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Anyone who has used or new football uniforms should consider donating them to Ron Paul for use when mowing his lawn. It appears liberals are not as acting and tolerant as we thought.

Courtesy of JB Slear


Rand Paul’s Neighbors Rip Media ‘Landscaping Dispute’ Reports

November 8, 2017

The Bowling Green, Ky., neighbor who allegedly attacked Sen. Rand Paul last weekend, causing six broken ribs, was aggressively anti-Trump and anti-GOP in his social media, calling for the impeachment of the president and urging Russia investigator Robert Mueller to “fry Trump’s gonads.”

Captured screen grabs of Rene Boucher’s Facebook page provided to Secrets and taken down since the event also show that the anesthesiologist was a fan of the #NeverTrump clan.

His lawyer said that politics played no part and it has been suggested that the two verbally tussled over lawn clippings, leaving the impression that the Republican Kentucky senator was a negligent landscaper.

But seven neighbors in the Rivergreen gated community told Secrets Wednesday that the Pauls are friendly homeowners who kept their property tidy.



When push comes to shove, people STILL flock to gold.

“The marketplace is just a bit unnerved to start the trading week, as a major shake-up occurred in Saudi Arabia’s ruling system over the weekend. Saudi princes and businessmen were arrested to weed out corruption, according to the Saudi Kingdom. The news helped to lift gold and silver, also gave oil prices a boost.”

As of 3:35 PM,

Gold up $11.20

Bitcoin down $280

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Gold, Silver See Solid Rallies On Safe-Haven Demand, Rising Oil
November 06, 2017

(Kitco News) – Gold and silver prices were ending the U.S. day session with good gains Monday. The metals were supported by a combination of safe-haven demand and surging crude oil prices that have hit a two-year high. December Comex gold was last up $13.30 an ounce at $1,282.50. December Comex silver was up $0.401 at $17.235 an ounce.

The marketplace is just a bit unnerved to start the trading week, as a major shake-up occurred in Saudi Arabia’s ruling system over the weekend. Saudi princes and businessmen were arrested to weed out corruption, according to the Saudi Kingdom. The news helped to lift gold and silver, also gave oil prices a boost.

Nymex and Brent crude oil futures prices rallied sharply today and hit two-year highs. The rally in the oil market, arguably the leader of the raw commodity sector, is an underlying bullish element for the metals markets. If oil prices continue to rally, many raw commodity markets, including the precious metals, will be pulled along for the ride. However, the sledding will get much tougher for the oil market bulls as prices push toward $60.00 a barrel.

The other key “outside market” on Monday saw the U.S. dollar index weaker. The greenback bulls have the slight overall near-term technical advantage. The U.S. currency has been boosted recently on the prospects of the U.S. government passing tax-cuts legislation that would give a boost to businesses and the economy. If the U.S. dollar continues to appreciate it will be a drag on the precious metals markets. Reason: Most metals on the world markets are priced in U.S. dollars. A rising dollar makes those metals more expensive to purchase in non-U.S. currency.



Are Journalists An Enemy Of The American People?
November 8, 2017

As usual, it depends who you ask…


You will find more statistics at Statista

Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes that according to the Cato 2017 Free Speech and Tolerance Survey, 63 percent of Republicans agree with President Trump that journalists today “are an enemy of the American people”.

During his presidency, Trump has taken to Twitter to call the national media “fake news” and in mid-February, he tweeted “The FAKE NEWS media is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people. SICK!”


JB, anyone who seeks the real truth and say “no” is brain dead!



33 sealed indictments file in DC district court, and yesterday 50 sealed indictments filed in the US district court of Virginia, its’s happening!


Thanks Tom, looks like it is really, finally happening!



Now I’ve seen everything!

Because Francis Scott Key was a slave owner, we will need to come up with a new national anthem?

The liberals are digging their own graves, and those on the receiving end of racism. I’m all for equality amongst people, but drawing increasing lines of hatred between races only furthers the divisions and barriers to equality we all want to see removed.

Instead of bringing awareness, they are bringing increasing hatred against themselves.


CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Democrat Lawmaker Supports Call To Ban “Racist” National Anthem
November 9, 2017

California’s NAACP is pushing for state lawmakers to support a campaign to remove “The Star Spangled Banner” as the country’s national anthem.


In possibly the greatest ‘virtue signal’ yet, the organization last week began circulating among legislative offices two resolutions that passed at its state conference in October: one urging Congress to rescind “one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon” as the national anthem, and another in support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick,” California NAACP President Alice Huffman said. “I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed.”

The group says the song, which has been a point of controversy in the NFL, is “one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon,”

As The Sacramento Bee reports, the kneeling protests have drawn attention to an infrequently-sung third verse from “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which includes the passage:

Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave


You might think you have “seen everything” Wolfgang. Just wait until you see tomorrow!


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It is a matter of demographics (more old people) and mismanagement of the economy etc. etc. — wake up Enron is coming!


Pension Panic In Paradise: Maui Residents Outraged Over 52% Spike In Pension Contributions
November 8, 2017

Earlier this year, Maui County residents in the island state of Hawaii were somewhat less than ecstatic to learn that their property taxes were going to increase by approximately $29.7 million for fiscal 2018. According to County Council member statements at the time, the additional funding was needed to help provide better public services for Maui residents.

That said, fast forward just a few months and it looks like a substantial portion of those tax increases won’t go to provide better public services for Maui residents at all but rather will be plowed into the state’s massively underwater pension fund. As The Maui News points out today, Maui’s contributions to the state Employees’ Retirement System will surge 52% over just the next couple of years…and that’s if everything goes to plan.

“This is a massive, massive increase,” Williams said.

Maui County paid $31 million into the pension fund in fiscal 2017. But now, its payments will increase to approximately $34 million in fiscal 2018, $36 million in fiscal 2019, $42 million in fiscal 2020 and $47 million in fiscal 2021.

This amounts to a total of $36 million in extra payments by Maui County over the next four years alone — and its contributions are set to remain just as high every year afterward.

Williams said the extra payments were needed to help the public pension system avert a crisis in unfunded liabilities, currently estimated at about $12.4 billion.


This is everywhere…and I do mean everywhere!  People will find out they do not have what they thought they had, then let anarchy begin.



I know Bill but people are not waking up and still have this rocksteady believe in this organized crime syndicate called the Government and the Deep State!! And people don’t recognize that this underfunding is the situation with peak markets guess what will happen when the markets break. Pensions will be an illusion. And indeed the #$@& will hit the fan.

They will print money to give people the illusion that they will get their pension though people will then discover what purchasing power means in the real sense of the word.

I am trying to go through the motion of how to look at the development of fiat currency — crypto currency — gold and silver, agri land and water

So far we have lived in a world of numbers. Basketball players people that have a high score of throwing a ball in a net earn tenths of millions. WHY because a lot people look at them, i.e marketing i.e sals of consumer goods. It is too ridiculous to be true but it is the current reality. I think that the number game will soon be over. too many people!! that will be reduced with the loss of the number importance in every aspect.


Sorry guys. The end has already happened. The algos just do not know it yet.


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In this excerpt, seems Donna Brazile believes that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails.

*** excerpt – bold is theirs, not mine

Rich, 27, a former data analyst at the DNC, was fatally shot while walking home late at night in Washington, D.C. The police believe the shooting was a robbery gone wrong. But Brazile says in her book that she was “haunted” by Rich’s death because she feared shadowy elements associated with the Clinton campaign may have played a role in his death as retribution for leaking the emails.

Donna Brazile Dedicates Book To “Patriot” Seth Rich
November 7, 2017

After a leaked excerpt from her new book “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House” revealed that Donna Brazile feared for her life after the murder of former DNC employee Seth Rich, Axios has reported that Brazile provides more grist for what her former political allies have dismissed as “right wing conspiracy theories” in the book’s introduction.

Nestled among the usual platitudes about thanking friends and family, Brazile dedicates her book to Rich’s memory, describing him as a close colleague and “patriot”.


Rich was murdered in July 2016, two weeks before Wikileaks released a trove of emails stolen from the DNC’s servers that, among other embarrassing details, suggested that the DNC was engaged in widespread rigging of the 2016 Democratic primary to favor “front-runner” Hillary Clinton.

“In loving memory of my father, Lionel Brazile Sr.; my beloved sister, Sheila Brazioutlanle; my fearless uncles Nat, Floyd, and Douglas; Harlem’s finest, my aunt Lucille; my friend and mentor, David Kaufmann; my DNC colleague and patriot, Seth Rich; and my beloved Pomeranian, Chip Joshua Marvin Brazile (Booty Wipes). I miss y’all.”


CIGA Norma sends us some scary stuff! “Donna Brazile feared shadowy elements associated with the Clinton campaign”? Does she know of previous “precedent”?

Tuesday humor or next week’s headlines?



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This one phrase speaks volumes………….

“Clearly, German confidence in the economy is not expressed through their gold investments any longer. Instead it is their confidence in gold that keeps the market strong.”

Very, very few things maintain the confidence these days…not Bitcoin, not equities, not bonds.

So we are back to the original thousand year old premise that gold maintains wealth above all else.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

German Investors Now World’s Largest Gold Buyers
November 6, 2017

German Investors Now World’s Largest Gold Buyers

– German gold demand surges from 17 ton-a-year to a 100 ton-plus per year

– €6.8 Bln spent on German gold investment products in 2016, more per person than India and China

– Germans turned to gold during financial crises and ongoing euro debasement

– Evidence of latent retail demand on increased economic concerns

– “Gold fulfils an important long-term, wealth preservation role in German investors’ portfolios”

Editor: Mark O’Byrne


India and China often grab the headlines as the world’s largest buyers of gold. In 2016 this was not the case.

When measured on a per capita basis it is Germany that takes the impressive crown of largest gold buyer in 2016, all thanks to their investment market. Last year the country set a new personal best, ploughing as much as £6.8bn ($8 bn) into gold coins, bars and exchange-traded commodities (ETCs).


Germans buy more gold than the Chinese?


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Descent into Hell.


With the known drawbacks of Bitcoin (money laundering, speculative mania, no SEC oversight, etc.), and nobody in government caring, it appears organized crime has infiltrated the upper echelons of our government and society.

Bitcoin aside, we have manipulation of precious metals capping their rise, manipulation of equities and bonds providing a floor of support to prevent their descent back to a reversion of mean, corruption in all levels of government, and abuse of power by big pharma, defense companies, social media, and on and on.

I see us spiraling into the abyss called Hell, unless the populace takes hold of their own fate.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

News Bites

Money Laundering Is Why Banks Stay Away From Bitcoin – Credit Suisse CEO
November 2, 2017

(Kitco News) – No matter how high bitcoin prices go or what records they break, banks will still have “no appetite” for the digital currency because of money laundering risks, said Credit Suisse Chief Executive Tidjane Thiam.

“Most banks in the current state of regulation have little or no appetite to get involved in a currency which has such anti-money laundering challenges,” Thiam said at a news conference in Zurich Thursday.

He clarified that anonymity associated with bitcoin is a significant problem for banks that will not go away.

On top of that, bitcoin is in a definite bubble, Thiam added, as all trades are based on “speculation.”

“From what we can identify, the only reason today to buy or sell bitcoin is to make money, which is the very definition of speculation and the very definition of a bubble,” he explained.

And such speculation has “rarely led to a happy end,” Thiam pointed out.

Bitcoin surged to a new all-time high on Thursday, breaching $7,000 for the very first time. According to Kitco’s aggregated charts, bitcoin was last seen at $7,038.50, after briefly touching a high of $7,350.


No power = no bitcoin, but the geeks do not care. Courtesy of GG.


One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week
November 1, 2017

Bitcoin’s incredible price run to break over $7,000 this year has sent its overall electricity consumption soaring, as people worldwide bring more energy-hungry computers online to mine the digital currency.

An index from cryptocurrency analyst Alex de Vries, aka Digiconomist, estimates that with prices the way they are now, it would be profitable for Bitcoin miners to burn through over 24 terawatt-hours of electricity annually as they compete to solve increasingly difficult cryptographic puzzles to “mine” more Bitcoins. That’s about as much as Nigeria, a country of 186 million people, uses in a year.

This averages out to a shocking 215 kilowatt-hours (KWh) of juice used by miners for each Bitcoin transaction (there are currently about 300,000 transactions per day). Since the average American household consumes 901 KWh per month, each Bitcoin transfer represents enough energy to run a comfortable house, and everything in it, for nearly a week. On a larger scale, De Vries’ index shows that bitcoin miners worldwide could be using enough electricity to at any given time to power about 2.26 million American homes.

Expressing Bitcoin’s energy use on a per-transaction basis is a useful abstraction. Bitcoin uses x energy in total, and this energy verifies/secures roughly 300k transactions per day. So this measure shows the value we get for all that electricity, since the verified transaction (and our confidence in it) is ultimately the end product.


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CIGA Jeremiah J. tells us the truth in a cartoon.



Look especially at the Gold to monetary base ratio chart, very, very interesting! It is about putting things in perspective!


The Brutal War In Gold – Is A $10,000 – $20,000 Gold Price Really Possible?
October 27, 2017

With gold recently pulling back to $1,270, today King World News thought it was a good idea to take a step back and look at the big picture of the war in the gold market. This led to an interesting question: Are the forecasts for the gold price hitting $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 really possible?

$10,000, $15,000, $20,000 Gold?

