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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Nothing to see here, please move along!


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Once upon a time this was Enron. Now our entire banking system “marks to fantasy”…

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Nobody wishes to admit that all Enron was a money laundry, not an accounting scam, using OTC derivatives. I know this better than any person on the planet.

This is what Enron did only and what has been hidden even to today.

An accounting scam = NO

What Anderson destroyed was the OTC Derivative Trade confirmations and accompanying spreadsheets – of 250 spreadsheets only.

Fanny and Freddie did the same thing but got away with it.

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Their parents should be very proud…and pleased with their return on capital invested to send these kids to college!

VIDEO: Students Hate Trump’s SCOTUS Pick… Before He Made It
July 8, 2018

This month, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he would be retiring from the Supreme Court of the United States, giving President Trump an opportunity to nominate a potential replacement.

Instantly, Trump’s political opponents began questioning the credentials of those who were thought to be on his shortlist for the position.

The same sentiment was seen on social media from pundits and members of Congress alike — but what would college students have to say about the matter? Did they have substantive reasons for not trusting the potential replacement, or were they simply set on opposing any Trump nominee?

To find out, I headed to New York University to ask students what they thought about who Trump had chosen to replace Justice Kennedy.

Despite the fact that Trump’s decision was still days away from being finalized, students unanimously condemned Trump’s move, harshly criticizing the president’s nonexistent nominee.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Another case of TDSD?

“Irate” Long Island Man Arrested For Making “Terroristic Threats” Against Trump Supporters
July 7, 2018

As the hysterical violence and aggression directed at Trump supporters continues to escalate (at the urging of Congresswoman Maxine Waters and other radical political opponents of the president), a Long Island man was arrested for threatening to kill supporters of President Donald Trump and Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin on Friday.

After making the threats, the man also reportedly nearly hit a campaign staffer for Zeldin with his car. It’s the latest attack on a supporter of President Trump, following an assault in a restaurant near San Antonio where a Texas man was arrested after assaulting a teen and stealing his MAGA hat.

According to the New York Post, Martin Astrof, 75, of Nesconset, “became irate” at Zeldin’s Suffolk County campaign headquarters at 11:15 am Friday. Astrof then threatened to kill a campaign worker as well as other Zeldin and Trump supporters.

Astrof was arrested at his home Saturday morning and charged with making terroristic threats.

He threatened to kill a campaign worker, as well as other Zeldin and Trump supporters – then “backed his car up in an aggressive manner nearly striking the worker,” according to authorities.

Astrof fled the scene and was arrested at his home Friday afternoon. He was expected to be arraigned Saturday on a felony charge of making a terroristic threat, and on second-degree reckless endangerment charges.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

This is heroinism at its finest but not considered as such in Texas because it is expected…not so much in California. She saved her children, will the Left look at this and say it was a hate crime because the perpetrator was black? Sorry, piss on them because this is the real world …!  PS. what would have happened to these children if guns were illegal…and we know, “it’s all about the children, right”?

Dallas Mom Shoots Man Who Took Her Car With Kids Inside
July 5, 2018

DALLAS – A woman shot a man who she says took her car at a southern Dallas gas station Wednesday night.

Michelle Booker-Hicks told FOX 4 it happened around 10 p.m. as she was paying for her gas at a Shell station along Interstate 35 near Camp Wisdom Road.

Booker-Hicks saw a man get into the car with her 2 and 4-year-old sons in the back seat. She jumped back in too, grabbed a gun from her glove box and shot the man in the face to get him to stop.

“I proceeded to jump in my backseat and told the gentleman to stop, to get out the car. He would not get out of the car. He turned around and looked at me,” she recalled. “I reached over the armrest to get my glove compartment and that’s when I fired at him once I got the gun from my glove compartment.”


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Just another contradiction from one of those “loving and inclusive” states? To be honest, I never knew shock treatment had ever been used on special needs kids. What a travesty! On a side note, maybe they will next try to hook it up to voting booths and wire the “conservative buttons”. Don’t say it could never happen because we are living in a world where “it could never happen” but does every single day in so many ways!

