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Bill Holter’s Commentary

They are warning you ahead of time about the “…aaand it’s gone” moment?  As a reminder, one owns gold and silver precisely because they cannot go “bankrupt” in a world that mathematically will!

Coinbase Admits Users May Lose Crypto If Exchange Goes Bankrupt

Hidden away in Coinbase Global’s disappointing first-quarter earnings report—in which the U.S.’s largest cryptocurrency exchange reported a quarterly loss of $430 million and a 19% drop in monthly users—is an update on the risks of using Coinbase’s service that may come as a surprise to its millions of users.

In the event the crypto exchange goes bankrupt, Coinbase says, its users might lose all the cryptocurrency stored in their accounts too.


Bill Holter’s Commentary


Terra UST Stablecoin Dives Below $1 Peg; Luna Cryptocurrency Down 80%

The two main tokens from embattled crypto project Terra went into free fall Wednesday.

TerraUSD, or UST, plunged to as low as 26 cents. The so-called stablecoin is meant to maintain a 1-to-1 peg with the U.S. dollar. It was last trading at around 68 cents, according to Coin Metrics data.