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Bill Holter’s Commentary

This was one of the main topics for Saturday’s subscriber discussion.

Exclusive: Russia’s Sergey Glazyev introduces the new global financial system (


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Inflation up and earnings down?

‘It is hard to tell where Hollywood (the Fed?) ends and the DT’s begin.’ W.C. Fields. (1880-1946).

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Some silver charts to ponder. This first chart is only 6 months in time but does show silver neither overbought nor oversold on a daily basis.  Please note the MACD at the bottom, it has now crossed over into a buy signal, the “hook” has formed!.  We also see a daily “golden cross” of the 50 day moving average crossing over the 200 day moving average on March 21.

This 2nd chart is 2 years and and calculated weekly as opposed to daily, it shows the nearly 18 month consolidation after the run from $15 to $30.

This last chart is 5 years, and weekly rather than daily.  The MACD’s here crossed over in Oct, chopped, and now firmly on a buy signal.

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Was it real money that they borrowed in the first place?

On The Heels Of Russia’s Dollar Bond Default, Sri Lanka Defaults On Its Dollar Debt-Who Is Next To Destabilize Just So Its People Can Eat?

Noted journalist (once upon a time journalists were actually recognized as ‘noted’-not just paid off propagandists) and author Alfred Henry Lewis said in 1906, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.”