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This is how we trap wild pigs in South Texas. 19 in one shot! Not exactly an easy task though, they are smarter than some people I know…



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A query from CIGA Mike.

Subject: Bolivar, A-Peso & Lira


      I’m sure there is some significance for you posting the gold and silver equivalents of the Bolivar, A-Peso and Lira.  However, since I don’t know what this is, I would appreciate (along with others, I’m sure) you explaining this at some point in a future post.

      I read your posts every day, and this is the only paragraph that has me somewhat stumped.

      Be well and stay safe,


Hello Mike,

      Thank you for reading and sharing your frustration. I have posted a few times how these currencies were once linked to the US Dollar, one to one, or in variations, before they revalued themselves from their original peg to the US$. I post the precious metals prices, under these already devalued currencies, so people are aware of the international changes in price, and by extension, hoping readers will get used to the price swings we may see in the future, and under our Dollar. In a way, it is preparing one for what may happen in the primary currencies once debt fails, causing the skyrocketing inflation these failed currency nations have lived thru already.

      Take a look at Wikipedia’s storyline of the Argentine Peso for instance, from 1992 to present. The Peso was tied to the Dollar 1 to 1. Now consider where Gold’s price is under that currency and how your purchasing power held, if one had Gold already in possession. What will the price of Gold be in the US when we see our currency value being revalued against the others like Argentina did a few years ago? This can’t be answered yet, but these currencies do give us a path in price projection.

      Admittedly, the little slipped in reminders I put in there, may not be enough. We’re involved in a currency issue, and most don’t want to know how fragile currencies really are. I was hoping this would help those who do not “currency”, learn by reading along to develop the understanding. “Currency” talk is a subject not spoken in kind by most. It is a lonely subject.

     How about this? When Jim and Bill talk about Gold going to $50,000, $80,000, or higher under the US Dollar, is there any form of proof those prices can be reached? All we need to do is look at what happened already in Argentina, and all of a sudden $80,000 is more than possible.

    I deeply appreciate your email, and I hope this helped.

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson


Here is a Bloomberg article that in my opinion is misrepresenting what is taking place in the metals market. It doesn’t mention the fact that Volcker had to raise the interest rates to 16 – 17% to halt that inflation in the 80’s. It is opposite of McLeod’s article I sent you before.

I would enjoy hearing or reading your rebuttal to this piece.

Trust all is well,



Really? And how “broke” was the US in 1980? And what have interest rates done since then and WHY? Rates have been forced down in order to make debt service manageable but now can go no lower. So the comparison for “safety” should be gold versus a 10 year treasury that pays 1/2%. Does a cumulative 6% interest payment over 10 years compensate the fact that the issuer is basically a broke credit? Since the Fed can ONLY print and the Treasury absolutely MUST borrow new $trillions to pay interest and to support the entire global credit edifice, do these authors really believe today’s dollar will still have the same purchasing power in 10 years? Just in this century alone, the dollar has already lost 80% of its value versus gold, the remaining 20% will evaporate much faster now that credit has become so large and pervasive it can never be paid back…only printed away! $875 gold in 1980 was the number needed for Treasury gold to balance the balance sheet, today that number is well north of $100,000! Rather than overvalued, gold is more undervalued today than ever before because of the amount of debt already issued now approaches $30 trillion (it was not even $1 trillion in 1980) with many trillions more needed if they do not want the credit market Ponzi scheme to implode. As Richard Russell always said, it is “inflate or die”! The choice to inflate was made many years and many reflations ago, now the currency will die which these authors seem not to understand…I’ll bet this article has the full stamp of approval of Harry Dent?


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Our pal Tony sent us the price/timeline of gold in Reichsmarks in Weimar Germany. And people call us nut jobs for simply doing the math of how much in dollar terms gold would need to be to pay off the national debt?  Please note, Gold was only 323,000 Reichsmarks in Jan 1923 and ended the year (and the currency) at 87 trillion…pretty much illustrates “Q: how did you go broke? A; Slowly at first but then all of a sudden”!


Gold & Silver Prices Under The Weimar Republic’s Inflation
July 21, 2014

Stole this from another article/blogger.


“On a closing note, because I forgot last week, I would like to share with everyone just how the price of silver and gold escalated in German Mark terms, through the Weimar experience:

Hyperinflation: Wiemar, Germany January 1919 to November 1923
[Expressed in German Marks needed to by an oz. of ag. or au.]”

