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Bill Holter’s Commentary

One must wonder what the “over/under” would be for the life expectancy of the president?

Is Hillary Clinton Angling To Become Vice President?
February 1, 2020

A number of people in politics, the media and elsewhere are openly speculating that if Democrats wind up with a “brokered convention,” with no strong or viable nominee evident, Hillary Clinton might enter the arena as the “savior” who could unite the delegates and go on to defeat President Donald Trump.

Clinton herself seemed to throw shade at that theory during an interview with Variety at the Sundance Film Festival. When asked about the “urge” to beat Trump, the former Democratic nominee said, “Yeah. I certainly feel the urge because I feel the 2016 election was a really odd time and an odd outcome. And the more we learn, the more that seems to be the case. But I’m going to support the people who are running now and do everything I can to help elect the Democratic nominee.”

Several politically savvy Democrats have told me that “everything” may be a much more plausible and powerful scenario.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

And California is worried about plastic bags and straws…?

Japan Panel Recommends Ocean Release For Contaminated Fukushima Water
January 31, 2020

TOKYO (Reuters) – A panel of experts advising Japan’s government on a disposal method for radioactive water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant on Friday recommended releasing it into the ocean, a move likely to alarm neighboring countries.

The panel under the industry ministry came to the conclusion after narrowing the choice to either releasing the contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean or letting it evaporate – and opted for the former. Based on past practice it is likely the government will accept the recommendation.

The build-up of contaminated water at Fukushima has been a sticking point in the clean-up, which is likely to last decades, especially as the Olympics are due to be held in Tokyo this summer with some events less than 60 km (35 miles) from the wrecked plant.

Neighboring South Korea has retained a ban on imports of seafood from Japan’s Fukushima region imposed after the nuclear disaster and summoned a senior Japanese embassy official last year to explain how the Fukushima water would be dealt with.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

A very long but excellent read from Paul Mylchreest. If you truly want to understand the “fractional reserve” basis of the LBMA, this is your primer!

Gold: Open Letter to LBMA Board of Directors
January 29, 2020

[PDF available here]

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Umm, just a question or two? We’d love to hear their “revenue” plans, or even their plans for breakfast tomorrow? Not trying to be hard hearted, but these people rely on food assistance but want to form a government and make laws? Please pinch me or wake me up, I never saw this coming!

Homeless Community At East Austin Camp Creates Committee ‘For The Homeless, Run By The Homeless’
January 30, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas – The homeless community at a state-sanctioned campground in East Austin is organizing into their own town.

So far, they’ve selected seven members to help bring in donations and put together community events.

The once mostly empty lot off U.S. 183 and Montopolis in East Austin has become home to more than 100 people without another place to go.

“We give everybody a chance. We don’t judge your past history or nothing like that. We give everybody a chance,” said Cori Roberts, the secretary of the committee.

Once referred to as “Camp Abbott” because the governor opened the state-owned land to the homeless population, people there are now calling it something else.

“It’s called ‘Camp R.A.T.T.’ Responsible Adult Transition Town. For the homeless, run by the homeless,” Roberts said.

Like every town, Camp R.A.T.T. now has its own list of leaders.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

It seems the bond market agrees with this?

Chicago PMI Plunges To Lowest In 4 Years
January 31, 2020

After slumping into year-end, Regional Fed surveys have (surprisingly) exploded higher this month with Richmond and Philly surveys spiking almost by the most on record.

Today’s Chicago PMI was expected to follow suit – though less excitedly – with a modest gain but instead it missed massively, plunging to its lowest since Dec 2015 – printing 42.9 vs 48.9 expectations.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Being prepared is not entirely for financial reasons.

How Bad Will The Coronavirus Outbreak Get? Here Are 6 Key Factors
January 31, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across China, a flurry of early research is drawing a clearer picture of how the pathogen behaves and the key factors that will determine whether it can be contained.

How contagious is the virus?

It seems moderately infectious, similar to SARS.

