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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary If today does not get you wild about the Gold Bank’s unending desire to pick your pocket then you are simply numbed to the experience. The Gold Banks are losing their rich uncle so today was an act of bravado to show us. It was not oil. If you have had enough… Read more »

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Dear Jim, One need only read the following article to see the absurdity of the proposition that the US dollar can stay strong. The interest on this $2.1 Trillion [so far] or excess debt alone will eventually swamp the budget. It is absurd and highly correlated with US money coming back to the US from… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs,   Here is some information for all of you to help us recapture the price from the gold banks. Contracts: An Overview Contracts are promises that the law will enforce. The law provides remedies if a promise is breached or recognizes the performance of a promise as a duty. Contracts arise when a duty… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs,  The last pillar required for a massive gold move is the 30 year USA long bond breaking below its 35 year up trend line. The most important points:  “America is bankrupt. American government bonds are extremely overvalued. “The world’s last bubble.” America is in debt for over 13.000 billion (13 trillion) dollar and… Read more »

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Jim, Last Thursday afternoon I dropped into the local Suzuki automobile dealer in order to have a look at the new SX4 AWD mini crossover. The sales manager and I got chatting about the economy and as it turns out, he was quite knowledgeable on the subjects that we all read regularly on This… Read more »

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An observation of the mercurial manipulation of the paper gold price and our need to stop whining and start pushing back: If tonight there were 1,366 millionaires who would purchase Comex gold contracts and take delivery of that value of gold, the manipulation would end. Note the gold Bank Hammer that hit as the Comex… Read more »