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News Alert: House Passes Auto Rescue Bill By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN and DAVID E. SANGER Published: December 10, 2008 WASHINGTON — The House voted on Wednesday to approve a $14 billion government rescue of the American automobile industry, but the bailout plan, which would provide emergency loans to General Motors and Chrysler, was in jeopardy… Read more »

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Dear Jim, Can you comment on the rumor published on reliable sites that the IMF is going to pummel the gold market down to the $455 levels tomorrow at 12:22 PM? CIGA Arlen Dear Arlen, That rumor is nothing more than RAVING BULLSHIT! Jim

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary Only the uptick rule levels the playing field with pool short sellers running wild. No uptick allows the seller to pound away at the bids on a stock until the longs are simply bowled over. The pounders are the bastards that have been playing the gold juniors, pounding away. God help these… Read more »

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Dear Friends, If you review the 1929 and to some degree 1873 experience, you will see that regardless of how terrible banking and general business were a significant rally back after the break took place. The key element to the 1929-1932 event was the many programs that President Roosevelt undertook to affect Fiscal Stimulation. I… Read more »

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary I have already told you about this. I feel you should know the reasons behind the attack. Pakistan attack destroys more than 160 vehicles destined for US-led troops in Afghanistan Riaz Khan Associated Press – 12/07/2008 PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Militants blasted their way into two transport terminals in Pakistan on today and… Read more »