How deadly is the virus?

It’s hard to know yet. But the fatality rate is probably less than 3 percent, much less than SARS.

How long does it take to show symptoms?

Possibly between 2 to 14 days, allowing the illness to go undetected.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

If you like math, here is some REALLY SCARY math for you!

U.S. National Debt Will Rise to 98% of GDP by 2030, CBO Projects
January 28, 2020

WASHINGTON—The national debt and sustained federal budget deficits will hit the highest levels since World War II over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office projected on Tuesday, following multiple rounds of tax cuts and continued increases in federal spending.

The government will spend $1 trillion more than it collects in 2020 and deficits will reach or exceed that threshold every year for the foreseeable future. As a share of gross domestic product, the deficit will be at least 4.3% every year through 2030.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

This is a very long and in depth view of the gold market with possible outcomes over the next 20 years. Well worth it if you have the time to read it entirely.

The Future of Gold from 2019 To 2039
Here you can find Sam’s extensive Thesis on Gold. In the Thesis, Sam examines the Developments in the Gold Market, Cycles Analysis, Gold Market Fundamentals, Gold’s Monetary Perspective, Central Banks’ relation to Gold, the flaws in the Efficient Market Hypothesis, Gold Market Manipulation, Gold’s history and many other smaller topics. The report is a form of Market analysis and aims to provide a reliable picture of where Gold prices and Gold usage are heading over the next 20 years. As the report is a full 200 pages, feel free to examine the subjects you find interesting – or alternatively read the whole paper!

This report is an extensive gold market analysis which examines the future of the gold market starting from 2019 and ending to 2039. For the purpose of this report, seven internationally recognised professionals including Gary Savage, Alexis Stenfors, James Rogers, David Brady, Brent Johnson, David Morgan and Jan Von Gerich were interviewed and over one hundred independent sources were examined.

Aspects discussed in this report include gold’s monetary history over the past 150 years, the world’s current monetary system, the supply and demand factors of the gold market as well as the structure of the gold market itself, financial market manipulation and market efficiency, cycles analysis as well as the geopolitics around gold. The report examines all of these subjects individually after which these aspects are used to form a reliable and thorough market analysis.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

An interesting take from Steve Quayle on China playing their gold card. It may not be far off?

Keep Your Eyes On Hong Kong China’s Financial Center And Keep Eyes On Shanghai Chinas Manufacturing Center
January 26, 2020

China is shutting down the biggest manufacturing city in china with profound global impact both for goods and financial markets…..also shanghai is about 1/3 locked down already (silently) with likely the whole city locked down shortly.

China blew it big time! China owns between 20,000-29,000 tons of gold,they will have to make up for their huge loss of national sales and export losses. China,may choose to play their gold card through a currency backed by gold or crypto currency,tied to gold. The spot price of gold will surge to produce multiples of the current gold spot price and may happen rather quickly,as they will need foreign currency to recover from this epidemic and to re- assert themselves in the manufacturing world.,as it stands now they can not feed their biilon plus population without vast imports of foods and necessities.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

So what happens when people find out these bonds can never be paid off in current purchasing power terms? What will be the “safe haven” then? It’s OK, you already know…

Bonds Look Like They Are Flashing A Warning For Global Markets
January 24, 2020

A key interest rate is moving to levels last seen in the fall when markets were worried about the trade war, and that falling yield may be a warning signal.

Investors have been buying bonds big time this week amid fears the coronavirus could spread and impact the global economy. Yields move opposite price, so as investors jumped in, the 10-year note yield has dipped to 1.68%, its lowest level since the beginning of November, and it could keep moving lower.

In the past week, the yield has fallen from 1.83%, as investors fear the virus could have an immediate impact on the economy in China and broader Asia, and then ultimately chill global growth. The 10-year is important since it influences a whole slew of loans, including home mortgages.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

A 7 minute video with a mainstream money manager…WOW! He is telling the truth and sounds like an Austrian taught economist. Make sure you watch the last 30 seconds, he is correct for the correct reasons!

