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Bill Holter’s Commentary

 Wolfgang,  China has done the same thing encouraging their population to purchase gold.  Both countries have also been quietly amassing State gold.  This should give you an idea that they are bringing gold back into their system as they know the West is bankrupting.  Best,  Bill

How ironic that a dictatorial superpower like Russia actually advocates it citizens to own gold, even going so far as to forgo its own purchases so that banks have enough inventory for the public.  Heck, they even removed the VAT tax.
Yet our own country frowns upon its citizens owning gold.  SPEND, and if you don't have it, go into DEBT.  Just feed the mighty industrial complex, at the expense of your financial health and future security.
Mind you, I love my country.  But I don't have to love the people running (or ruining) it.  Just like I don't have to love the mass shooting murderers running amok today.
As always, watch your ass.....and your gold.
CIGA Wolfgang Rech