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Great and Wonderful last Monday of the Year Folks,

      Gold is following Silver’s signal, made on Friday, with the trade at $1,515.20, down $2.90 after dipping to $1,513.50 with the high to beat at $1,519.10. Silver is still signaling (like it will continue to work) with the trade at $17.915, down 2.8 cents after hitting a low of $17.83 with the high at $18.005. The US Dollar is flat to lower with the trade at 96.50, down 4.6 points after dipping to 96.385 with the high at 96.630. All of this was done before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Team Nancy figured the only way to beat any conservative or Trump supporters is by removing their party from the California ballot. Tom Fitton is all over it! I Love Q, Judicial Watch, and Veritas Videos!

       Gold in Venezuela is now being priced at 15,133.06 showing a 3 Bolivar drop in value with Silver at 178.926 proving a loss of only 0.005 of a Bolivar over the weekend. Argentina’s Peso has Gold valued at 90,659.37 showing a loss of 111.40 Peso’s with Silver at 1,073.20 proving a 1.590 A-Peso gain. The Turkish Lira now has Gold valued at 9,015.51 Lira showing a loss of 13.22 with Silver at 106.507 T-Lira’s losing only 0.258.

      December Silver’s Delivery count ended Friday with no additional fanfare for our support side with today being a set up for tomorrows First Notice Day for January Silver. Friday’s ending numbers for Red Silver showed a Volume of 9 with a trading range between $17.92 and $17.93 with the last trade for physical at $17.93 with the Comex adjusted closing price at $17.849 proving our point that the paper is leading the trade when the trade should be leading the papers. January Silver’s Demand Count now sits at 257 contracts and with a Volume of 35 up on the board so far with a trading range between $17.90 and $17.855 with the last trade at the low. Some of these contracts will have to clear out by tonight’s close, that is, “if” they decide not to take delivery.

      Silver’s Overall Open Interest remains ridiculously elevated compared to what has been extracted and traded in physicals with the count now at 225,791 Overnighters showing a reduction of 14 contracts since Friday mornings quote (not the Comex closing numbers). This leaves the shorts only 18,405 pieces of paper away from doing what Gold is doing, telling everyone who owns Gold, that the paper is controlling the roll (for now). Gold’s Overall Open Interest continues to break new territory (but only in the papers) with Friday’s closing numbers at 767,077 Overnighters. One day there will be no more Comex Gold or Silver physicals to take delivery of, leaving only the obligated papers, a criminal element in control, and a regulated market, looking for a reason to remain viable.  

      Tomorrow is a partial day; we don’t expect much to occur today or tomorrow but we would love to be wrong. After all, the DNC still controls the accusations on television but not the evidence in a court room or Senate, and the evidence keeps piling higher and higher as the game of politics reveals itself and from what I’m gathering, people are very pissed off. We strongly suggest to everyone to Stay Calm! Nancy and her friends are doing just fine. They are establishing all the reasons for “their” removal from office, legally. In the meantime, we have Q who is telling us what the media and their political ties are doing against the will of the people. If people think removing the majorities party is acceptable, because their feelings were hurt, they’ve felt nothing yet! So, keep searching for the truth, have a positive attitude in the head no matter what, and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,

       Gold is still adding digits to its value with the trade at $1,515.50, up $1.10 from the Comex close with the high at $1,518.70 and the low close by at $1,512.10. Silver is giving “the signal” that failed the last time with the trade at $17.92, down 7 cents after hitting a low of $17.845 with the high at $18.025. The US Dollar finally got unstuck and is weakened after being supported like it has with the trade at 96.77, down 34.5 points with the low nearby at 96.735 and the high up at 97.160. Of course, all of this was done before 5am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Nancy was given the honors of being Trumps number one fund raising “employee of the month”.     

