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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary Greg Hunter has written an article critical in its content for the CIGA senior citizens and those to enter this category in the next 10 years. Tomorrow Is Here Today 17 MARCH 2010 By Greg Hunter In December of 1997, the National Center for Policy Analysis ran this headline on their website… Read more »

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Whistleblower Harry Markopolos is on the stump promoting his new book titled “No One Would Listen.” It is about how it took 8 ½ years for the Securities and Exchange Commission to crack down on the Bernie Madoff scam.  Markopolos says he sent letters to the SEC that were “too many to count” in an… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, Many people I talk to and hear from are having a really hard time grasping how severe the real estate crisis is in America.  Let me sum up how bad the problem  is in one simple  sentence.  The real estate market (both residential and commercial) is the worst EVER!   According to Yale Economics… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, “Eat the Bankers” was written on a sign I saw in the background of the media coverage of the G20 meeting in London. To me the sign embodies the outrage working people have with the bankers. Not because there is an economic downturn but because the bankers are being put on a pedestal… Read more »

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Jim, Some say the biggest gold short or manipulator in the world is none other than the Federal Reserve. The Fed is not part of the government and is not really a reserve. It simply is a subcontractor for monetary policy in the United States. Can you please tell us why the Fed will ultimately… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, My wife and I were out to lunch with a friend of ours and she asked me ,” When is the economy going to get better?” If you saw Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony in the Senate yesterday, the answer is 2010. Of course that answer came with big caveats such as the… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, As I watch the News out of Washington today, I see the heads of our nation’s biggest banks being grilled in Congress on the causes of the economic problems we are facing. None of those guys can say they are there because their bank is flush with cash and great investments. The banks… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, I have been hearing about how we as in “We the people…” have to fix the banks so they can lend money again. Many options have been discussed and it looks like the President is strongly leaning toward a “Bad Bank” type of rescue where toxic securities will be dumped into a newly… Read more »