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Dear CIGAs, Due to Jim’s recent health issues, our New York Q&A session will now be postponed until Wednesday, September 4th. The venue and time remain unchanged. If you are unable to attend the new date and have already purchased a ticket, please email and we will be happy to offer you a full… Read more »

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Dear Extended Family, The first Q&A Session on May 18th is again completely sold out. There are approximately 15 seats left for the second show on May 19th. Tickets for the May 19th show are available below. The subject of the meeting will be: IS YOUR MONEY SAFE ANYWHERE? **For those of you driving to… Read more »

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James, You’re the master here, what’s your best advice? Respectfully, CIGA G Dear G, No margin equals no problem. People will do more as their emotions dictate and that cannot be altered. All the manipulation and false MSM cannot change the end game which is gold at much higher prices. This is 1979 all over… Read more »

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Dear Jim This charting software is what my old friend developed. Blue lines (horizontal )working as magnet…the name is Murray lines. The chart is squared. I think you’ll be right ,euro is long….as gold. Very interesting… Sincerely Zoltan the Hungarian Ciga Dear Zoltan At last someone agrees. Thank you Zoltan, now there are two of… Read more »

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Gold saw a massive 24 tonne sell order (7,800 contracts) at 08:20 a.m. New York time – bang on the opening of the world’s largest gold exchange – which produced a fall of 2.25% in the market price. If the selling was year-end profit-taking then it was inept. Dealers try and finesse big sell orders… Read more »