           The Emerging Markets Currency watch is something we do to point out what will happen when the plug of support is pulled from the currency tub when measured against the precious metals. For instance, Venezuela is now proving Gold’s worth in Bolivars with the value pegged at 15,136.06 proving an additional 42.95 more Bolivars are needed to buy an ounce with Silver at 178.976 Bolivar proving a loss of 1.348 overnight. Argentina’s currency, unplugged from the Banker’s Matrix, now has Gold valued at 90,770.77 Peso’s showing a gain of 481.41 with Silver at 1,071.61 Peso’s showing a 7.41 A-Peso drop in value. The Turkish Lira, the most recent currency that’s missing it’s plug, now has Gold valued at 9,028.73 showing an additional 52.11 Lira is needed to buy an ounce with Silver valued at 106.765 showing a loss of 0.478 T-Lira.

      Keep this thought in the back of your mind, at one time the Argentine Peso was linked 1 to 1 to the US Dollar. When Jim and Bill talk about the value of Gold going into the stratosphere, these emerging currencies help prove the point! Wait till the plug of a primary currency is pulled, then compare that move to these emerging market currency moves that increased the value of precious metals in their respected nations. What a time it will be to remember all those people who quickly responded that this is not going to happen and claimed the idea of Gold going to $80,000+ US Dollars, is not possible! I agree with Jim and Bill! Just look at the hundreds of billions of dollars being created this week (and since Sept 17th) out of thin air, that had to be put into the debt-based system to tell us how wrong we are about Silver and Gold.

      How many other emerging market currencies have to be devalued before a primary goes? Will other emerging currencies be used first to keep the system awash in fiat before a primary gets the plug pulled? What will interest rates do to the system, if they are cut, or added to, during this period of time? Do you need any more evidence to hold Silver and Gold? I don’t!

      Yesterday’s activities in the December Silver Delivery contract became more active with a Volume increasing to 53 by the Comex close, and by widening the trading range from a penny to a 10.5 cent range between $17.985 and $17.88 with the last single lot trade at the low with the adjusted close at $17.894. Also, of note from yesterday’s activities is the increase in the demands for physical which now stands at 61 proving an additional 5 lot order was added to the demand count but no showing where the other additional volume landed. Was it EFP’s to London or did more pending orders get filled as we close out the week? At this very moment, there has been no activity in the delivery month at all. Maybe when the Comex opens the Resolute buyer will still be Resoluting.

      One thing for sure, the Comex shorts are still not afraid (when they should be) as the Overall Open Interest gained another 2,633 more short positions putting the total now at 225,805 Overnighters on a 13.5 cent increase in price. The highest Open Interest in Silver Ever (and so far,) is 244,196. Comex Short Traders are only 18,391 positions away from proving once again that the system is failing as more paper is allowed to be used instead of allowing the supply and demand to control the price. Also, Gold made a new “Life of Paper Contract High” as well with its new total at 755,719 Overnighters proving a paper gain of 6,982 more short contracts against the price.

      So much is going on and at the same time so much printing has to happen to keep liquidity high. In the meantime, we still suggest people hold onto the physicals, in their own hands and out of the system. Enjoy the day, have a great weekend, and fear not, because you hold Silver and Gold!

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,

       Gold is still climbing the walls of worry with the February contract now trading at $1,511.20, up $6.40 with the high nearby at $1,512.00 with the low at $1,502.10. Silver is also scaling the wall with the March contract at $18.055, up 20.2 cents after reaching a high of $18.100 with the low at $17.810. The US Dollar is still stagnated by the currencies that control it (the basket of currencies inside the index) with the value pegged at 97.275, up 2.4 points and right by the high at 97.295 with the low not that far away at all at 97.19. All of this has already happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and please, will somebody in the House of Representatives, simply just turn in the Quid Quo Pro Impeachment Documents for Nancy already? 

