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At year end I was asked for predictions of what 2022 might see?  My #1 prediction was that 2022 would see several narratives collapse.  It did not take long to begin!  Yesterday, Boris Johnson ended ALL Covid protocols in Britain and was followed by WHO backing off boosters for youngsters.  While still trying to discern what prompted BJ to do a 180 (other than trying to retain power?), we will wait to see if others follow suit?  We will also wait to see further actuary numbers of deaths from the insurance industry.  Raw numbers will be hard to spin …  Another area to keep close watch are financial markets.  Bluntly, the stock market is also a “narrative”.  I have said before and will reiterate now, the ONLY thing holding the social fabric together are stock markets still close to all time highs… but now seriously wobbling.  If markets had not been juiced and goosed to ridiculous levels, I believe we would have already had extensive riots and violence.  Only “401K” rosy statements have acted as salve on our wounded (mortally?) society.   

It remains to be seen what happens from here, but it is safe to say, any Fed or central bank tightening will be met with equities severely puking.  At close on Thursday we have had another downside equity reversal with option expiration coming tomorrow.  Friday will be interesting to watch, a bad OpEx episode could bring Monday and next week into position to break the equity narrative’s back? 

As for metals, we saw over 100 tons of Dec. COMEX gold contracts stand for delivery, I believe an all time monthly record.  2/3rds of the way through Jan., 18 tons are standing which is also a record for any full January.  Actually, 18 tons was about normal for one of the 4 major delivery months just a few years back.  It really does look like a stampede for delivery in the making!  Silver is even more interesting, and I should say “fraudulent”.  Over the last 8 months alone, COMEX claims to have shipped contracts representing over 800 million ounces to London for delivery.  The problem is “size”.  The entire world only produces slightly less than 800 million silver ounces, are we to believe there were really 800 million ounces laying around London to be delivered?  Especially after 2 full years of ridiculously outsized delivery claims?  Below are the EFP amounts over the last 8 months courtesy of Harvey Organ.









DEC: 100.615 MILLION OZ   And speaking of this magic number of 800 million ounces, this is also the amount that Ted Butler claims that Bank of America is now short.  I really cannot wrap my head around the reasoning for any bank to be short ANY amount of silver.  Especially since we heard from CFTC head Rostin Behnam back last February that “they” had to “tamp” down silver, otherwise there would have been big problems.  Yes, they kicked the can down the road about one year, is that can now filled with close to 1 billion short ounces of silver and too heavy to kick any further? 

To wrap this up, I believe we are at a serious crossroads here and now!  We should get many answers to many different markets and narratives in short order.  Unfortunately, if the answers include narratives failing left and right as I believe, life as we have known it will be drastically altered by horrid realities.  Be careful what you wish for as crumbling equity and real estate pricing, along with higher (drastically?) interest rates and inflation will make for an exploding misery index.  Couple this with precious metals and commodity indexes finally trading at true market clearing pricing, and you have almost the perfect storm.  Of course, perfection will only arrive with the full breakdown of supply chains, that should about do it for anyone with their heads in the sands of denial!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter
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One of my predictions for 2022 was that many narratives would unravel this year, looks like I did not have to wait too long! Today was a very big day for truth as Veritas (God bless them) uncovered military documents showing gain of function work and funding did in fact take place pre “Covid”. Another little morsel was that they knew Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine both are useful fighting the virus. Are you shocked?

 Walensky and the CDC admitted that the deaths were way overstated since as many as 75% had at least 4 comorbidities. Even CNN (certainly not news) and MSNBS (mainstream national bull shit) spent the last 24 hours walking back their sensational number of deaths FROM Covid as opposed to “with” Covid. We were even treated with a slew of e-mails today proving Fauci lied to Congress (and the nation and the world!). A pretty good 24-48 hours I would say!

 Sadly, worldwide, millions of vaccine severe adverse reactions and tens or hundreds of thousands of deaths have occurred from the things they now call vaccines (of course the definition of a vaccine has changed a couple of times over the last year ((and by all means fact check me like they don’t Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer)). We now hear of people collapsing or even dying on a daily basis. Soccer players, tennis stars, tv anchors, celebrities, and yes, even little children. Mind you, this is not hearsay or something cooked up by right tard lunatics, you can see videos of younger/healthy people collapse out of nowhere with your own eyes. And the kicker? Bean counter actuaries have seen a huge increase in life insurance payouts over the 3rd and 4th quarters of last year…some sort of anomaly or just coincidence?

 Now I wonder, whether the anti social media like litter, fakebook, giggle and their army of fake fact checkers will now reinstate all those they abolished for telling the actual truth on so many topics? And since we now know that Covid is not the killer we were told it was for healthy people, will companies including The USA Inc. back off on mandatory vaccinations? So many lives have been lost, maimed, and financially ruined due to a “miscalculation”. Will we at least get a we’re sorry or just a SNL “nevermind”?

 Not mentioned in the above paragraph are all the families broken and divided (divide and conquer was THE plan?) over Covid/masks/quackzines/Ivermectin etc. Think of the lifetime relationships now permanently ruined? Gender, race, religion, and politics were not enough division I guess, so they threw in a little bit of a health wedge? And what will the Karens now say who proclaimed the unquaxxed/mask refusers should be forcefully quarantined, denied healthcare/food, or any other services for that matter? It just blows my mind how anyone could possibly blame someone unvaxxed for endangering someone who is vaxxed…if in fact the quackzine does actually work?

