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Dear CIGAs, The CME issued a clarification on their recent margin requirements release. They are LOWERING initial margin requirements down to maintenance levels to bring the ratio down to 1:1 and not the other way around of raising maintenance to initial margin requirements. We can all relax now and go back to sleep while we… Read more »

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For more commentary from Trader Dan Norcini, make sure you check out his blog at Dear CIGAs, The talk today is of the subtle but significant shift in the FOMC in regards to another round of Quantitative Easing or QE. It appears the formerly hawkish dissenters from this madness have been brought in to… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, Please click the link below to listen to the past week’s metals wrap up from King World News, featuring our very own Trader Dan Norcini. Click here to listen to the weekly metals wrap up!