      We have some very big precious metal pops in the Emerging Markets since Tuesday’s write up. For instance, in Venezuela, Gold is now packing a price of 15,093.11 Bolivar, a gain 172.78 over the holiday with Silver at 180.324, adding 40.45 Bolivar. Argentina’s currency is doing the same as the first, going lower as the precious metals go higher, with Gold’s trade at 90,289.36 Peso’s proving a whopper of an increase of 737.34 (x100 ounces a contract) with Silver gaining 21.72 Pesos (x5,000 ounces a contract) with the price at 1,079.02 A-Peso’s. The Turkish Lira now has Gold valued at 8,976.62 proving an increase of 85.38 in one day’s trade with Silver gaining 2.198 with the trade price at 107.243 Lira.

      December Silver’s Delivery Demands now show a count of 56 requests up on the board and with a trading range between $17.92 and $17.91 with the last trade at the high and with a Volume of 5 posted up on the board so far this morning. This proves a reduction of 141 physical demands from Tuesdays count, with the Resolute Buyer(s) getting their receipts either here or maybe in London. We’re still not sure because we’re not the “clean members of the exchange” who have criminal elements they are working with/for; we are members of the unclean masses, the group that gets their trades manipulated against by the printing of the “money makers”.

      Silver’s Overall Open Interest is doing the exact opposite of the delivery count with our calculations gaining 6,041 more short contracts in order to “stay” the price giving us a total of 223,172 Overnighters since Tuesday morning’s tally. Nope, there’s no problem’s here at all! After all the criminal element has been doing the same thing for years now, forcing the Open Interest higher in order to push the values of the Call Options lower and simply by coincidence, culminating on the precious metals Options Expiration Day which just so happens to be today with tomorrow being the Last Trading Day for the December Deliveries.

      With the last 4+ years of Silver Call Option Study’s under our belt, we are still stuck with the question of what it all means? Over the years we witnessed a long-term trade or insurance policy with July, September, and December’s 2019 Call Options being like the Tower of Babel. A huge rising man-made monstrosity built against the flat surface of the surrounding plains, sticking out for everyone to see, at a distance, and since 2015. Nowadays, we see there are no other large purchases to be gleaned unless one considers the upfront cereal months in precious metals and how this might be pointing to a short-term move and right now (maybe). There are 67,591 Purchased Call Options within the next 5 months trade (up to the May contract) with 18,793 of these Calls coming off the board today. Will some of these January options be moved into December’s deliveries today and tomorrow? Stay tooned!

      If we are seeing this right, that Resolute Buyer has really mucked up the works for those clean criminal elements at the Comex. Our most recent Call Options report proved 6,543 “Deep In The Money Calls” at and below $18. Does it mean something? Maybe, one thing for sure, things are getting very interesting at the Comex.

      Enjoy your day, keep that smile on your face and a positive thought in the head no matter what! As always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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If There Isn’t A Problem in Comex’s Silver and Gold Markets, Why So Much Paper?

  Great and Wonderful Christmas Eve Everybody!

      Gold is still gaining dollars with the trade at $1,493.90 up $5.20 after touching $1,496.90 before the pullback with the low at $1,488.10. Silver is up as well with the trade at $17.65, up 15.1 cents after hitting a high of $17.715 with the low at $17.425. The US Dollar is as stagnant as can be with the value pegged at 97.31, up 7.5 points, coming off the high of 97.39 with the low at 97.255. Of course, all of this has already happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and still before those 2 articles of impeachment are turned in for review by Pelosi, the outspoken withholder of truth.

      In Venezuela, Gold gained another 75.91 Bolivar with the price now at 14,920.33 Bolivar with Silver gaining another 2.695 with the price at 176.279 Bolivar. In Argentina, Gold is now valued at 89,552.02 Pesos, proving a gain of 741.52 Pesos (x100 Ounce contract) with Silver now at 1,057.30 Pesos proving a gain of 18.80 Pesos (x 5,000 ounces per contract). In Turkey, Golds price is now at 8,891.24 Lira providing a gain of 54.04 T-Lira with Silver gaining 1.707 Lira with the price at 105.045 T-Lira. Not bad at all for a partial trading day.

