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Join Greg Hunter od as he interviews Dr. David Martin, the top expert in the ongoing and unfolding CV19 vax genocide and litigation for 6.21.22.

Here’s the link:  Up to 700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “Up to 700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin.”  Dr. David Martin has a deep medical science and investment resume with medical innovation worldwide.  He is also one of the key people seeking justice in lawsuits suing medical companies involved in delivering the so-called vaccines for CV19.  In simple terms, according to Dr. Martin, the CV19 vaccines are “bioweapons.”  Big Pharma and the government knew it and also knew it would cause massive deaths and permanent injuries.  Dr. Martin says, “It’s going to get much worse. . . . It is not a Corona virus vaccine.  It is a spike protein instruction to make the human body produce a toxin. . . . The fact of the matter is the injections are an act of bioweapons and bioterrorism.  They are not a public health measure.  The facts are very simple.  This was premeditated. . . . This was a campaign of domestic terror to get the public to accept the universal vaccine platform using a known biological weapon.  That is their own words and not my interpretation.”

How many will die from the CV19 bioweapons?  Dr. Martin says, “By their own estimate, they are looking for 700 million people globally, and that would put the U.S. participation in that of the injected population as 75 million to 100 million people. . . . There are a lot of reasons why they hope it will be between now and 2028 because there is this tiny little glitch of the illiquidity of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs.  So, the fewer recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the better.  Not surprisingly, the recommendation was people over the age of 65 were the first ones to get injected.”

Dr. Martin thinks the catastrophic effects of the CV19 injections will hit the medical industry soon.  Dr. Martin explains, “The dirty secret is . . . there are a lot of pilots having micro vascular and clotting problems, and that keeps them out of the cockpit, which is a good place to not have them if they are going to throw a clot for a stroke or a heart attack.  The problem is we are going to see that exact same phenomenon in the healthcare industry and at a much larger scale.  So, we now have, along with the actual problem . . . of people getting sick and people dying, we actually have that targeting the healthcare industry writ large.  Which means we are going to have nurses and doctors who are going to be among the sick and dead.  That also means the sick and the dying are also not going to get care.”

Dr. Martin and his group are suing everybody from President Biden along with the FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna and many others over the deaths and injuries from the CV19 bioweapons fraudulently passed off as “vaccines.”  The next big court case is July 6, 2022, in federal court in Utah.  Dr. Martin contends “this is far worse” than the Nuremberg trials of Nazis after WWII and adds, “This is organized crime. . . . They have hidden behind the immunity shield that absolves them of product liability by naming the delivery of a bioweapon–a vaccination program. . . . This is actually a criminal act.  This is an act of domestic terror, and it is an anti-trust violation.  This is racketeering.  This is old school racketeering, and it is no different than the mob in the 1920’s.  This is old school racketeering for personal gain and profit at the expense of human lives.  You need to call it what it is, and it’s organized crime.  I would say the Nazis were better than the people who are doing this. . . . The real question is why did American citizens develop a weapon to kill Americans and get paid to do it?  That is a morally outrageous question, and, unfortunately, almost no one is asking it.” 

There is much more in the 1-hour and 3-minute interview.

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Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about his upcoming conference “The Egyptian & Alien Connections in the Americas” for  6/25/22. 

Here’s the link: Alien Link to Human Destruction – Steve Quayle | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog  

The latest is called “Alien Link to Human Destruction – Steve Quayle.”  Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle says the world is being lied to about our ancient history.  Why?  The governments of the world want to control the narrative about who made us, and the truth in the Bible about End of Days predicted in Revelation.  For many months Quayle has had an excavation crew digging up ancient artifacts in Mexico that are thousands of years old.  They look like aliens found in the movies and some artifacts have Egyptian hieroglyphs.  These new recently dug up artifacts from Quayle prove the history you were taught is a distortion and a lie.    Quayle says, “We are talking about the greatest coverup and cover over of ancient history. . . . There are different groups of aliens, but at the end of the day they are evil spirits.  They are absolutely working against the plan and purpose of God.  Why? To deceive the world that God did not create the world.  The anti-Christ did. If you control all the artifacts in ancient history, you control the narrative.  You can put whatever meaning you want on those artifacts that you want to build the ultimate deception that is so deceiving that most of the world will fall for it.”