Court Rules School Can Use Electric Shock as Punishment For Special Needs Students
July 2, 2018

By John Vibes

Bristol County, MA – Family Court Judge Katherine Field denied a motion to stop the use of electric shock on disabled students, a form of punishment that has been controversial for years after news of the practice first reached the public in 2013 when video surfaced of an 18-year-old student receiving dozens of shocks for refusing to take off his jacket.

“(The state) failed to demonstrate that there is now a professional consensus that the Level III aversive treatment used at JRC does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” Judge Field wrote in her decision.

The facility in question is the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC), a special needs day and residential school in Canton, and it is the only school in the country that still uses electric shocks on its students. Records show that at least 58 students at the school have received shocks as of August 2017.

Despite the obvious ethical concerns with this practice, there is a cult-like support among the staff and even some parents for what they call “aversive treatment.”


There people are not lacking courage.

Judicial Watch Sues CIA For Documents On Dossier Leak To Senator Harry Reid
July 6, 2018

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for records of communications with former Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and his staff regarding the anti-Trump dossier funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (Judicial Watch v. Central Intelligence Agency (No. 1:18-cv-01502)).

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid reportedly believed then-Obama CIA Director Brennan was feeding him information about alleged links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government in order to make public accusations.

According to “Russian Roulette,” by Yahoo! News chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff and David Corn, the Washington bureau chief of the left-wing Mother Jones magazine, Brennan contacted Reid on Aug. 25, 2016, to brief him on the state of Russia’s interference in the presidential campaign. Brennan briefed other members of the so-called Gang of Eight, but Reid is the only who took direct action.

Two days after the briefing, Reid wrote a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey asserting that “evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount.”

Reid called on Comey to investigate the links “thoroughly and in a timely fashion.”

Reid saw Brennan’s outreach as “a sign of urgency,” Isikoff and Corn wrote in the book.


Jim Sinclair’s Commnentary

Mr. Williams shares with us as the greatest boom in US economics is being proclaimed by those know not to be the best sources of truth.

– Private Labor-Market Surveying Showed Continued Retrenchment in June 2018
– June Labor-Market Stress Remained at High Levels, Consistent with Headline Unemployment Much Closer to a Record High than Just Off a Record Low
– June U.3 Unemployment Rate Rose to 4.05% from 3.75% in May, Up by 0.30%; Headline Gain of 0.2% Was a Rounding Artefact of 4.0% versus 3.8%
– June U.6 Unemployment Rose to 7.79% from 7.65% in May
– June ShadowStats-Alternate Unemployment Rose to 21.5% from 21.4% in May
– June Payroll Jobs Gained 213,000 (up by 250,000 Net of Revisions), but with Annual Growth of 1.62% Still in Recession-Signal Territory
– Household Survey Lost 89,000 (-89,000) Full-Time Employed, but Gained 145,000 Part-Time Employed
– May 2018 Nominal Balance-of-Payments Trade Deficit Shrank for Third-Straight Month
– Second-Quarter Real Merchandise Trade Deficit Is on Track for a Sharp Narrowing

“No. 959-A: June 2018 Labor Conditions, May Trade Deficit”

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A Remarkable Read on the 4th of July!
July 4, 2018

What a remarkable read on the 4th of July!

“Happy Birthday, America”

July 4 (King World News) – From Jeffrey Saut at Raymond James:  This is my annual “Happy Birthday, America” report, a tribute to Independence Day, because Wednesday our nation celebrates its 242nd birthday. Yet, it was actually on July 2nd when America broke from Great Britain. Two days later, the Declaration of Independence was signed, which is why we celebrate the occasion on the 4th of July. I always commemorate the day by rereading the lyrics from the “Star-Spangled Banner” in honor of our forefathers’ courage. While most citizens know the first stanza of said anthem, few know the other three. Nor do they know the history leading up to the crafting of its words.

The year was 1812, and the United States was at war with England over freedom of the seas. It was a tumultuous time, as Great Britain was struggling with Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. In 1814, however, Napoleon was beaten and England turned its attention to the United States. While many naval battles were fought, the fight eventually centered on the central part of the U.S. as the British attempted to split this country in half. Washington, D.C. was taken, and then the Brits “marched” toward Baltimore, where a mere 1,000 patriots manned the cannons at Fort McHenry, whose guns controlled the harbor.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Of course they did!

Facebook Flags Declaration Of Independence As Hate Speech
July 4, 2018

In the week of America’s Independence Day, the algorithms of Facebook decided that the Declaration of Independence was hate speech.

The Liberty County Vindicator, a community newspaper between Houston and Beaumont, had been posting the whole declaration in small daily chunks for nine days on its Facebook page in the run-up to July 4. But the 10th excerpt was not posted Monday as scheduled, and the paper said it received an automated notice saying the post “goes against our standards on hate speech.”

Part of the standard notice, Vindicator managing editor Casey Stinnett wrote, included a warning that the newspaper could lose its Facebook account, on which it depends for much of its reach, if there were more violations.

The offending passage?

It was part of the document’s “Bill of Particulars” against Britain’s King George III: “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

…and another one bites the dust!

Top Justice Department Lawyer Resigns, Latest To Step Down
July 3, 2018

Updated at 1:31 p.m. ET

Scott Schools, a top aide to the deputy attorney general, is planning to leave the Justice Department at the end of the week, according to two people familiar with his decision.

The job title for Schools — associate deputy attorney general — belied his importance as a strategic counselor and repository of institutional memory and ethics at the DOJ. Schools has played a critical, if behind-the-scenes, role in some of the most important and sensitive issues in the building.

This year, Schools recommended that then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe be fired for a “lack of candor” in an internal investigation.

Earlier, he advised former acting Attorney General Sally Yates about the boundaries of her congressional testimony in early 2016. And more recently, Schools has been photographed near the offices of Russia special counsel Robert Mueller, as one of a few top DOJ aides to get regular briefings on the status of that investigation.

“Scott has provided invaluable leadership and counsel in his years at the department, and his service is an example to all,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a written statement. “He will be greatly missed, and I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Just when things started looking up in the rule of law department we get this? Maybe they should hang the prosecutor for treason in place of the traitor? All joking aside, we either get the rule of law back and we get it back now or it is lost forever…and so are we as a nation.

Imran Awan Gets Sweetheart Plea Deal; DOJ Won’t Prosecute Alleged Spy Ring, Cybercrimes
July 4, 2018

The Department of Justice won’t prosecute Imran Awan, a former IT administrator for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and dozens of other Democrats, for allegations of cybersecurity breaches, theft and potential espionage, as part of a plea agreement one one count of unrelated bank fraud.

    After the entry of your client’s plea of guilty to the offense identified in paragraph 1 above, your client will not be charged with any non-violent criminal offense in violation of Federal or District of Columbia law which was committed within the District of Columbia by your client prior to the execution of this Agreement -Awan Plea Agreement

Awan withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars after lying on a mortgage application and pretending to have a medical emergency that allowed him to drain his wife’s retirement account. He then wired large sums of money to Pakistan in January, 2017.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Warm, warmer, maybe hot.

Vandals Attacked Nebraska GOP’s HQ, Spray-Painted ‘Abolish ICE’ In Front Of The Building
July 3, 2018

Well, the crusade to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement is relatively new. It’s the latest war cry from the far left. It’s in response to the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement policy. So, to make that point clear, as if it wasn’t already from these nutjobs, some vandals decided to attack the headquartersof the Nebraska Republican Party. The suspects spray-painted “abolish ICE” on the sidewalk in front of the building. It caused $1,200 in damages (via Omaha World-Herald):

    GOP officials said Tuesday that they planned to board up the windows so volunteers could continue making calls on behalf of Republican candidates from the office at 1610 N St. in Lincoln.