      The sellers of December Silver still seem reluctant as the delivery price gained another 11.2 cents with the trade at $17.515 and with a Volume of 3 up on the board with a trading range between $17.52 and $17.515. Silver’s delivery count dropped 191 obligations during yesterday’s trade leaving 197 fully paid for contracts waiting to get receipts or to deliver these pieces of EFP paper over to the City of London. Will our Resolute be buying more today? Stay tooned! The reason we ask this is because yesterday the Volume jumped from 2 to 23 with the last price at $17.41, in a way putting an exclamation point directly on the reluctant ones!

      Silver’s Overall Open Interest is still gaining, even though most people are not trading during the holidays the algos are, with the total count now at 217,131 Overnighters proving an additional 6,068 pieces of paper had to be added on Monday in order to stay the price and keep it from exploding sharply higher. We are only 27,065 papered contracts away from breaking another new all-time high in paper over Silver! Maybe we’ll see it break through that paper barrier once again by next Monday, what can go wrong? Still, the question remains the same; if there isn’t a problem at the Comex, why so much paper?

      Take a look at Gold’s All Time High in Paper Contracts at 734,509 Overnighters! This happened yesterday as well while the price traded higher. Where would the real price of Silver and Gold be if the regulators actually regulated the amount of paper used to control the price? We all know the response; the answers will come when the last bars are gone.

      From all of us to all of you … We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Hanukkah.

Stay Strong!
J. Johnson

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Great and Wonder Monday Morning Folks!

      Comex Gold is giving the holder an early Christmas gift with the trade up $5.40 at $1,486.30 after touching $1,489.10 before the pullback, with the low at $1,481.20. Silver seems to be leading the charge at present with the March contract at $17.380 up 15.1 cents after hitting $17.465 with the low down at $17.230. The US Dollar is the one without movement today with the value pegged at 97.335, up 6.1 points and right there at the high of 97.355 with the low at 97.170. All of this happened already before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and still, way before Nancy Numbskull turns in those double secret  “you can’t see them because we won’t show them” articles of impeachment.

      Our Emerging Markets Currency Watch is on fire this morning with Venezuela now pricing Gold at 14,844.42 Bolivar adding 33.97 Bolivar since Friday morning with Silver adding 23.47 Bolivar to its value at 173.583. In Argentina, Gold’s value is now at 88,810.50 Peso’s proving a gain of 227.98 with Silver at 1,038.50 showing an additional 14.26 A-Pesos. The Turkish Lira has Gold’s value pegged at 8,837.20 adding 48.85 T-Lira in value with Silver now at 103.338 Lira showing an additional gain of 1.709 in T-Lira value.

      Our December Silver Delivery Demands are leading it all this morning (pricewise) as the count proves an 83 point reduction with the total demand for Physical Silver at 388 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 2 up on the board so far this morning showing how reluctant the seller is with the only price posted (high/low/last) at $17.355, up 22.7 cents from the Friday close. This of course does not take into account all those numbers in parenthesis which are still all over the place looking like an algo spoofer is still spoofing inside the delivery system.

       Silver’s Overall Open interest continues to gain, helping to prove the point that the paper doesn’t have enough real Silver behind it, with the OI adding another 1,962 more short contracts in order to add liquidity with the total count now at 211,063 Overnighters. This count is only 33,133 promissory notes away from breaking the Comex World Record of 244,196 Overnighters that has kept Silver from exploding the price higher during the past 4+ years. These short traders of Silver, have exploded the paper instead of the price, but that is as temporary a fix as can be. All we’re doing now, is waiting for the physical shortages to prove the problem in paper, and then the subsequent price “schwing” higher will occur.   

