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Bill Holter’s Commentary 

In today’s world, you should be surprised by NOTHING!

Miami’s Mayor Backed MiamiCoin Crypto—Then Its Price Dropped 95%

On Feb. 2, the city of Miami cashed out its cryptocurrency MiamiCoin for the first time, depositing $5.25 million into city coffers. Miami mayor Francis Suarez hailed it as a “historic moment” and predicted the cryptocurrency could one day even replace municipal taxes as the government’s primary source of funding.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Like a good neighbor …?  I can only say I am glad they are not MY neighbor!

State Farm Accused Of Pushing LGBTQ+ Books On Kids, Consumers’ Research Launches ‘Like A Creepy Neighbor’

State Farm is being accused of recruiting agents to push books about gender fluidity on young children, and a new ad campaign by Consumers’ Research slams the insurance giant as “a creepy neighbor” to spotlight claims by an internal whistleblower.