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Barrick May Buy Back Acacia Mining After Randgold Merger – Report

October 24, 2018

By David McKay via Miningmx

BARRICK Gold may buy the shares it doesn’t already own in Acacia Resources, the UK-listed Tanzanian miner in which it has a 64% stake.

Bloomberg News, citing people familiar with the situation, said the takeover of Acacia may happen once Barrick has completed a merger with Randgold Resources.

Mark Bristow, CEO of Randgold Resources, told Miningmx on October 1 that he was interested in Tanzania as an investment destination for his company. “Would we, as Randgold, go into Tanzania? Absolutely. Have we engaged with the government of Tanzania as Randgold? Yes, we have,” he said.

“We need to sit down and talk with all parties,” said Bristow of a dispute between Acacia Mining and the Tanzanian government in which it is alleged there are unpaid taxes estimated at tens of billions of dollars stretching back two decades. “Right now, though, I am just an interested by-stander,” said Bristow. “There’s still a lot of work to be done to get the transaction closed,” he said of the proposed merger with Barrick.


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Recently there have been many pirated uploads to YouTube of past interviews.  The latest two had a headlines claiming “Bill Holter, Confirmed 100%, Nov. 11 2018 will be the date of the next global economic reset”, this is ridiculous.  I am working to get these pulled down.  There is nothing wrong with the interviews themselves as I actually did them.  Some of these interviews were done 2 years ago and being passed off as current.  The titles are bogus and the interviews are stolen from USA Watchdog, X22 Spotlight Report and SGT Report.  I would NEVER choose a specific day, anyone believing they can do this is delusional.

That said, we are experiencing another major tremor in financial markets.  In my opinion, the odds are very high that the current market action is part and parcel of the “great unwinding”.  No matter which direction you look, there are potential sparks to get the bonfire started.  There is zero ability to pinpoint what history will look back on as the trigger moment, we do however know that credit is definitely tightening and asset values are beginning to weaken.  It was all about credit on the way up, it will definitely be all about credit (or the lack of) on the way down!  I plan to write on this topic over the next few days.

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

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Dear CIGAs,

We have been experiencing technical issues on the site within the last week and wish to apologize for the lack of posts and technical assistance during this time.

Missed posts from this week will be posted and backdated. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Best regards,

The JSMineset Team

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Dear President Trump,

The West totally ignores Africa while the sly Chinese plan to corner strategic materials; metal, rare earths, transportation and communication facilities there. This will, within 15 years, put the West out of the high tech business. Our new high tech weapons of war will fail to function.

Africa is the prize that lack of long term geopolitical economic planning in West will, without any question, result in the move of the economic and political power center of the world irreversibly from Washington to Beijing.

Silicon Valley will no longer be the home of the child Trillionaires because without Chinese and African rare earths, high tech is simply not possible.

You do not perceive the economic risk that hides behind the figures you are so proud of. They all have been skewed over the years to over report economic progress. Maybe giving credit to Obama’s economic platform, built on sand, for the recovery might not be a bad idea.

Our financial leaders are taking us back into the dark ages by policy and Fed Speak that would have the citizens believe that debt can produce sustainable economic prosperity in the west. It cannot.

Our failure to compete in Africa will be the largest mistake the West has ever made as China takes over much of Africa by economic colonialism. The combination is going to give the West a taste of back to basics in an uncomfortable way.

Whatever ideology the leadership in America at that time, it will be put directly into the trash heap of the history of nations that fail to have a plan and work the plan.

James E. Sinclair (An American in Africa) author of “The Strategic Metals and Materials War” plus among 5 other books

“Boom, Visions and Insights for Creating Wealth in the 21st Century.”

Executive Chairman of Tanzanian Exploration. TRX, NYSE)

China’s “Long Term Collateralization Of Loans Strategy & Her Disguised Recolonization Of African Countries Economically
September 11, 2018

By Richard Krah

After Britain had collatarised Chinese aids and guarantees with Hong Kong for 99 years, China has gained more experience than any country on earth on the intricacies of long term collaterisation of assets.

Examples are below:

Philippines this year cancelled all Chinese aids. The president was in Isreal last week for new partnership in arms.

Malaysia canceled Chinese speed train loan contract this year and opted for a costlier Japanese electromagnetic rail. Because all Chinese grants requires collateral with state critical assets.

Singapore bluntly told China we don’t need your 25 years tenure loan at 0.5%.

Greece handed China a national asset last year on default, and European Union took measures to stop any further member country from Chinese loans.


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“Contagion Is On The Move”

“The Strong Dollar is the Silent Killer”

“The Strength of the Dollar is its Nemesis”

“The huge Dollar debt everywhere is all a Synthetic Dollar Short”


“It is all of such an unimaginable magnitude that there are not enough dollars anywhere to make cover or stop loss”



         “THIS will kill all in its path, including the 1%”

     “When is Now.”

   Jim Sinclair

September 3, 2018

Federal Reserve Gov. the Hon. Powell has only one of two moves he can make. Flood the world with dollars by active debt monitization (QE) internationally, or have the experience of presiding over the greatest depression in the history of man as his legacy. What would his boss have him do? The debt clock is ticking towards the reset by June of 2019.

His boss has not had many allies in the camp, as President Trump’s choice of people leaves something to be desired. Is Powell another Sessions who puts his head in the sand or Cohen, the recorder attorney, supposedly friend, and legally bound as a confidant?

When has the Fed been politically independent in its history?  Chairman Volker would not be the “Master of the Universe” had his boss not quietly backed him all the way! Believe me, I know.

This is the start of the final battle between Light and Lucifer much like the movie, “The Firm.” Don’t kid yourself. This is not simply material, but spiritual as well. The rest of everyone’s life, reading this, depends on how from today to 2021 is handled. There is no exit to this contagion that is now on the move. It  must be confronted one way or another. That is why “Now is When” because “When comes between the Rock and the Hard Place.”

Why Pain in Argentina And Turkey Is Hurting Indonesia
August 31, 2018

As financial market meltdowns in Argentina and Turkey spread through global emerging markets, Indonesia is feeling the pain more than its peers in Asia. The rupiah slumped to its weakest level against the dollar since the 1998 Asian financial crisis, prompting the central bank to step up its efforts to stabilize the currency. Bank Indonesia has been tapping its reserves to the tune of billions of dollars and has raised interest rates four times since mid-May.

1. What triggered the selloff?

Even before Argentina and Turkey entered crisis mode, emerging markets were under pressure because of rising U.S. interest rates and a stronger dollar. Part of the appeal of emerging markets is their relatively higher yields compared with developed markets. When that differential falls because of the U.S. Federal Reserve raising borrowing costs, emerging markets become less attractive. More broadly, a deepening currency crisis in Argentina on top of ructions in Turkey have reduced investor appetite for risky assets, prompting an exodus from emerging markets to relatively safe havens in developed markets.

2. Why is Indonesia being targeted?

It’s one of a few Asian emerging markets that runs current-account deficits (so do India and the Philippines), and recent data shows that widened to a four-year high. The deficit economies rely on foreign inflows to finance their import needs, making them vulnerable to a slump in sentiment and sharp outflows. Foreign investors own almost 40 percent of Indonesia’s government bonds, among the highest of Asian emerging markets. Add to that the government runs a budget deficit, meaning it needs to borrow to finance spending.

3. How badly are the currency and stocks faring?

The rupiah is the second-worst performer in Asia (after India) this year, but it’s the hardest-hit currency since the emerging-market selloff began in late January, weakening about 9 percent. The Jakarta Stock Exchange Composite Index, or JCI, is down more than 6 percent this year, while the yield on the benchmark 10-year government bonds has risen this year to the highest since the end of 2016.


Jim Sinclair
Executive Chairman

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My Dear Extended Family,

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), just recently warned of the dire impact that is certain if any hawkish maneuvers by Powell, our newest genius at the Chair of the Federal Reserve.