      Silver’s Option Board is still confounding us as the January Options total proves a reduction in the Overall at 18,793 purchased calls losing 65 over the past weeks’ time. Inside this total count the $18 strike and below was reduced by 66 with that total at 6,543 with the $17 strikes and under, losing 82 with its total at 1,702. Of note here, this is the first reduction we’ve seen as we get closer to the end of the options trade which closes out this Thursday. Over the years, all we recall is the constant climb as they go into expiration. Maybe this means something?

      February Silver Options added 1,256 more purchases bringing the overall total up to 12,070 with the options at and under $18 equaling 4,872, increasing that count by 596 with the $17 and below total now at 1,487 increasing the count by 112. The March Options board now carries a total count of 26,232, proving an increase of 382 overall with the $18 and below gaining 420 bringing that total to 7,986 with the $17 and below at 4,295 proving a reduction of 12 so far. April’s Silvers Call Option Count gained across the spectrum with the total at 3,827 with the $18 and below gauged at 431 showing a gain of 289 with the $17 and below adding 126 of those 289 (at $18 and below) bringing the new amount to 161.

      The previous months Call Options Count (July, Sept, Dec 2019) we’ve watched over, have yet come close to being exceeded. Said another way, there are still no large amounts of purchased Calls anymore in Silver even if we go out to 2024. Whatever was planned is over, what happens next is what we’re waiting for, and as the price swings sharply higher because only 2 – 5,000-ounce purchases were made after that very odd 987 count Volume surprised the trade last week.

       Keeping watch is what we do, hoping it encourages everyone to stay the course and to keep your savings in physical precious metals and in hand. There is nothing safer out there. So, hang on tight and enjoy the ride and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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    Great and Wonderful Friday before Christmas Folks,

      Gold is trading just below the close at $1,482.90, down $1.50 inside the tightest trading range I’ve seen in a while ($3) with the high at $1,483.60 and the low at $1,480.60. Silver is equally not as “moovy” with its trade at $17.145, down 9/10ths of a penny with the high right there at $17.17 and the low right there at $17.08. The US Dollar is by far more volatile with its value pegged at 97.090 up 13.5 points after reaching 97.160 with the low to beat at 96.975. All of this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after very few people even watched the democratic party’s “I hate Trump no matter what” debates.

       Venezuela’s currency now has Gold valued at 14,810.46 Bolivar adding 44.94 more Bolivar than what was taken yesterday with Silver at 171.236 it too gaining 1.45 Bolivar. In Argentina, Gold now has a value of 88,582.52 Peso’s adding 211.20 more, for the holder, with Silver now getting 1,024.24 Peso’s per ounce showing a gain of 8.10 in one day’s trade. The Turkish Lira’s price for Gold now equals 8,788.35 Lira et tu showing a gain of 6.05 Lira with Silver now priced at 101.629 proving a gain of 0.644 in T-Lira Value.

      Red Silver’s Delivery Demands jumped to 471 during yesterday’s trade adding 147 more requests for physical which happened inside a very strange day of trading. Yesterday, the delivery month’s pricing started off at $16.985, with the last “real” trade at $16.975 with a closing price adjusted up to $17.058. Inside yesterday’s trade, the delivery month posted a Volume of 987 and with no prices being posted as I watched the Volume go higher and higher and higher. If I was to use the excuses the Comex has given me in the past, this may have been a spread trade exiting the spread into a delivery.

       This spread trade, would have already been in place, like a “LONG” December contract and SHORT a March contract (example). This spread would have to exit before the last delivery day and if the spreader wanted delivery of physical, he would simply exit the “short” side of the spread and keep the longs. This (Resolute?) trader would also have to have 100% of the margins required per contract in order to stay in the trade. I’m not saying this happened; however, I am using the excuses that Comex representatives, at the delivery desk, gave us in the past. Remember, we are the uncleaned going against a criminal element notarized by the governing bodies. Also, of note, this morning’s activity has seen Zero movement in the delivery month …. What I do not know as of yet is if the entire 987 Volume was a physical “Buy”? Tick Tock!

