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Sadly, I must write what follows and do not do it lightly. Over the years when writing, I have held little back. Nothing will be held back in this missive as we are on the brink of war because apparently we have lunatics in Washington (and elsewhere) far more insane than the inmates they oversee…. Read more »

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Our apologies, there will not be a Q+A session this weekend as Jim is a bit under the weather and weak in voice.  We had planned to have Sean from SGT report interview us both but is pushed off until next weekend.  See y’all next weekend!

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This story says “Horses communicate with humans”. Really? Did they think it was just a 1,200 pound animal without any thoughts? Probably a good idea to understand “what” your horse is saying to you because if he is pissed for any reason and you do not know it, very bad things can happen! Of course… Read more »

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Bill and Jim interviewed Ann Barnhardt, topics include the complete loss of the rule of law, virtual markets that do not discover price, the upcoming election which Ann calls the equivalent of “pro wrestling”, and her take on Islam as a political system rather than a religion.  Don’t miss this one!