Carstens, a former central banker, commented in the recent BIS report that the US dollar makes up at least 80% of all the letters of credit outstanding, which are the means of settlement of international trade contracts. Think about 80% of all trade contracts.

He went on to explain this subject’s danger without any question or doubt. He said, “Any dollar shortage among non-US banks could cripple international trade.” That is the Richard Russel’s Synthetic Dollar Short.”

Since the Synthetic Dollar Shortage that now exists is an enormous size, the Federal Reserve cannot act to reset the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, nor can they drain reserves by any means whatsoever. Doing so would bring on a great economic/currency calamity without historical precedent. What is timing of when this might occur? We have told you it is “NOW.”

If Chairman Powell is a stealthy part of the Swamp dwellers wishing to see President Trump run out of Washington on a rail, all he needs to do is keep up what he says he intends to keep up. Even saying that has already affected the international dollar letter of credit conditions, as you can see in the recent dollar strength.

This leads me to believe that either Chairman Powell is thick headed or one more of a great president’s failures to judge people correctly. Look at the man he made head of the DOJ, FBI or much worse, the presidents selection of a personal attorney as examples of a major weakness in our otherwise effective leadership.

This is the long predicted real war of Light versus Darkness. This is why it is raining “Truth Bombs” in the hope of waking you up from your deep dark slumber. This is the world’s last chance. If this war is lost, Darkness will rule for all time.

How you can ignore gold or gold/silver mining shares remains a mystery of the effectiveness of two previous administration’s best political tool. That tool is massive mind control opts via all media.

Bill, David and I can only work to wake you up before there is no hope for any of us at all.

So far our unique President Trump has not demonstrated a keen ability, judging people having appointed that he knows people correctly. President Trump has selected more enemies to place in power positions than any president I recall before him. I think his confidence in his is personal attorney screams out that this is President Trump’s major weakness.

What is gathering has been predicted from many sources (both spiritual and material) to occur now. From now through 2025 we are living in hell. Please do not make it permanent. Through inaction, you support Luciferian secret societies and that is the swamp.

I believe that I am prepared correctly. You prefer the Yahoo criminal chat groups for hire more so than the obvious facts. So many have rejected what I have done for myself and your interest that I am certain I must be totally right.


Jim Sinclair

Executive Chairman

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Please note this post was posted two days previous (August 20) for our subscribers.


My Dear Friends,

We will keep this short and to the point. As time goes by, you will come to know all the ingredients to the fact that economic law lives and is in the process of reasserting itself like a hot solar storm on the surface of the sun.

MOPE has failed and the world is about to implode economically and socially because of it. Your question to all of us has been when will all this happen. The answer is now. The means to this occurrence is accelerating uncontrollable volatility in the world fiat currency markets. The rise in the dollar here and now is due to Richard Russell’s thesis of the synthetic dollar short. This can be easily understood by remembering that the currency you borrow will fluctuate. If that movement is up, then you are at a loss considering where it was trading when your borrowed it.

The Titanic Forces of Economic Sin in the Theory of Management of Perspective Economics (MOPE), which was identified by us only and no one else more than a decade ago, is the most ignorant concept.  If markets could be controlled globally, the laws of economic could be cancelled and depressions, plus serious recessions, eliminated forever. They cannot be! You will witness this very soon.

The equity markets around the world have been celebrating the cancellation of economic law, the Austrian School of Economics and all the teachings of Ricardo and Smith,  have been declared dead. The assent of the Devil of Artificial Intelligence operated by the most advanced computers has resulted in market manipulation so huge that there is no historical precedent for the volatility that the end of MOPE will produce.