October 27 (King World News) – MacroTrends: This chart shows the ratio of the gold price to the St. Louis Adjusted Monetary Base back to 1918. The monetary base roughly matches the size of the Federal Reserve balance sheet, which indicates the level of new money creation required to prevent debt deflation. Previous gold bull markets ended when this ratio crossed over the 4.8 level.

King World News note: The chart below reveals just how far the bull market in gold has to run before it ends in exhaustion. Gold would have to advance 14.5-times in price vs the monetary base in order to hit the 4.8 level highlighted above. If the monetary base just stayed stagnant and the 4.8 ratio is hit, that means the gold price will be heading toward the $20,000 level.

Gold To Monetary Base Ratio



GG, as I wrote a few years back when Jim first suggested $50,000 gold, “$50,000gold may be laughably low”!

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The election not over, if you judge by the fact Hillary is still running for President.

Courtesy of JB.


FEC Complaint Alleges Hillary, DNC Broke Election Law By Not Disclosing Trump-Russia Dossier Funding
October 25, 2017

Today the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign committee violated campaign finance law by failing to accurately disclose the purpose and recipient of payments for the dossier of research alleging connections between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia. The CLC’s complaint asserts that by effectively hiding these payments from public scrutiny the DNC and Clinton “undermined the vital public information role of campaign disclosures.”

On October 24, The Washington Post revealed that the DNC and Hillary for America paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig into Trump’s Russia ties, but routed the money through the law firm Perkins Coie and described the purpose as “legal services” on their FEC reports rather than research. By law, campaign and party committees must disclose the reason money is spent and its recipient.

“By filing misleading reports, the DNC and Clinton campaign undermined the vital public information role of campaign disclosures,” said Adav Noti, senior director, trial litigation and strategy at CLC, who previously served as the FEC’s Associate General Counsel for Policy. “Voters need campaign disclosure laws to be enforced so they can hold candidates accountable for how they raise and spend money. The FEC must investigate this apparent violation and take appropriate action.”

“Questions about who paid for this dossier are the subject of intense public interest, and this is precisely the information that FEC reports are supposed to provide,” said Brendan Fischer, director, federal and FEC reform at CLC. “Payments by a campaign or party committee to an opposition research firm are legal, as long as those payments are accurately disclosed. But describing payments for opposition research as ‘legal services’ is entirely misleading and subverts the reporting requirements.”



Courtesy of GG.


ECB Announces Dovish €30 Billion QE Taper Through September 2018 “Or Beyond”; Euro Tumbles
October 26, 2017

While the ECB kept all of its three key rates unchanged as expected, and also kept the pace of QE at €60 billion until the end of the year, confirming the numerous trial balloons overthe past month, the ECB announced that it would cut the rate of QE in half, to €30 billion “from January 2018 until the end of September 2018” adding that this would extend “beyond, if necessary” and “until inflation path has sustainably adjusted.”

While the open-ended nature of the announcement was expected by some, the market has taken it as a dovish development, as well as the announcement that the ECB will reinvest the principal payments from maturing securities purchased under the APP “for an extended period of time after the end of its net asset purchases, and in any case for as long as necessary.”

Incidentally, according to preliminary calculations, at a tapered €30 billion rate of QE, the ECB would have until Q2 2019 before it hits the Bund scarcity bottleneck.

Furthermore, the ECB’s the soothing promise that “this will contribute both to favourable liquidity conditions and to an appropriate monetary policy stance” has led to dovish plunge in both Eurozone yields and the EURUSD, which tumbled on the announcement which the markets clearly perceived as risk-friendly.




Very interesting! Sent to us from good friend and cybersecurity expert Jeff.


A Bug In A Popular Maritime Platform Left Ships Exposed
October 26, 2017

AH, THE HIGH seas. Nothing around you but salt air, water for miles, and web connectivity from satellites. Peace and quiet. But researchers at the security consulting firm IOActive say that software bugs in the platforms ships use to access the internet could expose data at sea. And these vulnerabilities hint at larger threats to international maritime infrastructure.

A report published Thursday outlines two flaws in the AmosConnect 8 web platform, which ships use to monitor IT and navigation systems while also facilitating messaging, email, and web browsing for crewmembers. Compromising AmosConnect products, developed by the Inmarsat company Stratos Global, would expose extensive operational and personal data, and could even undermine other critical systems on a ship meant to be isolated.

“It’s low-hanging fruit,” says Mario Ballano, principal security consultant at IOActive who conducted the research. “The software that they’re using is often 10 to 15 years old, it was meant to be implemented in an isolated way. So other software in these environments probably suffer from similar vulnerabilities, because the maritime sector originally didn’t have connection over the internet. But now things are changing.”