The aliens according to Quayle are nothing more than the fallen angels of the Bible that mated with the daughters of man just as it says in scripture.  Quayle says, “The artifacts will show . . . . the symbols from different periods of time and different places in the world have the same meaning and what they will show is the specific and general interplay of then plan to genetically corrupt the human race.  How does somebody have the double helix 6,000 years ago?  There is three of our relics that we found with that and there are more.  How come some of them glow in the dark when hit with a UV light?  We have reptile and serpent artifacts. . . . What is the whole purpose on all of this?  It is to absolutely divorce human beings from the God of heaven, who created man in his image and likeness, who Satan has been trying to pervert both before the flood and after the flood and now before the second coming of Jesus.  They want to do away with the human genome and hey that messenger RNA, (in the CV19 Vaccines) hello!! . . . . There is now upon us a period unlike any in history and it only gets worse from here. . . . They are going to tell us that the aliens are here to save us, and that’s a big lie.  They are going to tell up that the aliens made up and not the God of heaven, and that’s a big lie too.”   

This is the age of deception.  This is the age of destruction.  This is the age of despair.  This is the age of devastation.  I am doing my best to make sure all that have a heart for the truth that they don’t end up with the final “D” and that’s damnation.   

There is much more in the 1-hour and 9-minute interview.

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Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. (6.18.22)

Here’s the link:It’s Not a Turndown, It’s a Takedown – Catherine Austin Fitts | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “It’s Not a Turndown, It’s a Takedown – Catherine Austin Fitts.”  Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), contends this is what the so-called “reset” looks like.  High food and fuel prices along with crushing interest rates are no accident.  CAF explains, “To me, this is part of the ‘going direct reset.’  There is an official narrative, and the official narrative is they’ve got to stop inflation. . . . Let’s look very simply at what happened.  They voted on the direct reset.  Then they injected $5 trillion into the economy that went to the insiders.  Then they used Covid to shut down the economy run by the outsiders.  Now, the outsiders want to open another business, and they are going to radically raise the cost of capital to the outsiders.  What’s going to happen is that $5 trillion is going to buy more assets more cheaply.  To me, this is part of centralizing the control of the economy.  They are asserting very significant central control.  This is not a turndown–this is a takedown.”

CAF’s view of the economy is simple and tangible.  CAF says, “This is a world where people are trying to get into real assets that can generate a yield.  Let me tell you what the problem is.  Doing things that create value on assets requires the rule of law.  We are watching a very significant financial coup d’état.  We have talked about this for years.  That financial coup d’état is turning into a coup, and you are seeing a fundamental breakdown of law and order in many places.  It is related to people trying to pick up assets.  We see cities where crime is off the charts, and speculators are out having a field day picking up assets with that $5 trillion.”

CAF says, “At some point, you have to realize we are in a war.  We have an enemy.  We have the power to win, but we are going to have to fight.  If you look at our ancestors in the last 10,000 years, I dare say we have it in us.  Let’s get out of fear and get into fighting mode.  There are two roads.  We can preserve, rebuild and protect the human civilization, or we can become slaves.  If you look at what these guys are up to, death is not the worst thing that can happen to you.  Do not fear death.  Fear slavery in a transhuman society.”

CAF also talks about gold, silver, the CV19 injections and the fallout from them.  She also talks about why it’s more important than ever to hold onto the 2nd Amendment and your guns.

There is much more in the 1 hour and 5 min. interview.

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Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter of for 6.14.22. 

Here’s the link:  Game Over, They’re Pulling the Plug – Bill Holter | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said in early April that he thought we did not have much time until the financial meltdown started.  He gave it 60 days.  Two months later, the meltdown started in earnest right on time.  The world is at debt levels never seen before, and Holter contends rising interest rates are the key driver here and now.  Holter explains, “Interest rates are the key to the whole collapse.  Mortgage rates, as of right now, are about 6.15%.  Mortgage rates started the year just over 3%.  In the fourth quarter of last year, we had mortgage rates as low as 2.75%.  What that tells you is if you qualified for a $1 million mortgage at the end of last year, you only qualify for a $500,000 mortgage now.  If you are a property owner, that means the pool of potential buyers is far less than 6 months ago, simply because interest rates have basically doubled.  Holter also says that means property values are dramatically cut.

Interest rates have been on a more than 40-year downward trend since Fed Head Paul Volker raised a key rate to 20% in the early 1980’s.  Holter points out, “We basically just went through a 40-year bull market on bonds where interest rates did nothing but go downward for 40 years . . . . That 40-year trend is now broken, and rates are headed higher.  It just so happens the system is more indebted than it has ever been on any ratio or any basis you want to look at.  What I am getting at is these higher interest rates are blowing up the debt bubble.”