 The above is just one broad topic mind you, what other “conspiracy theories” are in fact…FACT? JFK? 911? There are dozens more but I’ll add just one, do you really believe the numbers on your brokerage statement or 401K? They are quoted in almighty dollars…issued by an insolvent issuer…so they must be true, right? And because there is zero possibility of default (by an entity that qualifies by the “old” definition of a banana republic ((both financially and rule of law))…but is now conveniently changed), we enjoy zero % interest rates because there is no risk?

 As the title suggests, I’m sarcastically waiting. I am waiting for verbal apologies. I am waiting for written apologies. I’m certainly not waiting for public apologies because that would be too embarrassing? To be honest, I have not written this piece to gloat and say we told you so, not for apologies, or any other reason than I am really really pissed! I knew that narratives would fail and at some point, truth would come out. I certainly did not think I would feel emotionally as angry as I do now. I am angry because we have been purposely divided with lies upon lies upon bigger lies. Hopefully, the masses wake up and think, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice you’re a damn liar” but I would be dreaming if I believed this.

 To finish, now comes the scary part. We have been duly divided in every way imaginable, now comes the conquer part. As truth leaks out and anger increases, they must kick the table over to cover the lies and place blame. Will it be war? I would not bet against it, besides, there are many forms of war…like the one we have been fighting for our minds and liberties. If I had to bet, I would favor some sort of cyber attack/financial panic where a world more indebted than ever before is issued a “margin call”…and if we are lucky, services like water, electricity and other necessities (like food) are still available.

 File all of this under “conspiracy theory” if you wish, but it looks pretty clear to me!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

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People always want to know “when?”. When will the market crash? When will the credit facade implode? When will the reset occur? When will truth and the rule of law return? When will we return to “normal”? When, when when!

 First things first, were things “normal” prior to Covid? Or, were we like frogs in a pot of heating water and accepting each expansion of the tyranny envelope as the new normal? Only now do people (some) see the world as off the rails, and it wasn’t just a couple of years ago? And what about the people who see our new world as something just, right and the way it should be?

 In case you are wondering, our current state of affairs did not just happen, or happen by mistake. It all started on Nov. 22, 1963 when JFK was assassinated. The Warren commission signed off and whitewashed the affair…and the American public didn’t say boo. Then the US defaulted on Aug.15 1971 by going off the gold standard. The dollar began to seriously debase, there were a couple of recessions and then it was off the “nominal” races. The markets crashed in 1987 but were saved by a paltry $6 million jam job to Value Line futures. Governments learned a valuable lesson here, market pricing could be “forced” via derivatives!

 Then along came 911. Just as today with Covid’s antivaxxers, and horse paste promoters, anyone who questioned the official narrative was deemed a conspiracy theorist. The average American did not want to hear common sense nor truth. No, they just wanted to ignore it all and go on with their lives…because it really didn’t affect them. The problem is, 911 brought forward all sorts of government skullduggery versus the citizenry in the form of terrorism laws, surveillance, etc. Again, few spoke up so we now see and live a “new normal”.

 So here we are today in the new normal with no currency on the planet backed by anything real, only government promises and hopium to lend any value. Almost every western nation today fits the 1970’s definition of banana republic…both financially and how badly the rule of law has failed. Populations have been sliced and diced by age, sex, skin color, religion, political/sexual preference etc. etc. Divide and conquer at its best!

 Insane asset valuations have been created and funded by debt and fine-tuned by derivatives. Debt has become the “foundation” to everything, again, part of the new normal. We have even seen make believe assets (NFT’s) soar to mighty heights, but not to worry as this is now normal? Right has become wrong, up is now down, black is now white. If you have and use common sense then you are considered a racist, bigoted, homophobic/islamaphobic/misogynist pig. If you believe assets should be real rather than fake, or stand on their own rather than propped up by debt, then you are considered a dinosaur doomed to extinction.

 Just in the last two years alone, the Fed has increased money supply outstanding by over 35%…and had at least four cases (never to be prosecuted?) of members caught insider trading. We had very dubious elections, the largest bank in the land plead guilty to their 4th and 5th felonies, a bad case of the flu that preceded experimental injections made mandatory, leaving many sterile, immunocompromised or even dead. Follow the science they say? I am here to tell you that this particular brand of science will lead only to outright tyranny…I could go on and on as the above doesn’t even scratch the surface.

 My point is this, if you ask “when”, then you have not been paying attention.  “When” has already happened and is happening daily, and it was all pretty much done in broad daylight if you knew how and where to look. They have already told you the plan…to build back better. Do you get it? In order to build back better, they must tear the system down first. Look around you? There is nothing but lies and bogus policy that anyone with a functioning brain can decipher.

 We are way beyond “math” now, isn’t it obvious to you yet that they plan to pull the rug out from under everything they possibly can? At this point, the spark could be anything from the little boy who exclaims the king as naked to some sort of horrific false flag? With the speed of destruction we have already experienced, what makes you believe there is ANY time left?

 And lastly, if you believe there is going to be a White Knight who rides in to save the day and bring back “normal”, you are sorely mistaken. As it stands now, inflation (even as per BLS) is sniffing at 10%. Do compressed interest rates under 3% make any sense? What effect will higher interest rates have on the most highly levered system the world has ever seen? I’ll leave you with this…The Fed is dead, cash is trash, and return OF capital should be your highest financial concern!!!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration