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Many are worried and stressed about the upcoming elections. In fact, over just the last few days it seems the worry has moved up a notch or two. I personally have also felt the stress while continually seeing poll numbers that do not make any sense (similar to 2016). It struck me this morning when seeing the following two articles:

NFL Ratings Collapse In Week 4…

NBA Finals Game 2 Ratings Crash by 68%, Least Watched Finals Game in History

that these are actually poll numbers! Does the average American, either right or left agree with the rioting, looting, and violence that has taken place? Does the average American, either right or left actually believe CNN et al touting “peaceful protests” with flames and outright violence in the background view? In fact, Michelle Obama came out yesterday with this same “peaceful protest” pabulum.

I have said since May that the average American does not condone ANY of this and the violence would move some on the fence and many midstream democrats to vote against the travesty of blatant violence. I personally believe the ratings collapse of both the “woke” NFL and NBA are in fact “polls” where people are just shutting off their TV’s in protest. I used to watch both the NFL and NBA until they started taking knees and preaching to me that I am a racist and basically a bad human being if I do not acquiesce and agree with their politics. I do not and never did watch sports to hear their opinions. I watched to view athletic ability, that’s all.

If anything, ratings should have gone up since everyone has been told to “stay home, stay safe, and for God’s sake wear a mask even when you sleep” (they never say “for God’s sake” anymore because that would be an admission of a higher being or creator…). In any case, with people staying home and watching more TV, what could possibly explain such ratings collapses? Easy dots to connect here folks, the average American does not approve of the “woke” message and are refusing to have it shoved down their throats. I personally believe that these viewership numbers are much better polling numbers than the lying MSM shoves out each day. Maybe I am wrong but it does not seem so if you use even 3rd grade logic from back in the day when logic meant something…

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Principe’ and I ride each day amongst many exotic animals. This is a P’ere David which was a native Chinese deer that went almost extinct after WWII. There are about 1,800 of these worldwide now and their numbers are growing, this local herd numbers 11. It’s too bad the world cannot be as accepting as these two but then again, we have been mandated into social distancing…until the day after the election?

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We received many e-mails and phone calls yesterday re the gold and silver trashing. First, this is not 2011 in any way shape or form. Back then, we were at the end of at least 2 1/2 years of very strong action coming off the 2008 GFC lows (or 10 years off the 2001 lows). Today we are less than 6 months off the lows. While physical demand was good in 2011, physical demand today is off the charts and stronger than ANY time in memory. In fact, Miles Franklin saw almost zero sells yesterday as the already very busy phone lines exploded with new buy orders!

Add to retail demand the fact that central banks bought nearly 20 tons of gold over the last 30 days. Understand, central banks do not buy gold to trade, it is an effort to shore up their shaky foundations because they know where the current financial lunacy leads to. Also, COMEX August deliveries look to be a barn burner! First notice day saw 143 tons standing which prior to this June was simply unprecedented. As of yesterday, that number has increased to slightly over 150 tons. Until about 18 months ago, standing amounts would always leak down into final delivery day, now each and every month sees queue jumping where the amount standing for delivery increases on a daily basis each and every month. Physical demand will mathematically overwhelm the available supply that paper exchanges can deliver, we are very close to this realization.

Yesterday’s action was kicked off with what I understand was a $4 billion paper order Monday night/Tuesday morning. We also have seen (and there have been many questions over the last week) the shares trade like crap for the last 10 days. This action in past years ALWAYS preceded raids on the metal prices. In other words, yesterday’s action was pre planned as so many past raids have been.

That said, we were certainly due a pullback from such overbought levels. We have been telling subscribers during our weekly calls to expect huge volatility that would only grow larger over time, it has certainly begun. Jim mentioned to me this morning that he is encouraged to see such high volatility so early in the move. Normally volatility does not rear such a large head until later in moves…but, this is gold and silver we are talking about where “unofficial” coordinated attacks occur. If you thought silver moving 7% higher several days in a row was volatility, just wait!

Many were looking for a pullback to make purchase or further purchase. You may have gotten the full correction yesterday or possibly more to come. In any case, this is the third, final and most exciting leg of the bull market in metals! Another way to say this is; the end and final meltdown in fiat currency is in sight. And with that, our advice as it has been for the last year or more is that this is the rally in gold and silver that should not be sold until a new currency comes forth that can be trusted. To be trusted of course will mean some sort of real backing and not just a promise the check is in the mail.

Stay calm and understand “why” you bought gold or silver in the first place. If you purchased to “make a profit” then good luck to you. If you bought to get out of the system (GOTS), then stay out of the system and move further capital to safety on this pullback if able. As for volatility, the last couple of weeks and yesterday are only the beginning tremors before the total eruption which also means the meltdown of fiat and credit. Please use your common sense and your own eyes to see credit (which is now 120 days late all over the world) is broken to the point it cannot be fixed. The explosion in global demand for metal is a direct result of big money understanding the only place to hide in a credit meltdown can only be where liability does not exist. There is ONLY one financial place in the world where liability does not exist, and you witnessed a coordinated effort to scare you away from it yesterday…!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

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