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Bill Holter’s Commentary

You mean the housing ATM is out of cash?

‘Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.’ Frank Zappa. (1940-1993).

…and you just get them to eat this…

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Not the Onion.  File this under too stupid to be stupid!

FDA Official In Charge Of Evaluating New Drugs Hospitalized For ‘Mental Disorder’

A top federal official in charge of evaluating the safety of drugs was hospitalized against his will this month for an unspecified “mental disorder,” prompting concern over his fitness for the role he said includes making “major decisions that impact on public health,” The Daily Wire has learned.


Bill Holter’s Commentary


Video: Biden Education Secretary Says Biological Males Should Be Allowed To Compete In Girls’ Sport

Joe Biden’s Education Secretary declared Thursday that he believes biological boys should be allowed to compete against girls in sports, and even accused his questioner, GOP Congressman Jim Banks, of wanting to exclude children by discussing their biological gender.

During a Congressional hearing, Banks questioned Cardona on the administration’s attitude toward “gender identity”.