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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Weekend humor

He should have answered the question with a question …Are you an idiot!

Male blood donor, 66, turned away from clinic after he refused to answer a question on whether he was pregnant as part of a pre-donation questionnaire

Over nearly 50 years, Leslie Sinclair has given a formidable 125 pints of blood.

But on his last trip he was turned away after refusing to answer a question on whether or not he was pregnant.

Mr Sinclair, 66, was told to fill in a form which asked whether he was expecting a child or had been pregnant in the past six months.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Dismal Dave with some ugly visual truth.

‘Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.’ Steven Wright. (1955-    ).

Bill Holter’s Commentary

What, if anything will be left?

As the Speeding Crypto Train Crashes, Scientific and Engineering Experts Tell Congress that Both Crypto and Blockchain Were a Sham from the Beginning