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Dr. Dave Janda talks about the real history of Thanksgiving. This is an excellent 24 minutes and something you can play for your socialist relatives after dinner on Thursday…it all starts in 1619 which is the year the socialists are so enamored with!


CIGA HK sends us a message that many still do not know about.


Not so dumb as they thought. 


Biden announced 50 million barrels of oil to be released from strategic reserves to lower gas and heating prices for us.
But in the same breath, announces sanctions against Nordstream 2 pipeline to prevent energy starved Europe (especially Germany) from obtaining fuel to heat their homes. Prices over there are in the stratosphere. People will freeze to death, but at least we’re making a political statement about supporting Ukraine (on which Biden’s son sits on the board of their gas company).
With friends like us, who needs enemies.
CIGA Wolfgang Rech
What good is 50 million barrels when we use 20 million per day? All this does is deplete the reserves for the day we really need them? Sounds like a plan!

European Gas Prices Jump As US Announces Nord Stream 2 Sanctions
November 23, 2021

On Tuesday, European natural gas futures jumped after the U.S. imposed new sanctions on the highly contested Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement on Monday describing the new round of sanctions targeting a vessel and a “Russian-linked entity” called Transadria Ltd. associated with the pipeline’s construction that allows natural gas flows from Russia directly to Germany.

Blinken said a report had been sent to Congress and the sanctions support Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act of 2019. There’s been a lot of concern over Moscow’s ability to leverage natural gas supplies over Europe.

    “Today’s report is in line with the United States’ continuing opposition to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the U.S. Government’s continued compliance with PEESA,” Blinken said in his statement. “With today’s action, the Administration has now sanctioned 8 persons and identified 17 of their vessels as blocked property pursuant to PEESA in connection with Nord Stream 2.”

    “Even as the Administration continues to oppose the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, including via our sanctions, we continue to work with Germany and other allies and partners to reduce the risks posed by the pipeline to Ukraine and frontline NATO and E.U. countries and to push back against harmful Russian activities, including in the energy sphere,” Blinken said.

Any action against the Nord Stream 2 has stoked higher natural gas prices in Europe. After the U.S. announced sanctions, the Dutch month-ahead gas, the European benchmark, increased as much as 8.7% to 91.34 euros a megawatt-hour.


Below is my challenge. Love to see you post this and see what kind of reaction you get from your own subscribers.

“Open challenge to the manipulators:
“Let’s see what you are made of. If you are so all knowing and all powerful, let’s see you push gold down like you did in 2013. Not being able to do that and we the real market will have your lunch and stick your paper gold where the sun don’t shine.”

Anomaly on the charts – Going back all the way to 1980’s where 12 mo., 50 mo. and 200 mo. SMA are all bullishly configured where 12 is higher than 50 and that higher than 200 mo. SMA. Monthly Stochastics rising and bullishly configured after being at very low levels. Selling fumes let alone paper.

Yet price action that quickly and abruptly stops a looming advance from breaking out of very clear, dependable and powerful chart patterns. Temporary.

Everyone knows the gold and silver manipulation are daily activities of the central bankers. Their desperation smells of fear. Time to take them out.

CIGA Kevin


The fundamentals and technichals on gold and silver have never been better than they are now.  Should they accept your challenge and dump copious amounts of paper, they will only unleash physical demand further at a time when supply is extremely tight. They have a pretty high hurdle coming this next Tuesday as first notice day arrives for Dec. delivery and open interest is still enormous. When they fail, the entire facade of credit will collapse, unfortunately taking everything paper and worse, society down with it! The most important thing right now is to fully understand “why” you own metal in the first place …to protect against EVERYTHING currently happening across the globe…