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Bill Holter’s Commentary
“Over 55% of the Treasury bonds issued since last February were not bought by the “open market” but, ironically, by private banks which misname themselves as a “Federal Open Market Committee” …”
One could ask why this is happening, the simple answer is, the Fed is the buyer of last resort and without their bid, these bonds would have gone un purchased at yields anywhere near current levels.

Latest Treasury, Fed and BIS Reports Confirm: All Twisted Paths Lead to Gold
November 22, 2021
The facts keep piling up, and recent BIS, Treasury and Fed reports confirm that all twisted paths lead to gold.
In a recent article, I posed the rhetorical question of when will policy makers finally stop lying and allow honest facts and natural market forces to return?
Lying is the New Normal
Unfortunately, as we examine the two latest working papers from the Fed/Treasury Dept cabal and the Bank of International Settlements, each confirms that lies are officially the new normal.
Over the years, we’ve tracked popularized delusions masquerading as policy with evidence rather than awe, addressing such topics as the open fictions of CPI inflation reporting and its “transitory” myth to the latest sample of double-speak spewing out of the Fed or White House.