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originally published Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Tanzanian Royalty stock is right now regarded as selling at an extraordinarily low bargain price. There are several important reasons for this. One is that several years back it (and other key mining stocks) suffered from an orchestrated shorting campaign where, after the conspirators heavily shorted a stock, they set about spreading negative disinformation about the company.In the case of Tanzanian Royalty the story was that the company had a piece of land in a banana republic where they were proposing to make a large worthless hole (open pit). The effectiveness of these stories relied on the fact that most investors are too idle or disinterested to do their own due diligence, which is partly understandable given the deep malaise that has afflicted the sector in recent years. Another big reason for the low price is that the stock has been driven down by persistent light “attrition” selling against the background of a lack of interest in the sector, because most investors were chasing a rising broad market and in particular a bubble in the Tech sector and especially in the FAANG stocks, but with all that about to come to an end, interest should return. Still another reason is that most investors have a very sketchy understanding of Africa, and it’s easy to play on their image of the continent as being of mired in rank corruption with guys hacking at people indiscriminately with machetes and driving round on jeeps with machine guns, and of course South Africa and Zimbabwe don’t help the image of the continent. But Africa is a vast and diverse place and Tanzanian Royalty both has the goods in terms of a large proven resource and has a good relationship with the government, which stands to benefit if the company does well and therefore has an interest in its success. Investors skepticism about investing in Africa is therefore considered to be misplaced, and one thing that will certainly help to allay their fears will be rising stock prices in mining companies like this.

We have a gold mining company here that has a proven big commercially viable resource whose stock is grossly undervalued – so what are the catalysts that will get it moving? The 1st is a new bullmarket in the Precious Metals sector which will be promoted by a shift out of risk assets and / or a rise in inflationary expectations, and the 2nd big catalyst will be that the new bullmarket will be greatly assisted by a growing wave of M&A (merger and acquisition) activity across the sector, since the easiest way to build up your resources at a time when mining stocks are terribly undervalued is to buy them up. We saw a fine example of that on a massive scale just a few days back with the merger of GoldCorp and Newmont Mining where the action in these stocks tells us that Newmont shareholders got the short end of the stick.

But there is another major catalyst that is thought likely to get Tanzanian Royalty stock moving in short order, and that is the extensive drilling program that is just about to start. The purpose of this drilling program is to further define the resources contained within the planned open pit, but more than that to deep drill into what is suspected to be a potentially world class resource residing beneath the open pit. Even regardless of actual results, this drilling program is expected to generate considerable interest in the company and the stock. The announcement of this drilling program 10 days ago is what caused the stock to bounce back on very heavy volume, which drove the accumulation line sharply higher, a very bullish development, as we can see on the latest 6-month chart below. So that rally out of the lows has a good chance of being the 1st impulse wave of a new bullmarket, which means that the modest reaction back of recent days on declining volume, which is also bullish, is giving us the chance to buy the stock at a very favorable price.


Finally, it is worth reminding ourselves of just how cheap Tanzanian Royalty is historically which we can easily do by referring to the 5-year chart, on which we see that as recently as 2014 it was at times trading at 8 times the current price, and back in 2006 it got to about 27 times the current price, which has its comical aspect when you consider that the company is much closer to attaining its goals than it was back then. This should tell you all you need to know about the intelligence of the average investor. We go on common sense, and stick with the time honored old adage “Buy low, sell high”. Right now it’s time to buy Tanzanian Royalty low.


End of update.

Clive Maund

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation, TRX, TNX.TSX, closed at $0.33, C$0.43 on

18th January 19.

Posted at 10.00 am EST on 20th January 19.

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I used to live in a 47 room, 19,000 square foot compound on 300 acres. Now my home is well under 2,000 square feet. I usually drive my business van with no side window. It is called the “Puppy Express.” I am looking for a not nice 1950 Ford, with no computers in it. I will make it run. Body condition is irrelevant. I have 2 years of foul tasting emergency food and an arsenal. My huge dog hates all people and maybe me. I also just gave myself a full Arctic Exploration suit because of the collapse of the Arctic Vortex. Planet warming? Watch what happens.

