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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Correct Wolfgang.  As for derivatives, I have seen total estimates top $2 Quadrillion …let that sink in!

Thank you for all the charts you post.
They help me gain a greater insight.
Everyone is looking at the trees (micro picture), not the forest (macro picture).  And they speculate off that.

For example, derivatives of the macro side ( oil, agriculture, hard commodities, transportation, supply chain issues, interest rates,  employment, Dollar, sentiment, etc. ) are what everyone, including the Fed, is looking at...individually.

Individually, they do have an impact.  But together, the impact of the sum of the parts is significantly greater.  You might even say logarithmicly so.

Stand back, be patient, and get a general feel as to what's happening.  Don't react to each report.

You can plant 3 or 4 flowers, such as impatiens or vincas, and watch them grow a little each day.  Some days they lag in growth and wilt a bit.  But step away for a week or two and you'll come back to an amazing slew of flowers that cover your entire garden!

Reminds me of an older gentlemen, back in the 70's, that only read the weekend papers for his financial news; never daily.
This allowed him to grasp a bigger picture of things and never got spooked.
He became quite wealthy. 

Gold will do what it has to do.  Forget about its daily actions in London or the Comex.  The big picture will not lead you astray.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech