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As an addendum to yesterday’s subscriber article, the topic of “time and sales” needs to be discussed. “Time and sales” is a very simple report that can be requested by literally anyone in any market. For example, when I was a young broker I had a large client who traded a minimum 10,000 shares at a clip. From time to time he would request a time and sales report to make sure his order was a good fill. Over a year’s time and asking for close to a dozen orders to be checked, he did have one trade where he was ripped off for an 1/8th ($1,250) of a point (we still traded in 1/16ths and 1/8ths so you can guess how long ago this was). The order was rectified and the client was reimbursed.

The reason I bring this up is because the CFTC, NYSE, NASDAQ, SEC or any other agencies have this tool of “time and sales” available to them. All exchanges are required to keep these reports. The CFTC can pull a time and sales report to investigate ANY time period they choose going back to the 1970’s …which of course includes many of the obvious and blatant precious metal waterfall events since 1996. The report will tell them EXACTLY how many contracts were bought or sold and which firm(s) performed the trade. Then, they can query the firm to find out who the buyer (or gross seller) was. They have the ability to track ANY trade back to the source, end of story!

But, they have not ever done this no matter how loudly the public cried out. Why not? This is fairly obvious, can you imagine if we truly knew “who”? I guess you could say because the public could NEVER handle the truth in their opinion?

So what is the point here? I wrote yesterday commenting on the settlement between the CFTC and David Liew and said I hoped they would “pull on that thread”. The more I thought about it, the CFTC never needed David Liew (though he would be helpful). All they need (needed) to do is pull a time and sales report before, during and after any of the plentiful waterfall events in precious metals. This would lead them to the clearing firm and thus the ultimate client. I might add, there was gross negligence after 911 for the airline put trades never to have been tracked back to the source. I would also add, if anyone in law enforcement is reading this, many people were MURDERED that day and there is no statute of limitations for murder. Please demand a time and sales for who bought all of those puts, follow the money (even though the winnings were never collected). The firms were required to “know their customer”, the identities can still be discovered if someone within law enforcement truly wanted to know. Perhaps, just as above …the public cannot handle the real truth?

The question still remains, is the CFTC now “changed” with a new administration and are they serious about following the rule of law?

If this is the case, all they need to do is follow the paper trail to discover who sold time and time again into the paper gold and silver markets to “e”ffect (no not a typo) and suppress price? Time and sales is in no way rocket science, any B grade broker has heard the term and knows what it is …does the CFTC? I am certain they do!

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Holter-Sinclair collaboration

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His name was Seth Rich, will anyone stand up for him?


Seth Conrad Rich

January 3, 1989 – July 10, 2016
Seth was a 27-year-old Democratic National Committee (DNC) employee who was fatally shot in Bloomingdale, Washington, D.C. The killer(s) of Seth have not been found.
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This is a story of Twitter censoring real and verifiable news while allowing bogus and fake news to flow freely. Putting the censorship aside, what should really strike you ill is the former chairwoman of the DNC, Donna Brazile, tried to intercede by calling the police to warn off a private investigator.

This thing has some very long legs and no telling (but we can certainly guess) how high up the ladder it leads to? Again, here’s hoping for the rule of law to prevail!

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Bill Holter’s Commentary

This is a very good read with a quote summing it all up for our current world; “The problem for the world in 2017 is not that Enron turned out to be a fraud, but that Enron turned out to be the leading edge.” We live in a financial world “marked to fantasy”, we will end up pegged to tragedy when ANYTHING is priced to reality.

Further Trying To Define Liquidity

On December 3, 1999, Enron Communications announced that the company had begun operations selling bandwidth as an energy commodity. After publicizing the venture in May that year, it seemed natural given that they had been selling similar products in the energy sector, pioneering all sorts of products along the way. As the internet matured there was no way Enron would be left out of what was clearly going to be the future. The original product was DS-3 between New York and Los Angeles produced by Global Crossing, offering the blazing capacity of 45 megabits per second.

Enron’s President Jeff Skilling said, “This is Day One of a potentially enormous market.” It never really happened, though largely because carriers balked at the idea, preferring direct-to-customer and resisting the necessary standardization that treated all networks as equal. There were also questions about how serious the company was in offering the product, as in hindsight it appeared more as if Enron management in late 1999 just needed a story to tell Wall Street.

There is more truth to that than people know. In the movie “Smartest Guys in the Room”, the film spends, I think, too little time on what Enron called mark-to-market accounting. It was huge for them in allowing the business to expand throughout the 1990’s. It would become one primary element in the subprime disaster, but not as mark-to-market so much as gain-on-sale accounting.