      Silver’s Overall Open Interest is where the real control of pricing is with today’s added proof that 1,386 more short contracts had to be added into the market in order to keep Silver from adding far more value to the paper already in play with the total now at 209,101 Overnighters. To add to this is Gold’s Overall Open Interest which is now at a New World Record High of 730,040 Overnighters proving 12,506 more short contracts had to be added in order to tell you, Silver and Gold holders, how wrong you are about their price fixes! Nothing Says There’s A Problem in Au/Ag Like Comex Open Interest!

     Normally I would be adding more news info but I’m fighting internet connectivity issues as I try to calculate prices and activities before it goes down again. Have a great weekend, keep the attitudes positive and that smile on your face, as we move into Winter and the longest night of the year. Stay Resolute and …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,

       Gold is trading lower with the price at $1,478.40 after reaching $1,482.00 before that pile of paper was applied with the low right by the price at $1,477.10. Silver gave the signal with its trade at $17.00 down 4.9 cents with the high at $17.105 and the low at $16.95. The US Dollar is flat as can be with its value pegged at 96.935, down 2.8 points with the high at 96.985 and the low at 96.805. All of this was done before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after they impeached a president because some feelings were hurt.

      In Venezuela, Gold is now valued at 14,765.52 Bolivar, shaving 17.98 Bolivar off its papered value with Silver at 169.788 Bolivar, giving the buyer another 0.549 savings from yesterday’s trades. The same affect is going on in Argentina as another day of savings arrives on time with Gold at 88,371.32 giving the buyer a 73.37 A-Peso discount with Silver now at 1,016.14 Peso’s taking out 2.94. Turkey seems to be doing something different with Gold trading higher proving a gain of 28.61 T-Liras with the price pegged at 8,782.30 Lira with Silver at 100.985 proving a gain of 0.123 in T-Lira value.

     December Silver Deliveries are consistent, in a confusing sort of way, with the Demand Count now at 324 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts taking out 24 requests for physicals on a reported Volume of 45 during yesterdays trades. Part of our observances in the delivery cycle is the last trade of the day and the closing price. The very last purchase/sell was priced at $16.953 but the Comex closed the trade at $16.865, with the low in yesterday’s trade at $16.845. Comex is allowed to calculate the close (we ask; to who’s benefit?). Today’s trades in the Physical Market shows a Volume of 113 so far with a trading range between $16.99 and $16.975 with the last trade at the low. Said differently, right now, the Delivery Month is trading in the positive (+2.2 cents at $16.975) but the heavily traded futures, controlled by paper, is trading lower. This is the Tick and the Tock, in the Delivery Clock, that will one day chime the problem is here, probably too late but will be loud and clear.  

       The Overall Open Interest in Silver continues to gain with the count now at 207,715 Overnighters proving an increase of 1,250 more short contracts, which had to be added in order to signal the price that only Algos can react to, in a market being drained of physicals.

      Yesterday, we witnessed the impeachment of a legally elected president, and on the flimsiest accusations, that failed only after those that did the accusing, got reviewed showing 17 intentional mis-steps by team CORNEY. The FISA courts are screaming they didn’t know they were being lied to, and the documents were proven to be filed under false testimony and hearsay, even without the chance of a counter party line of questioning of their secreted witness(es). As we move forward, one can’t but help but think that the Trump Team is already waiting in the Q as now the Senate and the Supreme Court get to have their say.

      With all the disruptive politics going on here, with the DOJ investigations of a criminal element in precious metals, the added bonus of Boris killing the socialist movement in a legal election over in England, yet all we’re seeing is the calm waters of the precious metals and currencies prices. Which is completely misleading everyone that simply looks at the price and not the actions causing the price. That duck floating around on that pond of calm-looking-water may look relax, but his feet are paddling against a current so strong that if one blinks, they may not see that duck get sucked up with everything else on and in the water as the system gets drained. We’re out of the waters and in physicals, we suggest you consider the same ….

