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Dear CIGAs,

Everyone who has ordered a Compendium should now have received the mentioned link to Jim’s 3 hour CIGA presentation in Toronto. If you have not yet received the link please email us at and I will resend it to you once confirming you have ordered a Compendium.


Dan Duval
JSMineset Editor

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Dear CIGAs,

Some international Compendium orders from  late February and early March are taking a substantial amount of time to arrive. It seems a large number are just now making it to their intended destination. We never expected delivery to take such an extended amount of time and apologize for the delay. We have since changed shipping agents so all new Compendium orders should arrive in a reasonable amount of time.

If you haven’t already, click here to order your copy of Compendium 1, Compendium 2 or both…

Many of you have emailed in with questions regarding your Compendium orders. While we cannot provide tracking numbers, any other inquiries are welcome at Only Compendium related inquiries will be answered at this address. Please do not use our normal site email address – we simply receive too many emails there and your inquiries tend to get missed.

Would the following people please email me at the address above:

– Richard Lawson
– Villhelm Hogsten
– Jack Sloan

Thank you all for your continued support and patience!

Dan Duval
JSMineset Editor

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Price and volume. The rest is statistical fluff. God bless statistical fluff.

Exactly – no volume even as the market jumps the creek. The market does not necessarily need volume to continue. I’ve seen the equity markets produce a series of false breakouts that last months before gravity overtakes the trend’s upward inertia.

The question is did we see a panic bottom? A bottom where the public rejects equity ownership? Ala 1919-1920, 1929-1932, 1973-1974, 1980-982. I suggest that the market will stair step it’s way to the ultimate panic bottom around 2012-2015.

In my opinion, what QE is trying to arrest or pause is the waterfall decline. Examples are the1932-1934 and 1974-1976 (spot-shadowed) advances. They want a 2009-2011 (spot-shadowed) advance. The trouble is, another huge C-wave advance is scheduled to begin this summer. There’s no way equities will be able to keep up.

Decisive failure of the 1967-1971 swing high suggests to me that the waterfall decline is still in play. That level was tested in March 09.




The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Thomas M. Hoening had the same interpretation about the rising Treasury yield as his counterpart of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, President Janet Yellen. In his speech named “An Economy at Risk: the Tough Decisions Ahead” (attached), he said:

“The markets won´t be fooled by artificially low rates for long. Market participants realize that a period of high deficits and accommodative monetary policy are an invitation to increased pressure. I suspect we are experiencing the first signs of the markets´ concerns in the rising rates and increased volatility in long-term Treasury markets.” (p. 9)

However, I don’t expect Ben Bernanke to take any anti-inflationary actions.

CIGA Christopher


Dubai calls on the Rothschild bank for help, perhaps out of desperation. In Saudi Arabia a Saad Group company defaults. US, European and Asian banks are struggling. The end of Ramadan in September might mark the start of an economic depression worse than that of the 1930s.


Signs of a new financial storm for September coming from Dubai and Saudi Arabia
by Maurizio d’Orlando
Dubai calls on the Rothschild bank for help, perhaps out of desperation. In Saudi Arabia a Saad Group company defaults. US, European and Asian banks are struggling. The end of Ramadan in September might mark the start of an economic depression worse than that of the 1930s.

Milan (AsiaNews) – Rothschild’s Dubai office has been retained by Dubai’s Department of Finance for advice on the US$ 10 billion financial support fund (FSF) the emirate raised on the bond markets.

Nakheel, the property development arm of Dubai World, was the first to benefit, but is likely to be the last of its kind because funds will be handed out on the basis of two criteria: urgency and strategic importance.


Dear Jim,

This is what the American dream has become thanks to the OTC paper shufflers and their complicit politicians.


One in nine Americans on food stamps, USDA says
Wed Jun 3, 5:38 pm ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – One in nine Americans are using federal food stamps to help buy groceries as the country’s deep recession forced another 591,000 people onto the federal anti-hunger program at latest count.

Enrollment jumped 2 percent to 33.2 million people in March, the fourth consecutive month that rolls hit a record, said the Agriculture Department. The average monthly benefit was $113.87 per person.

“It’s tough out there for struggling families and will be for many months to come,” Jim Weill, president of the Food Research and Action Center, said.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Young Eric is going to be very famous in time. I see him as a market leader coming out of this bone grinding experience with experience and discipline.


“This is followed by buying of equities driven by the desire to own the not-dollar similar to the equity market driven not-Weimar mark. All of this will have the algorithm goosed, driving markets into conditions without precedent.”


The Weimar experience has taught us that a currency panic can send stock prices to what appears to be the stratosphere. Unfortunately, rising German stock prices did not keep up with the savage currency devaluation. The German stock price to gold ratio and the impoverishment of nearly all Germans as described in the history books during the late Weimar Republic reminds us of this point.

Nevertheless, I keep my mind and options open. Panic-driven Central Bank(s) and Treasury pressing even harder on the accelerator of QE have the potential to produce an unexpected outcome. Panic-driven humans, like cornered animals, also have a tendency to do unexpected things when self-preservation is challenged.



Hi Jim,

Adrian Douglas of GATA indicated a big move in June according to his analysis.

Click here to view the analysis…

However, I believe the emphasis has shifted to the August Gold contract with 260305 OI on the Futures and 66975 accumulative total Options 2:1 ratio of calls to puts.

This might suggest a big move in July (not that is matters much but it is fun to watch).

I will be monitoring the August OI and Option volume and Call/Put ratios in the coming days.