Why Guggenheim’s Minerd Sees the Market as a ‘Ponzi Scheme’
January 22nd, 2020


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

I urge you to read this once slowly, then a second time to digest fully. It is ALL about credit, remember this while reading the article…it is so spot on it’s scary!

$180 Billion Asset Manager: “There Is No Way Out, Fed Policies Can No Longer Be Exited Without Provoking The Next Crisis”
January 23, 2020

When just over three years ago, TCW’s Chief Investment Officer in Fixed Income, Tad Rivelle, who oversees roughly $180BN in assets, or more than Jeff Gundlach, stated that we are now living through the third consecutive asset bubble in a row, “the central bankers’ bubble” which followed the dot com and housing bubbles…


… he naturally caused a stir as back then he was still one of the first established professionals to confirm and admit that this particular “tinfoil conspiracy theory” website had been right all along: the market’s performance was entirely due to the Fed, and that the longer the Fed’s “emergency” measures continued, the more locked in the central bank would be as the reverse process, namely price discovery without Fed intervention, would result in a catastrophic crisis that could even lead to global war.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

The World Bank last week and the IMF this week? Do they know something obvious to the average inquisitive mind? Yes, they are buying gold as reserves instead of dollars…

IMF Warning: Another Potential “Great Depression”
January 22, 2020

The International Monetary Fund has issued a warning that’s largely been brushed aside by mainstream media. Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the IMF, is warning that the global economy risks another “Great Depression.”

What makes things worse, is that the propaganda outlets in the United States are continuing to ignore the red flags of a looming disaster. Mainstream Americans are blissfully unaware of what’s coming in this manipulated economy we are all forced to live under.

RT pointed out that, for instance, rudimentary Google searches suggest neither the Financial Times nor the Economist have covered Georgieva’s comments at all. It is very ethically questionable but also understandable, in a cynical sense, given their complete attachment to the doctrine of Neo-liberal economics and centralized banking. The worst part is that once the next Great Depression strikes, the masses won’t put the blame where it belongs, on the ruling class and banking elitists.

The United States is ill-prepared for any kind of economic downturn, too, let alone a massive global depression designed to impoverish every single person who isn’t a member of the ruling class. Yet, Russia seems to be prepared, at least, by comparison. Experts in the Russian capital have been saying for years: a major Western financial crash is both inevitable and reasonably imminent. And it’s going to make the 2008 meltdown look mild by comparison.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Really? If they print enough money, they can alter the climate? Where can we send our weather requests?

Central Banks Declare Climate Change As Core Mission
January 21, 2020

The Fed, ECB, Bank of England, and Bank of Japan have now embraced climate change as part of their mission.

They now want their hands in another thing they do not understand and cannot control even if they did.

Fed’s Core Mission Change

Lael Brainard, Chair of the Fed’s Committee on Financial Stability, says Climate Change Matters for Monetary Policy and Financial Stability.

So how does climate change fit into the work of the Federal Reserve? To support a strong economy and a stable financial system, the Federal Reserve needs to analyze and adapt to important changes to the economy and financial system. This is no less true for climate change than it was for globalization or the information technology revolution.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Some logical meat to chew on, not to mention real history from people who understood there were only two sexes and that certain rights were God given!

Governor Prepares State Of Emergency As Virginia Counties Threaten To Secede
January 15, 2020

Virginia – We’ve just learned that the Governor of Virginia is expected to declare a state of emergency and reportedly has riot police and the National Guard at the ready, all while a number of counties are threatening to secede.

On Tuesday, a resolution was introduced by West Virginia (House Concurrent Resolution 8, or HCR 8), offering the Second Amendment sanctuary counties of Virginia to secede and join their State.

This is huge.

West Virginia knows their fellow Americans are feeling the weight of unconstitutional legislation and repeated attempts to strip them of their rights. So they’re offering a helping hand.