Don’t expect the Fed to come in and save the day like it did in the last financial meltdown back in 2008 and 2009.  The Fed bailed out the economy when it started printing money like crazy and never stopped.  Holter says, “The bottom line is the world’s financial system and, thus, real economies have been on life support since 2008.  What people should understand is when the Fed says they are going to raise interest rates and they are going to shrink their balance sheet, that says they are pulling the plug out of the wall.  They are taking the system off life support.  The bottom line is the system cannot live without life support.  The Ponzi scheme cannot continue without new capital coming into the system.  They are pulling the plug is what they are doing. . . . It’s game over.”  

Holter also talks about gold and silver and why you should hold them in hand.  Holter thinks a “Mad Max” scenario is a real possibility and says we have not seen the peak on inflation.  There is a lot more in the 44 minute interview.

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Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top Pulmonary and Covid Critical Care experts on the planet, who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance ( and author of the upcoming book “The War on Ivermectin.”

Here’s the link:  CV19 Vax Deaths & Injuries are an Ignored Humanitarian Catastrophe – Dr. Pierre Kory | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “CV19 Vax Deaths & Injuries are an Ignored Humanitarian Catastrophe – Dr. Pierre Kory.  World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory says his clinic is seeing an explosion of people seeking treatment for CV19 vaccine sickness and injury.  Dr. Kory reports, “We just started seeing more and more vaccine injured, and they are really quite ill.  It’s a very complex illness.  We are working on treatments that work and understanding the path of physiology. . . . By the way, there is not a lot published on vaccine injury.  As you know, they don’t want to call attention to it.  The big high impact (medical) journals will not publish on it. . . . It’s hard to become an expert on vaccine injury when it’s a disease that is being ignored. . .. Nobody has a post vaccine injury clinic, and there are really no suggestions on how to treat it.”    

Dr. Kory is developing new treatment protocols for treating the vax injured.  Dr. Kory and his team at Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance ( have an “Updated Post-Vaccine Syndrome Protocol.”  Dr. Kory says it’s not a cure—yet, but it’s a good start.  Dr. Kory explains, “I think it is a good general guide, but we need to know a lot more.  I will tell you that what I was doing two months ago with these patients is a lot different than what I am doing now.”

Dr. Kory, who is writing a book called “The War on Ivermectin,” said early treatment for CV19 with medication such as Ivermectin could have saved nearly a million lives.  Now, Dr. Kory’s base medicine for the vax injured is also Ivermectin.  It’s a drug that won a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015 because it is safe and effective.  Dr. Kory says, “For different reasons, Ivermectin is my first go-to medicine.  There are a number of reasons for that.  Number one, it’s one of the most tightly binding medicines to the spike protein.  The vaccine injured are causing what I call a spike-opathy (or spike disease).  It’s the spike protein, which is triggering a bunch of pathologic mechanisms.  The lipid nanoparticles are also a problem . . . but for the spike protein, specifically, the Ivermectin seems to counter it.  Also, Ivermectin is a very potent anti-inflammatory.  It’s the medicine that works the best, but it does not work in everybody.”

Dr. Kory freely admits there is “a lot we don’t know about CV19 vaccine injury,” and, thus, a lot to learn to treat it.  What Dr. Kory is sure of is there are massive amounts of deaths and injuries from the CV19 injections that are being ignored by the government regulators, medical community and the mainstream media.  Dr. Kory contends, “This is a humanitarian catastrophe, and it has been ignored.  It has been suppressed.  It has been censored, but you cannot hide from this data when it’s in your face.  The system is going to have to address this in some way at some point. . . . We figured out how to treat Covid, and we did a good job . . . . Now, we have to try and do the same thing with the vaccine injured, and it’s a much different problem.”

In closing, Dr. Kory points out one big thing with all the CV19 vaccines, “It’s all experimental. That’s right, experimental.  We don’t have long-term safety data.  We don’t know the long-term consequences.  We don’t know the true rise in cancers and what it has to do with the immune system.  These are all worries and concerns. . . . There has been no approved vaccine used in America since the beginning of Covid. . . . it’s all experimental.” 

There is much more in the nearly 57 min. interview.

