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Dear CIGAs, As I watch the News out of Washington today, I see the heads of our nation’s biggest banks being grilled in Congress on the causes of the economic problems we are facing. None of those guys can say they are there because their bank is flush with cash and great investments. The banks… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, I have been hearing about how we as in “We the people…” have to fix the banks so they can lend money again. Many options have been discussed and it looks like the President is strongly leaning toward a “Bad Bank” type of rescue where toxic securities will be dumped into a newly… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, While I was watching the wall to wall Inauguration coverage of Barack Obama there was a “man in the street” segment on one of the networks where people were being asked “What should the new President do about the troubled economy?” One man said “He should give money to all the homeowners who… Read more »