Only Second Coming Will Make Things Better in 2022 – Bill Holter

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By Greg Hunter’s

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter says huge lies and massive money printing have held the financial system together.  His big prediction for 2022 is that both the lies and money printing are going to get much worse.  Holter explains, “The risk for a meltdown from these levels, the risk has never been higher or could be higher than it is right now.  You have got everything going in the wrong direction. . . . in the year 2022, I will say without the second coming of Jesus Christ, things are not going to get better.  At this point, evil has its hand on too many controls.  They control too many avenues.  They control the media and just go right down the list.  Evil has too much control at this point.”

Holter says forget what the Fed is saying about “tapering” the easy money policies and raising interest rates to fight inflation.  Holter contends, “They just cannot do it.  . . . . We have an economy that it’s clear it’s beginning to slow.  It’s clear that inflation is raging.  So, the Fed is stuck in a corner.  They need to raise interest rates, and they need to fight inflation, but at the same time, if they do that, they will pop the debt bubble.  That’s the rock and the hard place the Fed is in between. . . . What they are saying is we are going to take the patient off life support, and with the biggest credit bubble of all time, they can’t do it.  If they do, you will see a credit temper tantrum turn into a credit meltdown.”