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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Yield spreads do matter, they ALWAYS do!

No Recession? All Of A Sudden Yield Spreads Are Collapsing

No recession. That was the recent declaration from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, noting that consumer spending, industrial output, credit quality, and other indicators don’t suggest economic risk.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Of course we know why, votes!  But we’ll bet you didn’t know that student loans are THE largest “asset” held by the federal govt?

The Biden administration is considering forgiving the student debt for millions of Americans. Here’s why

The Biden administration is considering wiping out hundreds of billions of dollars in student debt. Its announcement could come as soon as next month.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

General Flynn posted this letter from Missouri’s Attorney General to Christopher Wray, head of the FBI.  This bears watching!

One of the best and smartest letters to the FBI from a State AG ever. Standing up for his state’s citizens is what every State Attorney General must do. Serve your citizens. And the FBI needs to figure out what’s next because the people of America no longer trust you, your institution or your leaders.

Missouri AG, Eric Schmitt’s letter is spot on!!!

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Our pal Dismal Dave from down under could use our prayers as he almost bit the dust last week. He is recovering as you can see below.  We wish him Godspeed in his recovery!  

Dave’s Message

Thanks, Bill! Loads better. Great Doctor and hospital!

This is what I just sent out to my boys and the rest of the family…

How your Mother saved my life.

So, there we were, your Mother and I, at our regular PROBUS monthly meeting, sitting listening to a great guest speaker, when I felt a tad dizzy.

Next thing I knew, I had dropped sideways into her lap, with her pounding my chest, then blowing air into my mouth. (it’s what ICU nurses of long-standing, do. (other ones stop giving a presentation, and take a pulse; 8!!!)).

Because of this incredible good fortune, I was able to sit up and wonder just what I had done to deserve that!

By that time, the ambulance had arrived and my coronary artery bypass surgery adventure had begun.

Not for the faint-hearted…oh…wait

‘bout sums it up; will be quiet for a while, Bill!