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Join Greg Hunter of as he as he goes One-on-One with money manager and investment expert Edward Dowd for 6.7.22.

Here’s the link:  CV19 Vax Deadliest Fraud in History – Edward Dowd | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “CV19 Vax Deadliest Fraud in History – Edward Dowd.”  Wall Street money manager Edward Dowd has made billions of dollars for companies such as Black Rock picking good businesses with good products.  He can also spot a fraud, and Dowd says Pfizer simply made up the research that said it’s CV19 vaccine was safe and effective.  According to Dowd, it was neither safe or effective.  Dowd says, “The data was garbage.  As far as I am concerned, they made up the data.  It was garbage.”  Dowd thinks the CV19 injections will be the deadliest fraud in history.  Dowd explains, “This is something we have never seen in the history of our country and the history of the world for that matter.  We have a product (CV19 Vax) that is so fraudulent and so deadly from an acute basis and kills you right away, but the long-term implications of this health impact we don’t know yet.  It’s looking grim.  This is going to be with us for decades.  This is going to change the face of the world.  We have to try to control the outcome because people are going to try to take advantage of this and spin it and turn it into the ‘great reset.’  We are not going to allow the ‘great reset’ to happen.  If it happens, it’s going to happen under our power, and we are going to take control and not some nameless elites that say I am going to own nothing and eat bugs.”

Some people say the perpetrators of the deadly vax fraud are going to get away with it.  Dowd says not a chance and explains, “The problem with this fraud is it is a bridge too far.  220 million Americans took the vax (at least one shot).  Three million Americans are disabled, and it’s probably higher, and those disabilities are going to continue to grow.  The economic impact, the young working age men and women dying in their families and the psychological effects show this is not your run of the mill financial fraud.  This is a different kind of fraud, and this is a trust issue.  It violated trust on so many levels that the politicians are going to turn on these people at some point. . . . These things don’t end until the elite pay a personal price, and that’s where we are headed.  Some of these people are going to pay a very personal price.  I don’t wish that on them, and this is why they need to come forward and start whistleblowing so they can be protected in jails.  These crimes are so difficult to hide that there will be that kind of action.  If you look at the story of Marie Antoinette and the saying “Let them eat cake,” the French Revolution did not end well for the elites.   The consciousness is rising in this country at an alarming fast rate. . . .”

How does Dowd know we have passed an inflection point?  Dowd says, “In October, November and December of last year, people all over the media, celebrities and people I knew were saying the unvaccinated are the problem and they need to be put in camps.  Well, that chatter has disappeared.  They have not apologized for that, but doubts are starting to enter people’s minds. . . . It’s like the stages of grief.  The first one is denial, then anger, then depression and then acceptance.  We are in the denial/anger stage.  We are still in the denial part, but we are quickly approaching anger.”

In the economy and what’s coming, Dowd points out, “What’s going on is we are basically at the end of the super bubble. . . . We are going to have to have a new economic system . . . and what’s going on is the collapse of that.  The defaults are coming, and they are going to start in other countries first and make their way here. . . .It’s going to be a disaster, and we are going to see a huge amount of defaults, bankruptcies and collapse of the economy. . . .99.9% of the world does not know the social contract has been broken.  What does that mean?  It means all the entitlements, social security, the pensions, and there are a lot in Europe, they are gone.  They are not going to get paid.  That’s the bottom line.”             

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Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the top trends researcher on the planet, Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal for 5.28.22. 

Here’s the link:  Lunatics are Leading Us to Death – Gerald Celente | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “Lunatics are Leading Us to Death – Gerald Celente.”   Renowned trends researcher and publisher of “The Trends Journal,” Gerald Celente, boldly stated in March “World War III has Begun.”  Don’t expect that trend to change anytime soon.  Celente explains, “Hey, I’m the President of the United States, and I am going to send weapons of death to kill more people.  Am I an accessory to the crime?  Yes.  It’s not a proxy war with the United States and Russia, it’s at war. . . . We have maniacs in charge, and Biden just said we will defend Taiwan. . . . World War III began with the Ukraine war and the United States and NATO giving others what they need to go kill.  Now, they are heating it up with China.  Anybody with a brain bigger than a pea would say if we go to war with China and Russia, it’s the end of the world.  There will be nuclear destruction.  That’s anybody with a mind bigger than a pea.  The people in charge, they are lunatics, and they are not men. They have cajones smaller than a pea.  These are the people leading us to death.  These are insane people.  They are mentally ill, and they cover it with a good act playing a politician.”

Celente sees a big trend for Russia this year.  Celente predicts, “Russia is going to become one of our top trends for 2022.  It will have a self-sufficient economy. . . . Go back to Davos, and they want to control all.  Russia, because of what the United States, along with 30 other nations, have done to them with sanctions, is going to become a self-sustaining economy.  They are pulling out of globalization. . . . They have all the natural resources they need.  What’s happening to Russia, and what the world is forcing on them, is going to be a gem for Russia. . . . It’s going to be a fight about over what they can’t get against those who have it.”

The trend on inflation is not good, and Celente says it’s mostly happening because of the current leadership in the Biden/Obama Administration.  Celente says, “The whole society is collapsing in front of us.  We have freaks and fools ruining our lives. . . .  It’s not going to be stag-flation, it’s going to be drag-flation.  We are dragging down as inflation skyrockets.  We have maniacs in charge.  These are people that could not get a real job that are running or ruining our lives. . . . We are going to see a global disaster the likes of which we have never seen before.”

On gold and silver, Celente says, “Gold and silver, right now, the prices are soft.  They are going to go down again when interest rates go up because the dollar gets stronger. . . . When will gold and silver go up?  Now hear this, when the equity markets crash because that’s when the common person knows how bad it is, and that’s when they start freaking out. . . . When Wall Street crashes, the common people that look up to these clowns will know how bad it is, and that’s when you are going to see precious metals spike.”

In closing, Celente says, “Absolutely, America will be hit by nukes in the upcoming war with Russia. . . . We need peace, and there is no peace movement in America.  If we don’t stop it, it’s going to be hell on earth. . . . United we stand, divided we die.”       

There is much more in the 43 min. interview.

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Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, as she continues to highlight the real unreported effects of the CV19 bioweapons.

Here’s the link:  CV19 Vax Causing Extreme Disease – Dr. Betsy Eads | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

The latest is called “CV19 Vax Causing Extreme Disease – Dr. Betsy Eads.”  Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads is back to update us from the frontlines of medicine and the growing problems of CV19 vax induced AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).   Dr. Eads is treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines,” and new data is showing the injections are causing the explosion of many types of extreme disease.  We start with a recent patient Dr. Eads has that got her CV19 booster, and not long after that got cancer.  Dr. Eads says, “I basically told her this is most likely vaccine induced cancer.  We know cancers are up, according to Dr. Ryan Cole and several other pathologists . . . They are up close to  2,000%. . . . I told her to find an oncologist . . . who is awake to those types of aggressive cancers.  I am seeing a lot of unusual cancers, and so is Dr. Ryan Cole.”

Dr. Eads says the CV19 vaccines are causing a form of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).  Dr. Eads explains, “It’s a common misconception that acquired immune deficiency is only caused by HIV.  It’s simply not true.  There are other secondary reasons for AIDS.  I am going to read a few to you:  Radiation and chemotherapy, of course, HIV, Leukemia, malnutrition, drugs, medications and now vaccines are included.”

The DOD is also seeing exploding illness in the military population that started after our service men and women were coerced to be injected.  Dr. Eads says, “Let me read you the latest Department of Defense numbers, and these just came out:  “Myocarditis is up 2,800%, cancer is up 900%, infertility both genders is up 500%, miscarriage is up 300%, neurological disorders are up over 1,000%, demyelinating disorders are up over 1,000%, Multiple Sclerosis is up 600%, Guillain-Barré, which is a progressive paralysis, that’s up 500%, HIV is up 500%, pulmonary embolism, which are blood clots in the lungs, are up over 400%.  Those are the equivalent of the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) for the Department of Defense.”

Dr. Eads says there are treatments for vax injury, but Dr. Eads says totally stopping the ill effects from the CV19 injections are not known.  Dr. Eads says, “We don’t know what the mechanism is to turn this off.  Right now, there is no way documented to turn that off.  So, if you got the Pfizer or the Moderna, that mRNA is going to continue to make spike protein.  We do not know the endpoint.  We need to study this, and we are in the process of doing that. . . . but we know the effect of the spike protein on the immune system and the fact it is dysregulating . . .and causing cancers.  We are two years out, and my feeling is we are going to continue to have spike proteins made over the next x-number of years until we figure a way to turn off the lipid nano mRNA envelope.” 

(There is much more cutting edge, frontline medical information in the nearly 58 min interview.)