The two vulnerabilities Ballano found in AmosConnect 8 aren’t readily accessible, but would provide deep access into a ship’s systems for an attacker with a gateway onto the ship’s network—perhaps through a compromised mobile device brought on board, a tainted USB stick used to exchange documents at ports, or physical access. The first bug is in the platform’s login form that would allow an attacker to access the database where credentials are stored for the software, revealing all the username and password sets. Even worse, AmosConnect 8 stores these credential pairs in plaintext, meaning an attacker wouldn’t even need to crack an encryption scheme to use what they find.



A brief history of the creation of the Federal Reserve from our good friend CIGA Dan. As he finishes with, reading the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” is an excellent read if you wish to understand “why and how” the Fed was created.


A Trip Trough Time to Jekyll Island

Creation of the Federal Reserve

The Year is 1910; America had gone through three Central Banks. The bankers are tired of picking up the losses and at the same time the people are calling for breaking the power grip of the Banking Trust.

The bankers (J.P. Morgan, Rockefellers, Warburg’s of Germany & the Rothschild’s of Europe) , who are competitors , put their differences aside and decided to have the meeting.

A little Trivia: The little man on the Monopoly Board is J. P. Morgan. Also, in the story Little Orphan Annie: Daddy Warbucks is a portrayal of Paul Warburg.

On an evening in November, representatives of the bankers secretly arrived at the Hoboken, New Jersey Train Station to board the private train car of Sen. Nelson Aldrich (father- in- law of John D. Rockefeller, Jr). They were bound for a two day trip to the coast of Georgia.

They were instructed to speak to each other using first name only. Even two used the names: Wilber and Orville ….taken from the Wright brothers.

When reaching the coast, the men traveled by ferry to a private Island: Jekyll Island. This is where the super wealthy had summer cottages. (More like million dollar homes.) On the Island is the Jekyll Island Club House. The secret meeting was in the club house and, to make sure no one was suspicious, they gave the normal staff the week off .

The men representing the bankers (including Asst. Sec. of Treasury A. Piatt Andrew) met there for 10 days to hammer out and write what would later be the Federal Reserve Act!

Isn’t it ironic: The banking trust wrote the bill that befits them!

This secret meeting on Jekyll Island was creating a banking cartel (no different than a banana cartel where profits benefit the cartel members). The losses would be passed on to the taxpayer through inflation or bailout by the taxpayer.

When they all got back to New York and Washington., D.C., the next step was to make what the bankers wrote goes into law. The biggest reason, as in many cartels, is a need for government as partner and enforce the cartel agreement.

Sen. Nelson Aldrich was so excited about this creation; he wanted put his name on the bill. The bankers warned him it is going to fail because of his relations to the Rockefellers. They were right; the bill did fail!

So they waited a few years to give it another try. This time they gave the bill a better name: Federal Reserve Act, to give the impression it is a federal agency (which it is not) and it has reserves (It has none).

This time, Paul Warburg recommended a couple excellent changes so the bill would get support. The cartel members were up in arms as to what he was thinking. His response was perfect: The idea is to get the bill passed, then we can change it back for the benefit of members. The Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 22, 1913 when Congress was preoccupied on leaving for Christmas break.

Over the years many more changes were made to benefit the banking cartel, but not the people!

Years later, some men who attended the secret meeting at Jekyll Island admitted the meeting occurred in their memoirs’. There is also a brass plaque in the Jekyll Island club house and it says: “In this room the Federal Reserve System was created.”

Dan Dougherty

Note: To understand the banking system in more detail; Read the book “Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

Nothing redacted?


JFK Assassination Records – 2017 Additional Documents Release

The National Archives and Records Administration is releasing documents previously withheld in accordance with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act. The vast majority of the Collection (88%) has been open in full and released to the public since the late 1990s. The records at issue are documents previously identified as assassination records, but withheld in full or withheld in part. Learn more

This July release consists of 3,810 documents, including 441 formerly withheld-in-full documents and 3,369 documents formerly released with portions redacted. The documents originate from FBI and CIA series identified by the Assassination Records Review Board as assassination records. More releases will follow.

To view the entire file, you may visit the National Archives at College Park and request access to the original records.

Accessing the Release Files

Each release file is a ZIP file containing copies of the records and a corresponding XLSX spreadsheet with metadata about each file.

To access the files, you will need:

decompression software such as WinZip to “unzip” the contents

software such as Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF files

software such as Windows Media Player to listen to the WAV files

software such as Microsoft Excel to view the XLSX spreadsheet

Once a file has been unzipped, use the XLSX spreadsheet to understand the content and context of each file.