I’m Waiting! (Sarc)

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One of my predictions for 2022 was that many narratives would unravel this year, looks like I did not have to wait too long! Today was a very big day for truth as Veritas (God bless them) uncovered military documents showing gain of function work and funding did in fact take place pre “Covid”. Another little morsel was that they knew Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine both are useful fighting the virus. Are you shocked?

 Walensky and the CDC admitted that the deaths were way overstated since as many as 75% had at least 4 comorbidities. Even CNN (certainly not news) and MSNBS (mainstream national bull shit) spent the last 24 hours walking back their sensational number of deaths FROM Covid as opposed to “with” Covid. We were even treated with a slew of e-mails today proving Fauci lied to Congress (and the nation and the world!). A pretty good 24-48 hours I would say!

 Sadly, worldwide, millions of vaccine severe adverse reactions and tens or hundreds of thousands of deaths have occurred from the things they now call vaccines (of course the definition of a vaccine has changed a couple of times over the last year ((and by all means fact check me like they don’t Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer)). We now hear of people collapsing or even dying on a daily basis. Soccer players, tennis stars, tv anchors, celebrities, and yes, even little children. Mind you, this is not hearsay or something cooked up by right tard lunatics, you can see videos of younger/healthy people collapse out of nowhere with your own eyes. And the kicker? Bean counter actuaries have seen a huge increase in life insurance payouts over the 3rd and 4th quarters of last year…some sort of anomaly or just coincidence?

 Now I wonder, whether the anti social media like litter, fakebook, giggle and their army of fake fact checkers will now reinstate all those they abolished for telling the actual truth on so many topics? And since we now know that Covid is not the killer we were told it was for healthy people, will companies including The USA Inc. back off on mandatory vaccinations? So many lives have been lost, maimed, and financially ruined due to a “miscalculation”. Will we at least get a we’re sorry or just a SNL “nevermind”?

 Not mentioned in the above paragraph are all the families broken and divided (divide and conquer was THE plan?) over Covid/masks/quackzines/Ivermectin etc. Think of the lifetime relationships now permanently ruined? Gender, race, religion, and politics were not enough division I guess, so they threw in a little bit of a health wedge? And what will the Karens now say who proclaimed the unquaxxed/mask refusers should be forcefully quarantined, denied healthcare/food, or any other services for that matter? It just blows my mind how anyone could possibly blame someone unvaxxed for endangering someone who is vaxxed…if in fact the quackzine does actually work?

 The above is just one broad topic mind you, what other “conspiracy theories” are in fact…FACT? JFK? 911? There are dozens more but I’ll add just one, do you really believe the numbers on your brokerage statement or 401K? They are quoted in almighty dollars…issued by an insolvent issuer…so they must be true, right? And because there is zero possibility of default (by an entity that qualifies by the “old” definition of a banana republic ((both financially and rule of law))…but is now conveniently changed), we enjoy zero % interest rates because there is no risk?

 As the title suggests, I’m sarcastically waiting. I am waiting for verbal apologies. I am waiting for written apologies. I’m certainly not waiting for public apologies because that would be too embarrassing? To be honest, I have not written this piece to gloat and say we told you so, not for apologies, or any other reason than I am really really pissed! I knew that narratives would fail and at some point, truth would come out. I certainly did not think I would feel emotionally as angry as I do now. I am angry because we have been purposely divided with lies upon lies upon bigger lies. Hopefully, the masses wake up and think, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice you’re a damn liar” but I would be dreaming if I believed this.

 To finish, now comes the scary part. We have been duly divided in every way imaginable, now comes the conquer part. As truth leaks out and anger increases, they must kick the table over to cover the lies and place blame. Will it be war? I would not bet against it, besides, there are many forms of war…like the one we have been fighting for our minds and liberties. If I had to bet, I would favor some sort of cyber attack/financial panic where a world more indebted than ever before is issued a “margin call”…and if we are lucky, services like water, electricity and other necessities (like food) are still available.

 File all of this under “conspiracy theory” if you wish, but it looks pretty clear to me!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter