.” The Fed is one of the financial tentacles of the elite and is the key to their destructive power over “We the People.” Jett says, “The Federal Reserve is privately owned and the enemy of the American people as well as others around the world. They are not our savior, and it is not good to keep them around. We’ve got to shovel them into the ground as quickly as possible. Replace them as quickly as possible and be done with it.”