    Lincoln police are in the process of collecting video surveillance from nearby businesses. At least one has cameras pointing the direction of the GOP office’s front windows, said Kenny Zoeller, executive director of the state GOP.

    Investigators were still trying to determine what time the attack took place, sometime between midnight and a little after 3 a.m. A newspaper carrier notified police.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

My father told me this a long time ago!

Iranian & Democrat Officials Agree – Jews DO Control the Weather!
July 3, 2018

Not The Onion, I promise.

The Islamic Republic of Iran accused the Jewish State of Israel of cloud and snow theft. Jews were blamed for moving the clouds away from Iran, in an intentional effort to exacerbate Iran’s prolonged drought.

“We are facing the issue of cloud and snow theft,” Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization, said at a press conference, while blaming Israel and another country for the weather larceny. He cited a survey showing that, above 2,200 meters (7,218 feet), all mountainous areas between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean are covered in snow, except Iran.


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

This is SO DANGEROUS, it reminds me of 1987!

Bill Holter’s Commentary

This chart should scare even those with their eyes closed!

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Is this the start?

Nunes Refers Ten Obama Officials to House Judiciary and Oversight Joint Task Force Nunes Refers Obama Officials to Joint Task Force
July 3, 2018

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Monday referred ten current and former U.S. officials to the House Judiciary and Oversight & Government Reform Committees’ joint task force, as it investigates potential DOJ and FBI wrongdoing related to the Trump-Russia probe.

Nunes, in a letter to the chairmen of both committees obtained by Breitbart News, listed ten current and former U.S. officials who may have received or provided information relevant to their investigation.

The list includes a number of U.S. officials who were working at the U.S. Embassy in London, where the alleged conversation between Australian diplomat Alexander Downer and then-Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos in May 2016 was reported.

Interviews with those officials could reveal whether the FBI lied when it said it began investigating the Trump campaign on July 31, 2016, after it received information from Downer after stolen Democratic National Committee emails were published on July 22, 2016.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

I’m not sure but I can’t ever recall a State Supreme Court Judge being indicted? Please note the dates of the alleged crime(s)…


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

This is getting ugly.

Yesterday Rand Paul was contacted by the Washington Axe Murderer concerning offing him and his entire family.

Is Deep State Propaganda Megaphone The New York Times Setting Trump Up For Assassination?
July 2, 2018

Among the ruling interests in the US, one interest even more powerful than the Israel Lobby—the Deep State of the military/security complex— there is enormous fear that an uncontrollable President Trump at the upcoming Putin/Trump summit will make an agreement that will bring to an end the demonizing of Russia that serves to protect the enormous budget and power of the military-security complex.

You can see the Deep State’s fear in the editorials that the Deep State handed to the Washington Post (June 29) and New York Times (June 29), two of the Deep State’s megaphones, but no longer believed by the vast majority of the American people.  The two editorials share the same points and phrases.  They repeat the disproven lies about Russia as if blatant, obvious lies are hard facts.

Both accuse President Trump of “kowtowing to the Kremlin.”  Kowtowing, of course, is not a Donald Trump characteristic.  But once again fact doesn’t get in the way of the propaganda spewed by the WaPo and NYT, two megaphones of Deep State lies.

The Deep State editorial handed to the WaPo reads: “THE REASONS for the tension between the United States and Russia are well-established. Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine, instigated a war in eastern Ukraine, intervened to save the dictatorship of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, interfered in the U.S. presidential election campaign to harm Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump, poisoned a former intelligence officer on British soil and continues to meddle in the elections of other democracies.”


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The lastest from John Williams’

– Construction Spending Benchmark Revisions Were Net-Neutral, but Patterns of Activity Shifted to Show a More-Negative Current Economic Trend
– May 2018 Inflation-Adjusted (Real) Construction Spending Held Shy of Its Pre-Recession Peak by 19.8% (-19.8%); Pre-Benchmarking, April 2018 Previously Had Been Down by 19.4% (-19.4%)
– Revisions Flattened Out the Level of Inflation-Adjusted (Real) Construction Spending of Recent Years
– Recent Large Spikes to Annual Growth in Real Spending Revised Away; Year-to-Year Change Has Resumed Its Downtrending Flat-to-Minus Pattern

No. 958: May 2018 Construction Spending and Benchmarking

Bill Holter’s Commentary

WOW, and just in time for the 4th of July!  I don’t think they even have a clue how a “profitless” society might even affect  their living their in parent’s basements …?

DNC Chair Tom Perez Declares Socialist Ocasio-Cortez “The Future Of Our Party”
July 3, 2018

The already-fractured DNC is having an identity crisis. While establishment Democrats Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Chuck Schumer (NY) battle it out with Maxine Waters (CA) over anti-Trump activism, the party is now mounting support for their new rising star – Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, after the 28-year-old political neophyte unseated the 4th most powerful Democrat in Congress last month in an upset primary win.

Ocasio-Cortez, a dues-paying member of Democratic Socialists of America (whose leadership has been openly calling for communism) – says that the US should abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), while also claiming that illegal aliens deserve a “right of passage” into the United States.

And despite being called out recently for projecting a blue collar “girl from the Bronx” image while growing up in a wealthy enclave, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez told progressive radio host Bill Press Tuesday that Ocasio-Cortez represents “the future of our party.”

Press: There was a primary in several states. Your home state of Maryland and also up in New York where the 4th most powerful Democrat in the United States, Congressman Joe Crowley was knocked out by a young woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez­­­ – 28 years old – never ran for office before – big progressive – calls herself a Democratic socialist, actually like Bernie Sanders did – she was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and in Maryland, Ben Jealous another strong progressive wins the Democratic nomination for governor. What’s this tell you about where the Democratic Party is going today?


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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The latest from John Williams’

– May 2018 New Orders for Durable Goods Declined Month-to-Month, Both Before and After Consideration of Inflation and Commercial Aircraft Orders
– First-Quarter 2018 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Annualized Real Growth Revised Lower to 1.99% (Previously 2.17%, Initially 2.32%), Versus 2.89% in Fourth-Quarter 2017
– Hitting GDP Growth, Revised First-Quarter 2018 Net Exports Turned Negative, Moving into Alignment with Underlying Real Merchandise Trade Deficit Reporting
– Upwardly-Revised Gain in the Nebulous “Intellectual Properties” Category of Fixed Investment Boosted Revised GDP Growth by 0.50% (Previously by 0.29%)
– Contracting Consumer Goods and Housing Elements in the GDP Reflect Mounting Liquidity Stresses and Faltering Consumer Optimism
– First-Quarter Gross Domestic Income (GDI) Growth, Purported GDP-Equivalent, Revised Higher to 3.57% (Previously 2.80%), Versus 1.05% in Fourth-Quarter, Boosted by a Sharp Upside Revision to Nonfinancial-Industry Corporate Profits
– First-Quarter Gross National Product (GNP), the Broadest National Income Measure, Slowed to 1.91% (Previously 2.00%), down from 2.71% in Fourth-Quarter
– Better-Quality Economic Measures Show Continuing Economic Non-Expansion; Some Hit Likely to Historical GDP Growth in Pending Revisions

“No 957: May 2018 New Orders for Durable Goods, Third Estimate of First-Quarter GDP”

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Say it isn’t so?!

Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail
July 2, 2018

Google said a year ago it would stop its computers from scanning the inboxes of Gmail users for information to personalize advertisements, saying it wanted users to “remain confident that Google will keep privacy and security paramount.”

But the internet giant continues to let hundreds of outside software developers scan the inboxes of millions of Gmail users who signed up for email-based services offering shopping price comparisons, automated travel-itinerary planners or other tools. Google does little to police those developers…