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Great and Wonderful Tuesday Morning Folks,

      We had another up, then down, in our markets with Gold up again with its trade at $1,852.10, an $8.40 gain after the high was made at $1,855 and the low at $1,838.50. This time Silver is down 1.2 cents and trading at $22.08 and near its high after the dip to $22.12. The US Dollar continues to not react to anything with the last calculation set at 102.72, up 27.3 points after it hit a high of 102.84 with the low so far at 102.465. All this occurred during the ICE session, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after the SEC and former CFTC chairman “Honest” Gary Gensler directs staff to explore ways to make the stock market “more efficient for small investors and public companies”. Which can easily be translated as another way to screw small investors, like he did with the Silver manipulation.

      In Venezuela, Gold’s value pulled back 22.12 Bolivares with the last trade at 9,526.55 with Silver losing 1.65 with its last buy price at 113.57 Bolivares. In Argentina, Gold’s last trade was at 224,203.73 Pesos proving a 197.71 gain with Silver’s last trade at 2,672.88, proving a 29.99 A-Peso pull. In Turkey, Gold shows a 254.97 gain with the last price at 31,070.61 Liras with Silver pulling back 1.38 T-Liras with its last trade at 370.376. Russia’s Ruble price for Gold is now at 113,473.71 proving another 1,214.54 pull with Silver seeing a 32.03 pull at 1,352.79 Rubles.

      June Silver’s Delivery Demands now stand at 117 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts with a 3-lot Volume up on the board that traded in between $22.035 and $22.025 with the third buy at the high, down 3.9 cents, so far today. Yesterday’s full day of delivery activity happened in spread trade fashion that had a total of 3 purchases made with Comex fixing the close at $22.074, for an 8.4 cent gain on the day that helped reduce the demand count by 29 contracts with the balance supposedly getting receipts. Silver’s Overall Open Interest shows 1,205 more contracts had to be added in order to keep this market down to an 8.4 cent gain during yesterday’s trades bringing the early morning total to 147,398 Overnighters.

      June Gold’s Delivery Demands now stand at 6,925 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipt with 1,137 more purchases showing up on the board that traded in between $1,847.20 and $1,835 with the last buy at $1,844.40 for a $5.20 gain, so far today. Yesterday’s full day of ICE/Comex deliveries happened in between $1,854.10 and $1,840 with the last buy at the low, after Comex tricked the close at $1,839.20 (wntwm) for a $6.20 loss on the day that had a total of 142 swaps that helped reduce the demand count by 574 contracts with the balance supposedly getting receipts. Gold’s Overall Open Interest shows 1,990 contracts left the tamp leaving us a total of 496,514 contracts to trade against the real.

      The resident administration is pushing the Schwab’s-WEF “you will own nothing and be happy” agenda by using tricks in language to promote this failed philosophy. An interview was done on the legacy channel-ABC and has Buttigieg announcing the Biden inflation plan is to create increased dependency on the state and apply socialist economics (steal from one and give to another until they run out of everything), with the Biden led government to provide medicine, childcare, and of course, housing and food.

      At the same time the questionably elected is pushing an idea every working American would say no to, Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf and the Barry County Sheriff’s Office is suing upwards, and aiming directly at MI Attorney General Dana Nessel, MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, the Director of MI Bureau of Elections Jonathan Brater, the MI State Police, MI State Police Trooper Bryan Fuller and MI State Police Trooper David Geyer in their official and individual capacity. Dar has the proof (talking mules?)

      Late Friday the DHS report and advisory was released, stating that Homeland Security admits Dominion Voting Systems have inherent vulnerabilities and are easily manipulated by local election officials. Just like those voting machines that counted the votes in DeKalb County, Ga. on the last count, where the hand count proved the machines cannot be trusted. Btw, Arizona made a good change.


It’s now a thing; “Illegal Mules Activities” and the data is crossing over into multiple states, a well-greased and funded organized crime unit, with a money trail and a whole host of talking mules. And yet, the markets do nothing in response to the news already out there. how much longer will this go on?

      Stay positive no matter what, and always keep a smile on the face. Keep the faith and enjoy the day, as always …

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson

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Not positive, but I think our pal Dave may have gone for a couple stiff drinks immediately after pushing the send button!


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This call was made available for subscribers on January 8, 2022.

Please listen to this year end recap and vision for the coming year with Denny and CEO of TRX Stephen Mullowney.
The link will take a couple minutes to load but well worth hearing. Congratulations to Stephen and team for moving this property so far forward in just 12 months!


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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Powerful, and so true!

The Terrifying Lessons Of COVID-19
January 6, 2022

During the past 18 months, the relationship of the American people to the government has changed radically, as the Constitution’s failure to restrain the federal and state governments and to protect personal liberty has become manifest.

We know that for the past 100 years the growth of the federal government has been exponential. And we know that while formally the Constitution still exists, functionally it has failed miserably, as the deterioration of personal liberty since the spring of 2020 has been as grave as the losses of freedom in the past 100 years.

I am using 100 years as a benchmark because it marks the completion of the takeover of the federal government by the Theodore Roosevelt Republicans and the Woodrow Wilson Democrats who collectively comprised the Progressive movement. This movement brought us in a short 15 years the useless World War I, the destructive popular election of senators, the corrupt Federal Reserve, the theft of property called the income tax and the unconstitutional administrative state.

The war killed millions for naught. The popular election of senators undermined state sovereignty. The Federal Reserve destroyed economic freedom. The federal income tax legalized theft. And the administrative state created an unconstitutional fourth branch of government “experts” answerable to no one.

Yet the iron fist of totalitarian government visited upon the American people in the name of COVID-19 has struck at the heart of the Constitution and landed heavy blows on average Americans in far more acute and direct ways.

Here is the backstory.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

More insider trading? Do you think the game might be rigged?

Outgoing Fed Vice Chair Quietly Covered Up Suspicious Trades Made During March 2020 Market Rout
January 6, 2022

Several months have passed since FOMC members Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren and Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan abandoned their posts following a trading scandal that raised questions about senior Fed officials.

Now, Richard Clarida, who is already on his way out the door at the Fed to make room for Biden appointee Lael Brainard, has become the latest senior Fed official to find his way into the ethics officials’ rifle sights.

Because according to the NYT, Bloomberg and a handful of other reports, Clarida sold at least $1M of shares in a US-traded stock fund in February 2020 before buying a similar amount of the same fund a few days later, on the eve of a major Fed policy announcement that would trigger an 18-month-plus torrid rally in stocks, bonds and other securities.

Notably, while Clarida’s purchase was previously disclosed and reported by Bloomberg News back in October, the initial sale of the fund shares wasn’t disclosed until last month, when an amended financial-disclosure form was finally filed with the government. Notably, this amended form was filed several weeks after the backlash to Clarida’s colleagues’ trades had died down.


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Real pictures versus the media version.


24 hours in a day and 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?  I think not!’ H. L. Mencken. (1880-1956).