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The following are links to articles on the topics from our Saturday talk, The End Of Empire And Reset, available for subscribers. I encourage our listeners to read for themselves.


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God save Our Republic from all those that would tear America down, tear the Constitution up and institute the
rule of satan, the fake god of the 1%.

Jim Sinclair

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Merry Christmas to Tim and Laura!  Thank you both so much for your thoughtful “Christmas Jackpot” story, good likeness of all three including the mysterious “Dave”.

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You might look at it this way. One computer running a “head line reading” algo just went to full sell on a headline in the Baghdad Times that MDS was going to sell his US securities. That sell ticked off one momentum algo. The 9000 computer engineers just hired by Goldman at the same time gave their super algo quantum fast computer a test run.

Inadvertently, this set off the balance of the army of momentum computers letting go all the world algos on the sell side.

You see, all algos are created by geeks having never in their lives witnessed a real bear market in equities. Therefore there is no effective algo for a bear market, but to hide. This results in loss of volume, therefore the remaining momentum algos all go on the sell side.

As a result the end of the fake bull market arrives.

Since there is no algo for gold, but only manipulating activity, price stands still and looks at the mess going on. Gold does nothing for a short period of time. Then gold finds it’s lost retail and starts the reset algo off at the Federal reserve trading building in New York.

Have you ever considered that gold might be held down to facilitate the reset, in order to look less like a panic by a reprice to $2000 or $2500? I do and have always thought this, but it will not work.

Look out the window and see this today for yourself.



Jim Sinclair
Executive Chairman


Can you say “A snowball induced avalanche?

“….you are witnessing a massive culling of the hedge fund industry as hundreds of funds are liquidated and thousands more get sizable redemptions.

As a result, you are seeing waves of forced sell orders and few buyers. “







CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Forced Fund Liquidations: Stocks Slammed By Barrage Of Massive Sell Programs
December 17, 2018

The US equity markets are being hit by an onslaught of significant sell programs today, suggesting forced fund liquidations.






The surge at around 1330ET was the 3rd biggest sell program of 2018 and with each new flush, stocks are making news lows…












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Bolton in his description of the new Africa Policy is a combination of my book “Boom” and “The Strategic Materials War” plus a recent a letter written to our President. This letter made a present of the books plus outlined how China is stealing Africa from the Africans.

At the same time the genius policy of China debt guarantees that China owns the future of the world by owning the vast majority of Raw Materials and Strategic Materials plus Rare Earths required for the very existence of all technology even this lap top and my smart phone just to mention a very few items that depend on Africa.Our new arm ed forces can be made  ineffective by the lack of these items.

I find it interesting that the a certain African/Chinese business body in an African country was once chaired by the most evil man on the continent.

You are most welcome Mr. President Trump.

Jim Sinclair
Executive Chairman

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If one offered investors a fat tail put option that never decays or expires, costs about -1% pa to carry, has no counter party risk & no chance of ever becoming worthless, there would be a line out the door. But when one explains that this option is physical gold… no interest.

          S. Mikhailovich

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My Dear Friends,

In the last week, certainly today, gold acted as the “alternative asset”, to hold value and increase in price in the midst of equity market debacles.

This has not gone unnoticed.

It has been wrong to buy gold on break outs for years, but today I sinned. I increased my position by 50% in gold itself.

Jim Sinclair
Executive Chairman

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The world is a Rubik’s cube of information and events gone full retard. Jim discusses the coming reset that Christine Lagarde spoke of this week. This week is a must listen!








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