Life is not complicated and being content is such a wonderful feeling.

Once, not too long ago, on a business trip to the Middle East, due to an error, or more likely a set up, I spent some time in a Qatar lock up with 2000 somewhat miscreant Arabs, alone in my persuasion. It was like the movie “Midnight Express.” Every one should try it for a few weeks. It makes you so happy to be here with all its awful and growing socialism (COA) plus social / economic problems, plus fake everything. The looming economic “ Global Spiritual Economic and Social Experience” is nothing when compared to 2000 perma-angry Arabs staring at you like you were for lunch. I was wearing what I got locked up in, no pink jumpsuit or flip flops, no comb or razor. No showers, thank you God.


Get Ready– They’re Coming For Your Money
January 22, 2019

Every so often throughout history, the peasants grab their pitchforks and come for the elite. It happens when the wealth gap grows too extreme… when people feel like they are getting left behind, with no opportunity to advance.

Central banks around the world have printed trillions of dollars over last decade, and pushed interest rates to zero, and sometimes below. And all of that stimulus went directly into the pockets of the wealthy.

Since 2009, the world’s billionaires more than DOUBLED their combined wealth. All the billionaires in the world had $3.4 trillion in 2009. By 2017, they amassed $8.9 trillion.

Mark Zuckerberg multiplied his wealth almost 20 times over, from $3 billion in 2009, to over $58 billion in 2019.

Neither this email nor content posted on the website is intended to provide personal tax or financial advice. Before undertaking any action described in this letter, financial or otherwise, you should discuss your options with a qualified advisor if you can find one— Middle East criminal attorney– Tax accountant, Financial planner,  Regular dumb attorney, straight priest, shaman , guru, IRS auditor, Bernie Madoff and Nancy Pelosi 


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Jim & Bill,

The following are links to articles on the topics from this Saturday’s discussion for subscribers, 1/19/19.  I encourage our listeners to read for themselves.


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The following are links to articles on the topics from our Saturday talk, The End Of Empire And Reset, available for subscribers. I encourage our listeners to read for themselves.


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God save Our Republic from all those that would tear America down, tear the Constitution up and institute the
rule of satan, the fake god of the 1%.

Jim Sinclair

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Merry Christmas to Tim and Laura!  Thank you both so much for your thoughtful “Christmas Jackpot” story, good likeness of all three including the mysterious “Dave”.

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You might look at it this way. One computer running a “head line reading” algo just went to full sell on a headline in the Baghdad Times that MDS was going to sell his US securities. That sell ticked off one momentum algo. The 9000 computer engineers just hired by Goldman at the same time gave their super algo quantum fast computer a test run.

Inadvertently, this set off the balance of the army of momentum computers letting go all the world algos on the sell side.

You see, all algos are created by geeks having never in their lives witnessed a real bear market in equities. Therefore there is no effective algo for a bear market, but to hide. This results in loss of volume, therefore the remaining momentum algos all go on the sell side.

As a result the end of the fake bull market arrives.

Since there is no algo for gold, but only manipulating activity, price stands still and looks at the mess going on. Gold does nothing for a short period of time. Then gold finds it’s lost retail and starts the reset algo off at the Federal reserve trading building in New York.

Have you ever considered that gold might be held down to facilitate the reset, in order to look less like a panic by a reprice to $2000 or $2500? I do and have always thought this, but it will not work.

Look out the window and see this today for yourself.



Jim Sinclair
Executive Chairman


Can you say “A snowball induced avalanche?

“….you are witnessing a massive culling of the hedge fund industry as hundreds of funds are liquidated and thousands more get sizable redemptions.

As a result, you are seeing waves of forced sell orders and few buyers. “







CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Forced Fund Liquidations: Stocks Slammed By Barrage Of Massive Sell Programs
December 17, 2018

The US equity markets are being hit by an onslaught of significant sell programs today, suggesting forced fund liquidations.






The surge at around 1330ET was the 3rd biggest sell program of 2018 and with each new flush, stocks are making news lows…