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Bolton in his description of the new Africa Policy is a combination of my book “Boom” and “The Strategic Materials War” plus a recent a letter written to our President. This letter made a present of the books plus outlined how China is stealing Africa from the Africans.

At the same time the genius policy of China debt guarantees that China owns the future of the world by owning the vast majority of Raw Materials and Strategic Materials plus Rare Earths required for the very existence of all technology even this lap top and my smart phone just to mention a very few items that depend on Africa.Our new arm ed forces can be made  ineffective by the lack of these items.

I find it interesting that the a certain African/Chinese business body in an African country was once chaired by the most evil man on the continent.

You are most welcome Mr. President Trump.

Jim Sinclair
Executive Chairman

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If one offered investors a fat tail put option that never decays or expires, costs about -1% pa to carry, has no counter party risk & no chance of ever becoming worthless, there would be a line out the door. But when one explains that this option is physical gold… no interest.

          S. Mikhailovich

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My Dear Friends,

In the last week, certainly today, gold acted as the “alternative asset”, to hold value and increase in price in the midst of equity market debacles.

This has not gone unnoticed.

It has been wrong to buy gold on break outs for years, but today I sinned. I increased my position by 50% in gold itself.

Jim Sinclair
Executive Chairman

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The world is a Rubik’s cube of information and events gone full retard. Jim discusses the coming reset that Christine Lagarde spoke of this week. This week is a must listen!








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Dear All, Friends & Family,

I have been telling you ever since crypto currency entered into circulation that they were an experiment by the central banks looking towards a replacement for the US dollar as the sole reserve currency. It is also my reason for expecting that the second reset to take hold is in a very serious economic currency upheaval. The double transition will take place between June of 2019 and 2025. This is not positive to the US dollar nor terminal. This is positive to gold and gold shares which have been decimated. As it is not terminal to the dollar it is a cause for a gold rally, from which there will be no downside reaction. This is the coming realization of the basic concepts of “Free Gold.”

It cannot be stopped nor is there a long term will to continue to lean against gold, which will allow a bankruptcy in sovereign central banks as entities to be restored. Russia and China have known this, as has my family, which dates back to membership with the wealthiest Jewish families of Europe.

What is coming is not any of the crypto currency present now.

Those close to me and continuous daily readers know I got a call from my family on Bert Seligman’s side at $1058 that the bull market’s negative reaction in gold was over. This was posted on JSMineset at that time.

The resets are coming with an entire new role for gold.

Have an open mind to change because all you can be sure of is change in the financial and currency world.



Central Banks Should Consider Issuing Digital Money, IMF’s Lagarde Says
November 14, 2018

Central banks should consider issuing digital currencies as money faces a “historic turning point,” according to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

In a speech at the Singapore Fintech Festival on Wednesday, Lagarde highlighted the changing nature of money as demand for physical cash decreases around the world. She said central banks have a role supplying money to the digital economy.

“I believe that we should consider the possibility to issue digital currency,” Lagarde said.

Lagarde said a central bank-backed digital currency could help promote financial inclusion, security, and privacy in payments as a low-cost and efficient alternative to paper notes. But she also warned of risks to financial stability and innovation.


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Barrick May Buy Back Acacia Mining After Randgold Merger – Report

October 24, 2018

By David McKay via Miningmx

BARRICK Gold may buy the shares it doesn’t already own in Acacia Resources, the UK-listed Tanzanian miner in which it has a 64% stake.

Bloomberg News, citing people familiar with the situation, said the takeover of Acacia may happen once Barrick has completed a merger with Randgold Resources.

Mark Bristow, CEO of Randgold Resources, told Miningmx on October 1 that he was interested in Tanzania as an investment destination for his company. “Would we, as Randgold, go into Tanzania? Absolutely. Have we engaged with the government of Tanzania as Randgold? Yes, we have,” he said.

“We need to sit down and talk with all parties,” said Bristow of a dispute between Acacia Mining and the Tanzanian government in which it is alleged there are unpaid taxes estimated at tens of billions of dollars stretching back two decades. “Right now, though, I am just an interested by-stander,” said Bristow. “There’s still a lot of work to be done to get the transaction closed,” he said of the proposed merger with Barrick.


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Recently there have been many pirated uploads to YouTube of past interviews.  The latest two had a headlines claiming “Bill Holter, Confirmed 100%, Nov. 11 2018 will be the date of the next global economic reset”, this is ridiculous.  I am working to get these pulled down.  There is nothing wrong with the interviews themselves as I actually did them.  Some of these interviews were done 2 years ago and being passed off as current.  The titles are bogus and the interviews are stolen from USA Watchdog, X22 Spotlight Report and SGT Report.  I would NEVER choose a specific day, anyone believing they can do this is delusional.

That said, we are experiencing another major tremor in financial markets.  In my opinion, the odds are very high that the current market action is part and parcel of the “great unwinding”.  No matter which direction you look, there are potential sparks to get the bonfire started.  There is zero ability to pinpoint what history will look back on as the trigger moment, we do however know that credit is definitely tightening and asset values are beginning to weaken.  It was all about credit on the way up, it will definitely be all about credit (or the lack of) on the way down!  I plan to write on this topic over the next few days.

Standing watch,

Bill Holter