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Dear CIGAs, Considering the fact that today is the end of the month and that during such times, many markets that have been in uptrends see some price weakness as traders book profits, gold, and silver for that matter, displayed impressive strength as buyers went to work. One can only suspect that December should start… Read more »

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Dear CIGAs, The improvement in the jobs figure is based on the following: "For the latest reporting week, nine states didn’t file claims data to the Labor Department in Washington because of the federal holiday earlier this week, a Labor Department official told reporters. As a result, California and Virginia estimated their figures and the… Read more »

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Where has Jim gone? Jim Sinclair’s Commentary What is said here is a requiem for the dollar! Bernanke Warns: U.S. Debt Could Balloon to More Than 100% of GDP Jim Sinclair’s Commentary At the time of the Lehman crisis, bailout money from the Fed could have been legally lent to banks, financial institutions, partnerships, individuals… Read more »

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Jim, In this case it’s follow the leader (China) not the loser (US). CIGA BJS Tokyo still resistant to Washington base deal Fri, 23 Oct 2009 09:11:03 GMT The Japanese prime minister has once again expressed his country’s reluctance to keep a military deal with Washington over the presence of US forces. "It’s about how… Read more »

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary I am sure of $1650 and if I am wrong it will because my estimate was much too low. Maybe the other Jim is too low as well. Jim Rogers "Quite Sure" Gold Will Hit $2000, Dollar Will Lose Reserve Status Posted Oct 12, 2009 09:00am EDT Famed investor Jim Rogers is… Read more »