Jan. 1919
Silver 12
Gold 170

May. 1919
Silver 17
Gold 267

Sept. 1919
Silver 31
Gold 499

Jan. 1920
Silver 84
Gold 1,340

May 1920
Silver 60
Gold 966

Sept. 1921
Silver 80
Gold 2,175

Jan. 1922
Silver 249
Gold 3,976

May. 1922
Silver 375
Gold 6,012

Sept. 1922
Silver 1899
Gold 30,381


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Monkeys are probably better at getting to a just decision. This is laughable and corrupt!


Our friend GG checks in re:the rule of law (or lack thereof) in our land…

Appeals Court Grants Judge Sullivan Request for Rehearing in Flynn Mandamus Case, Vacates Order Dismissing Charges
July 30, 2020

Sidney Powell, attorney for Michael Flynn, announced the D.C. Court of Appeals has accepted the request by Judge Emmet Sullivan for an en banc rehearing of a 2-1 mandamus order by a three judge panel of the court last month to dismiss the federal case against Flynn arising out of the corrupt Mueller probe on the unfounded Trump-Russia collusion hoax. The mandamus order was vacated by the Appeals Court.

Oral arguments before the entire 11 judges on Court of Appeals are scheduled for August 11.

Powell posted the order by the court:


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Raoul Pal with a 40 year inflation adjusted cup and handle gold chart.



This is a very informative article for readers.


New York Times Rewrites the Timeline of the Fed’s Wall Street Bailouts, Giving Banks a Free Pass
July 28, 2020

Last Friday, the New York Times officially embarked on what we have been expecting – an attempt to rewrite the current, ongoing Wall Street bank bailout. We were so certain that an alternative reality was going to emerge at the Times, that we had the foresight to create an archive of Wall Street On Parade articles (122 so far) that document every major bailout step the Fed has taken since September 17, 2019 – five months before the first COVID-19 death was reported in the United States.

One of our articles, published on January 6, 2020, shows that before the first COVID-19 case had even been reported in the U.S., the Fed had pumped more than $6 trillion cumulatively into the trading units of the largest Wall Street banks — not hedge funds, that the Times now attempts to blame for the crisis.

Before we delve into the latest propaganda war for Wall Street by the New York Times, you need a bit of background.

On May 12, 2012 Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times wrote one of the most factually-challenged articles we have ever read by a business writer in the U.S. Sorkin attempted to rewrite the 2008 financial crisis and knock down efforts at the time by Senator Elizabeth Warren to restore the Glass-Steagall Act.


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Our pal Manny sent us some Tues. humor and it’s a doozy! Maybe twitter should have censored this to save some “left face”, but maybe they just figure if it’s left it is right? I wonder if anyone ever explained this to him or if he still believes islands can just tip over?


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Welcome to the wonderful world of taxes! This video is priceless and will probably be the best lesson the kid ever learns.


Yep, welcome to the world where there are only two certainties…death and taxes!


Viral Video Of Teen Discovering Taxes Is A Moment More Americans Need To Experience
July 27, 2020

“Jojo, how’s it feel openin’ up this first check, man?” Dad asks from the passenger’s seat of the parked car, his voice brimming with expectation. “Oh, c’mon, Papa,” Jojo exclaims with a beaming smile, “let me just open it up.”

The 18-year-old holds his first paycheck proudly toward the camera. Then, in the envelope equivalent of spiking a football, he drops the check’s paper casing to the floor with a flair of a seasoned magician. He unfolds the document, reads the figures, and then, slowly but surely, everything changes.


Jim/ Bill,

The V shaped recovery is total fiction. We are living through an avalanche and Wall Street is whistling past the graveyard. The FED is propping up every thing with digital money from thin air.


The Virus Turns Midtown Into a Ghost Town, Causing an Economic Crisis
July 26, 2020

Editors and account managers at the Time & Life Building in Midtown Manhattan could once walk out through the modernist lobby and into a thriving ecosystem that existed in support of the offices above. They could shop for designer shirts or shoes, slide into a steakhouse corner booth for lunch and then return to their desks without ever crossing the street.

To approach this block today is like visiting a relative in the hospital. The building, rebranded a few years ago and renovated to fit 8,000 workers, now has just 500 a day showing up. The steakhouse dining rooms are dark.

On a sidewalk once lined with food carts, a lone hot-dog vendor stood one recent Friday on a corner below the building. His name is Ahmed Ahmed, and he said he used to sell 400 hot dogs a day.

How many now? “Maybe 10.”