The only way to win in the Game Theory computer manipulation of market of markets is don’t play. The economic insanity of the big players is now clearly behind the reduction of one of the major international financial houses of their trading department from 500 people to 1 person only. They simultaneously hired 9000 computer engineers to build the strongest computer system in order to own all the world of trading and manipulating markets. They are convinced they are right by their own creation, with the huge climb in equity prices regardless of the lack of true internal economic strength. They, therefore, in making the switch between traders and computer engineers confirm their view of MOPE and the Death of Monetary Science. They see their choice of manipulated stocks reaching into the 1000s that contribute nothing fundamental to the world systems such as social networks and movie purveyors. At the same time a major flagship (i.e. GE) of the internal US economy falls from the mid $40s to $12. General Electric is one of the real engines of US economics that now falls price wise therefore capital value wise.

Finally according to the laws of economics the US Fed, having extended its balance sheet insanely, has lost control of its internal and therefore external monetary policy. The run up now in the dollar because of the technical dollar short is the Death Knell of the fiat system. It is the product of a spreading panic in the non – reserve emerging market currencies. It is the currency of Turkey and Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina that have fallen hard and fast with Asia to follow that is the pending Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction. The only way to stop it is for the US Federal Reserve to go ballistic in global QE followed by all the developed world’s central banks in unison to provide the dollars demanded by the debt instruments of this unwind. You will witness the move to hyperinflation in the useless attempt to continue the ignorant game of MOPE and hold economies and fiat system together.

There is no answer other than GOLD to save yourself.

The price of gold will be a product of the size of US debt now outstanding. Gold always balances the balance sheet of the USA as it did in 1980 at $887.50. If we really had the gold at Fort Knox then the price of gold would rise to slightly under $17,000. Since we do not, $50,000 or more is a probability.

This timing is a cause of the scent of the advent of a major trade war between China and the USA confirmed last week.

A tariff war at this time is most unwelcome.

Today, President Trump made it clear that he is a president of lower, not higher interest rates.

Connect all these dots and the return to the long term bull market in gold is at hand.

I have spent 14 years in the attempt to build one of the largest piles of gold possible free of any margin at all. You must know you have to be your own central banks as they are going to fall not one by one but rather all at once. Now you see that the major world’s gold buying nations that are China and Russia are operating on a Policy, not investment motivated.

Thank God you know this now and do the necessary.

Gold will be the last man standing . After June of 2019 there will be an entire new system monetarily only known to the early advocates of the theory of “Free Gold”

Today the fist system has broken and all the king’s men cannot put it back together again.

Gold will have a market of “$50,000 bid to $50,000 offered” as this new system, by the true law of economic reveals itself. There is no force on Earth that can stop the consequences of greed and mass hysteria of the years 1968 to present. This is also the end of the rule of this planet by what you call the deep state. This is the war of light versus darkness that had to come.

Bill and I have been invited to be interviewed together on this unique connection of the dots by Greg Hunter this coming Friday for weekend presentation.

You need to hear this week’s discussion between Bill, David and myself to connect the dots to your full understanding of the unusual

Grouping of events taking place.

This answers the when you ask so often about the timing of the resumption of the long term gold bull market.

Jim Sinclair

Executive Chairman


It’s Not Just Turkey: There Is A Dollar Liquidity Storm Ahead Of Us
August 17, 2018

Experts are warning that 95 on the dollar index is the line in the sand, and we’re over 96 now. Here’s what experts say happens next…

by Brian Maher of Daily Reckoning

“It’s not just Turkey,” we are warned.

“The dollar liquidity storm is ahead of us — buckle up.”

Forewarned, we acknowledge Nedbank strategists Neels Heyneke and Mehul Daya for the advisory.

Where will it likely strike next?

Answer anon…

We begin with a brief excursion into the mysteries of the international monetary system… and the “Triffin dilemma.”

In 1959 Belgian-American economist Robert Triffin alighted upon a thumping paradox…

A nation boasting a global reserve currency carries a unique burden, he observed.

It must surrender partial control of its own monetary policy. It must also serve a global master.

That is, it must issue a superabundance of currency to lubricate the gears of global commerce.

Absent that continuous flow, the machinery could seize… and the world could sink into depression.

The issuing nation must therefore be willing to endure vast, sustained trade deficits.

The less wares the issuing nation buys from the world, after all, the less currency is available for global duty.