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Bill Holter’s Commentary

There are few adults left, Wolfgang!

Exactly who is sanctioning who?
In my eyes, those who have the most to lose are hurt the most.  Obviously that's the West.
The entire world is being drawn into a chaotic downward spiral of economic destitution.
Ever since the Biden administration has come into power we've had increasing tumult in domestic and international markets to the detriment of our own standard of living.  Can we live without petro products, raw materials, manufacturing capabilities, and trading partners?  Of course we can.   The Neanderthals did.  But is that what we want?
Globalization is good thing, providing however, all the members of the family get along; resolve any issues diplomatically and not in a schoolyard brawl manner.
Statesmanship, as opposed to politics, is using brains and tact in lieu of brawn and bullying.  Being adults instead of kids.  That's what is lacking in today's political arena.
We have discarded the concepts of comparative advantage and ignored the boundaries of pareto optimality for some nefarious agenda. Only history will enlighten us to what that is.
CIGA Wolfgang Rech