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See photo of Reddit Wall Street Silver ape.  Scary looking individual with
locked and loaded bananas. Might look good on your online site or show…
Evergrande real estate in China is collapsing and millions of Chinese are
protesting.  Is this the catalyst for huge bullion demand as the Chinese
wake up to gold/silver and rare numismatic Chinese coins/medals?  It is
possible and that will affect the world to buy gold/silver. The Wall
Street Silver apes are ahead of the game…
Quite funny if you truly understand what you are laughing at…!

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Dismal Dave is back some visuals!








Most people think the growth of debt is linear. Its not. Its logarithmic.

Please, please! read the section on filling a stadium with water, one drop a minute and doubling that each successive minute. You will be blown away!

Now you can understand how rapidly hyperinflation can rear its head. It could overcome us in weeks, not decades from now.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

You are absolutely correct Wolfgang, the final act could span only days…or even hours!


End Of The Us Empire – Orwell’s 1984 Newspeak & Dirt Cheap Gold
September 10, 2021

The final phase of Empires normally ends with the same signals whether it was 2000 years ago in Rome or today in the US.

One of the first signs is losing wars together with excessive debts, deficits, devaluations and decadence The US being defeated and hurriedly fleeing from Afghanistan in a few days clearly signifies the end of the US empire.

The mighty US military has in the last few decades conducted disastrous wars against very small countries with no big armies or weaponry. Vietnam, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan come to mind but there are many more as we show below.

Brown’s University has just made a study of the US cost of wars since 9/11. They arrive at a staggering $8 trillion and the loss of 900,000 lives .


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Stan is correct, very few Wall St. firms ever allowed their brokers to sell actual metal. Today almost none do…because they must block the esit doors!


Ever-‘Not So’-Grande – The Lehman Brothers of the East Echoes 2008 While the US Feigns Prosperity As Its World Hegemony Collapses-You Must Be In Tangibles
September 9, 2021

By Stan Szymanski

Over 20 years ago, before my daughter began to show the effects of a catastrophic childhood disease, I was a Board Certified Financial Planner with Morgan Stanley. I helped people construct a balanced portfolio that could hopefully take them through the thick and thin of life and what the markets would throw at us. At the time that I had a ‘mutually agreed upon termination’ as my wife and I choose taking care of my daughter over my career in early 2004, I had -no- negative letters in my file against me. I had done a very good job in guiding my clients the right way.

In retrospect, it is very interesting that I probably learned as much or more about what it would take to survive what is coming -after- separating my employ to care for my daughter. For instance, I learned why Wall Street did not want its representatives (and at that time did not allow) to sell physical precious metals. It is because the US Dollar is the currency of Wall Street-not Gold or Silver as is portrayed as ‘real’ money in our constitution. Wall Street couldn’t let dollars purchase physical representations of people’s wealth like a Gold or Silver Coin. Oh no. Only a derivative of the physical representation would do as Wall Street could use the ‘paper’ Precious Metals market (derivatives funded by the assets of their customers) to control the realm of the physical asserted through the spot price of the metal. Only after I read the book, Patriots by James Wesley Rawles were my eyes opened as to the importance of tangibles in the life of someone who wanted to survive the economic and physical collapse of a nation.

At this point, everyone remembers just how close the world came to collapse during the financial collapse of 2008. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers was the fiscal blood sacrifice to appease the monetary titans of New York Banking and Brokerage. The other sacrifice, of course, was the asset values of the portfolios of most Americans. Some never recovered from that ‘Lehman moment’.



Sharon’s point should be foremost on everyone’s decision making palette:  the cultural significance of gold in Asia.  In Silicon Valley parlance, they are HODLERS.

Always buyers; never sellers.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech


If you do the math, this is close to 70% of global production ex China/Russia.  One should ask where it comes from and how much longer it can possibly go on?



Gold imports moving from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland have surged from 38 metric tons a month to 154 metric tons a month, according to a Wells Fargo Investment Institute report.

“Chinese gold purchases appear to be picking up. In the end, we think gold has much going for it, from negative real interest rates to quantitative easing to a new commodity bull super-cycle. All gold prices need, it seems, is a spark of interest, and we may be seeing it out of China,” Wells Fargo head of real asset strategy John LaForge wrote.

Another factor that could support long-term Chinese gold buying is the nation’s new “three-child policy,” according to World Gold Council Goldhub research. Recently China eased its decades-long restriction on how many children Chinese couples can have; now married couples can have up to three children. China’s current population of 1.41 billion — the largest in the world — could begin to rise even faster with the new policy.

What does this have to do with gold, you may ask? Gold has a long-standing cultural importance in Asia. For example, Chinese citizens commonly buy gold for the Chinese New Year. It is considered a sign of good fortune for what the New Year will bring. Also during China’s Spring Festival, the Chinese people also buy gold to bring themselves and others good luck. Many Chinese families also hold their wealth in physical gold as well — a longstanding tradition for hundreds of years.

As the Chinese population increases, there will be more and more people in China to buy gold — and more and more demand for you to compete with.

So let me get this straight, if I work harder and do a better job, I shouldn’t even get a “participation trophy”? Is this because I am a white, heterosexual male? 

A very distraught Bill

Merit System Is Unjust Because It Rewards Productive Individuals, Professors Argue
September 8, 2021

Professors from the University of Arizona and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs are arguing that “success and merit” are “barriers” to the equity agenda.

“Admitting that the normative definitions of success and merit are in and of themselves barriers to achieving the goals of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion is necessary but not sufficient to create change,” professors Beth Mitchneck and Jessi L. Smith recently wrote for Inside Higher Education.

Mitchneck and Smith attributed those definitions to a “narrow definition of merit limited to a neoliberal view of the university.” Specifically, they express concern that universities receive funding and recognition based on the individual performances of professors’ own work such as peer reviewed journals and studies.

Campus Reform reached out to Smith, asking what should be done to alter the merit system. Smith did not provide any alternatives.



A very, VERY fine line as to what is yours.

92 year old man can’t get his money out of Bank America because his ID expired.

This gives credence to your adage: “If it ain’t in your hand, it aint.”

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Money in the bank Wolfgang is technically not yours anyway.  Once you deposit it, it is considered a “loan” to the bank.  The SouthPark videos …AAaannd it’s Gone! come to mind?


Cop To The Rescue After 92-Year-Old Kicked Out Of Bank
March 31, 2019

The media likes to highlight stories that paint law enforcement officers in a less than positive light.  But we want to share a heartwarming story about a brother in blue went viral… and it’ll get you in the feels.

The story happened in 2019, but is once again making it rounds… and justifiably so.

Just outside of Los Angeles, the Montebello Police department received a call about a “troublesome customer”.

The staff reported that they had an agitated 92-year-old that they wanted removed from the bank. When Officer Robert Josett arrived, he realized he had a very different kind of call on his hands.


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Courtesy of Wolfgang


Consider gold and silver.  Not as a speculative option, but as a storehouse of value and wealth.  Very few things come as close to gold and silver when considering counterparty risk.

Most investments have strings attached.  -Equities are simply IOU’S by companies.  Gambling vehicles that are reliant upon the managerial and financial integrity of the firm.

-Real estate can be confiscated by government or banks.

-Bonds (municipal/Treasury/corporate) are nothing more than pledges made by government and corporate officials to repay you.  They can fail.

-Cryptocurrencies are a fabrication,  not unlike fiat currency.  Failure is an option. The underlying platform, which they reside upon (blockchain), is another matter.  Blockchain is revolutionary and symbolic of a new era in commerce.

-Even gold and silver purchased on commodity exchanges or ETF’s are not without counterparty risk.  They are, in essence,  IUO’S.

This is not to say money can’t be made in these investment vehicles.   Of course it can.  They can make you incredibly rich (or incredibly poor). 

Gold and silver however,  have an enduring quality.  For over 5,000 years, they have maintained their value throughout bouts of inflation, deflation, and fiat currency destruction.