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You cannot stand aside, watching America go pure Marxist and do nothing to save what is so DEAR to us all.

Face facts. We are watching in silence everything meaningful to us fall into oblivion in large chunks almost on a daily basis.

There is no need to list the many freedoms that threaten to be obliterated. Reading about this horror does nothing to reverse this cliff, for which we have been pushovers. The slippery slope is well behind us. The hellhole of the Marxist is growing like a giant vacuum sucking the life out of us all, even if you are sleeping or just plain ignorant.

In 1776, there was a mandate of King David not unlike the “Red Flag” now being debated by the legislative will, if not eliminated from the financial bill, in discussion for an upcoming vote. America will be disarmed on something as simple as a complaint from your woke neighbor. As a result, the Second Amendment will be amended out of existence.

The Colonies in 1776 were the true home of the brave, as farmers took their squirrel guns and dared to take on the largest military power on the planet at that time. The Revolution has little to do with taxation . It had everything to do with a forced mandate from King David.

If this “Red Flag” becomes law the Constitution is fully destroyed. Did you do anything to stop it?

I am by no means s adopting the battle cry of our Founding Fathers which was “To Arms, To Arms.” Citizens have no power to fight a techno-armed force.

However, we are to let our deepest faith be known as ” One Nation Under God,” in a democratic non-confrontational way.

If you do not have an American flag – buy one. It can be 10 inches out of an apartment window or ten feet on a large property. Fly your flag in defiance of American Marxism by any new fancy name, or by any new narrative being promulgated.

Be Proud of Old Glory. Be it a lapel pin or a large flag on a pole. You are then publicly saying NO to American Marxism and to those that would burn her.

Be brave enough to simply express your feeling right in their faces. So many proudly died for this privilege. Use it or we all succumb quietly to the fallen angels of Satan, so powerful among the world’s elite 1% Globalists.

Love her, or Leave her


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There may never be a time in history when end times prophecy is more aligned with current events than it is today.