I look forward to you comments.

Thanks in advance.



There is a huge gold price move coming so why chance missing it because you believe in a given time span? Gold is a simple trend line entity. The short term downtrend or bottom of the down channel are bells and if they ring, you act.



I guess they’ll be talking about how to deliver the coup d’grace to the US Dollar.

CIGA Pedro

BRIC’s Yaketenaburg summit
2009-05-30 08:38:11

BRIC- Brazil, Russia, India and China meet to begin June 16, top leaders to attend are Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chinese President Hu Jintao along with the presidents of Russia and Brazil.Dr Singh will be attending both the BRIC and SCO meetings. However the ministry of external affairs refused to confirm Dr Singh’s attendance at the SCO.

All aspects of “global security” and “complexities” in the field of economy in the backdrop of the world financial meltdown will come up during the first “full-format” summit of BRIC nations, including India, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev said today.


CIGA Pedro,

There has never been a better set up than what is now taking place. The commercials are operating a dollar short squeeze to open up the opportunity to run all the margined public out of their gold positions just before a major up move in the price of gold and downward spiral in the US dollar.

The odds are starting to disfavor the commercials while their fortunes rely on their ability to get the US dollar over .8200. Considering the almost universal wish by major central banks to diversify out of the USD, the commercials are going to have a major battle getting the USDX over .8200 and keeping it there.

Friday’s price action in the gold market is more a sign of desperation and necessity than it is a forbearer of ill price tidings.



Weimer currency event takes everything up. You (and I) have discussed that option already. Nice to see Jim Roger’s discussion’s reflecting this increasing possibility.

Armstrong’s waterfall decline scenario with specific timing dates, however, cannot be completely dismissed at this point. The waterfall decline will have little impact on gold and quality gold shares. Though, the gold stocks tend to get lumped into the equity basket during declines.

I have included the NYA Composite Index. I study volume relative to price using what I can best describe as Richard Wyckoff’s volume analysis from the 1920’s.It’s mostly studying the force of the trend using volume at swing highs and lows.

I study the NYA and exchange volume to gauge the strength of the trend for equities.

Interesting observations:

The May highs (purple arrow) in the NYA were breached on diminishing volume which implies a false breakout. While false breakouts can persist for some time, they eventually are reversed in the direction of the prevailing trend (down).

Also, the new June highs (blue arrow) continue to be probed as on decreasing energy – volume. This suggests that the upside force is waning on what is already considered a false breakout.

The above observations suggest a rising wedge formation since March 09. A failed rising wedge suggests a retest of the Nov 2008 at a minimum.


(Click chart to enlarge)


Dear Eric,

The most likely scenario is on the time line Armstrong has offered to us – we experience a degree of the waterfall which is offset by a panic driven Central Bank and Treasury reaction pressing even harder on the accelerator of QE.

This is followed by buying of equities driven by the desire to own the not-dollar similar to the equity market driven not-Weimar mark.

All of this will have the algorithm goosed, driving markets into conditions without precedent.

Armstrong’s 4000 Dow might not be reached. The best play is long gold. The equity side is iffy as so many variables are at play.

All the best,

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Dear CIGAs,

Thank you to everyone who has signed up on our Compendium Volume 2 Pre-Order list. We have had a huge number of requests and will be offering those who signed up an opportunity to purchase the set before it goes on sale to the rest of our readers.

If you have emailed you are on the Pre-Order List. If you haven’t yet signed up, check out the details of how to do so at the following link:

For those on the list we expect the Compendium Volume 2 to be available by the end of the month. Pre-Orders will get priority shipping before everyone else. A VERY LIMITED reprint of Compendium Volume 1 will also be available for those of you new to the site.

Thank you all for your continued support! You all help to make this site what it is.

Best regards,
Dan Duval
JSMineset Editor

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Dear CIGAs,

At long last we will soon be offering Version 2 of our Compendium. Version 2 will include all JSMineset articles from December 2005 onward. There will also be a number of extras included which we anticipate to include a DVD by Jim Sinclair. The cost is expected to be $80USD, which includes shipping, payable by credit card or cheque.

Version 1 of the Compendium, which covers articles from JSMineset’s inception to December 2005 and a separate technical analysis video disc by Jim Sinclair, will also be available once again in VERY limited numbers. If you have not already picked up a copy of this and want to you need to grab it as soon as it is available because this will likely be our last production run ever. The cost for this is expected to be $50USD, again with shipping included.

For those of you relatively new to the site, the compendiums are sold every few years to cover the operating costs of keeping a site like JSMineset up and running without having to make it a subscription based pay site. This is to cover costs only – any profit from these sales goes back directly to improving the site. If what we do here provides value to you purchase a compendium and help keep this site running. After all, you are getting a compilation of over 6000 articles that would total well over 15,000 pages if it was published in a book. Go to and try to find a better deal than that!

If you are interested in ordering the Compendium send an email to We will add you to our updates list that will give you the option to purchase the set before everyone else. Who knows, maybe there will be another bonus if you sign up!

Dan Duval
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Dear CIGAs,

Jim will be leaving for Africa this coming weekend with a planned return on the 10th of January.

While postings may be slightly less than usual, Jim will not be out of contact with the community at any time whatsoever.

Dan Duval Editor

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Dear Friends,

Since Editor Dan and I have to ration our time, we will from today on only be able to return calls, faxes and emails to those people who have taken a positive step to show corporate confidence in me.

These people we owe our time to and these people will get it.

Thank you for understanding our situation,

Jim and Editor Dan