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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Great and Wonderful Wednesday Morning Folks,

Gold is trading lower in our earliest report with the trade at $1,480.20, down 20 cents after hitting $1,483.60 with the low at $1,479.10. Nothing says “boring” like a $4.50 trading range and being in a sideways channel for over 1-1/2 months. Silver is a little bit more active with its trade at $17.055 down 1.7 cents after hitting $17.125 with the low close by at $17.035. This is giving us sell signal that we’ve exposed, over the years, and during the Triple Witch Week, with the expected buying on the dip after tomorrows activities. The US Dollar is trading higher with the value pegged at 96.945, up 16.8 points and is the high so far with the low at 96.780. All this was done way before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Lisa Page explains (years later) what her and her lover meant when the said insurance policy blah blah blah.

In Venezuela, precious metals prices are making it easier to buy with a 25.97 Bolivar reduction now pricing Gold at 14,783.50 Bolivar. Silver is priced at 170.337 Bolivar, saving today’s buyers on average a 0.699 in Bolivar value. Argentina’s Peso, now has Golds value at 88,444.69 Peso’s giving the buyers a 116.42 A-Peso savings with Silver at 1,019.08 Peso’s giving today’s buyer a 3.52 discount from yesterday. The Turkish Lira is “not” offering a sale price on the real money (yet) with Gold now pegged at 8,753.69 Lira, increasing its value by 39.35 Lira with Silver at 100.862 Lira adding 0.193 T-Lira’s value, as the last days of the year come to a close.

December Silver Delivery Demands now stand at 359 fully paid for contracts proving a reduction of 140 from yesterday’s count, that may have been given receipts for physicals here at the Comex, or papers sent to London, or whatever the latest excuse might be for all those prices in (parenthesis) and throughout the day. Today’s trading range for the Volume of 13, posted up on the board, is between $17.00 and $16.98 with the last price at the high and the high is still the current physical price as the futures price is pushed lower than the physicals. March Silver is now below the real with its new low is at $16.950.

Silver’s Overall Open Interest continues to gain more short contracts in order to tell us futures traders what the (fake) paper value of a product is worth with the count now at 206,465 Overnighters, showing an increase of 611 contracts.

In the news yesterday, Q popped in 16 different posts with the last (3716) being duplicated. The one we like is post #3708 in which the “CORNEY” hidden message in the FISA report was proven to be something much bigger and that has been used to hide may things and for quite a while now;

search dep.justice and look what you find re corney

…confinned by then-FBI Director James 8. Corney in testimony before the House Permanent

“James 8 Corney”

How many other documents have been doctored this way to hide the evidence in clear sight? How about Hillary or Bill Clinton’s name, or any others hiding their crimes with wrong spelling? With this game being played within our branches of government, the hidden messages may be “huge” and may be a damn good reason to review all the documents with the suspicious eyes of real Patriots, who want nothing but law and order no matter what. Declassify everything and let us move forward!

Are there similar tactics being used in the markets or inside the CFTC/SEC? Stay Tooned! All Mispelled Words Matter! The past administrations links are still being brought out. One thing for sure, no matter what has happened so far, in all the countries in all of western society, the currencies refuse to budge because they have been corralled by Algos. If this was truly a free moving market, the price swings would have cleaned out a few bad banks already, and realigned a few nations as well. Yet, with all this Algo trading controlling everything in the markets, nothing has shaken the currencies. Wait till the plug is pulled!

The game in precious metals will end when the last bar is extracted from the exchanges. We know factually that the criminal element is running the vaults and their helpers in government are slowly being exposed. We know the outcome regardless of the delays in the rising price. This is why we continue to keep watch and expose what we can while we can. Enjoy your day, keep that smile on your face and a positive attitude in your head no matter what, and as always …

Stay Strong

J. Johnson