The Final Chapter Has Arrived!

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If you told someone two years ago the world would look like it does today, they would have called you a nut job spewing science fiction with a dash of conspiracy theory! We use two years as a timeframe because if you recall, the overnight repo market blew its lid in late September 2019. And what a two years it has been since!

We knew at the time the Fed would be required to embark on their final pump job because credit was faltering badly. “Thankfully”, COVID-19 came along to shut down economies and thus massively reduced credit demand. This gave the world’s central banks some time, and cover, to reliquefy the system and of course do what they do best…INFLATE! We have said all along that Richard Russell was correct years ago when he termed the phrase “inflate or die”. The only problem is, global debt had already built up to unpayable levels even before the repo blowout two years ago which led to the crackup boom we have just witnessed.

Looking back at the last two years is mind boggling. We have seen a global pandemic where total death rates rose only slightly but at least the normal flu seems to have been cured, heart attacks, cancer, lung disease, even car accidents all no longer seem to be the causes of death…Experimental vaccines were introduced that we were told would lead us back to normal. After 10’s of thousand’s of deaths and 100’s of thousand’s severe reactions, now they tell us they are becoming mandatory? But wait, the drug companies now have a new miracle pill, I think it’s called “Horsemectivir”, that will be approved for humans only, not horses and livestock so it must be good! Back to normal here we come…

We watched as our cities were burned and looted during “mostly peaceful” protests. We also saw an election stolen which installed a man who did not campaign, cannot put two sentences together, but does know what “10%” represents! Thankfully, no more than 36 people ever showed up to any of his rallies because of covid risk, while Trump had millions collectively who presumably mostly died off from the super spreader events? The election was followed by a massive insurrection on Capitol Hill that the left, the press, and smart people in general, called more horrific than 911!

And speaking of the left, the press, three letter agencies (not to mention many left appointed judges), if it were not so serious and affect the lives of so many, we could call it “5 year old comedy hour”. We say this because if you remember how a five year old reacts when caught with their hand in the cookie jar…IT’S ALL LIES! Nearly everything, and we cannot stress enough, EVERYTHING we have been told by the press have been blatant and obvious lies that even the 5 year old could detect. But there has been constant cover for any and all lies by fakebook, giggle, traitter, and lie tube, censoring, deleting and taking down entire posts/channels who espouse common sense, logic, and outright provables. Suffice it to say, anything they take down is almost guaranteed to be God’s honest truth and directly over the target! Of course this has all been more confusing than it used to be because it is so hard to keep track of genders, much less the correct pronouns for each…?

Enough with the sarcasm, the rubber has now hit the road. The financial system is broken. It in fact was broken many years ago and has survived on life support (QE to infinity) ever since. “Financial engineering” has allowed policy makers to push and pull levers to create temporary realities in virtually all markets, unlimited credit and money supply enabled them. What happened over the last years (the last two in particular) could never have occurred during sane or normal times. People in the US would have revolted long ago. We say “US” because there are revolts all over the world, you are just not being told or shown by the press because they don’t want you to get any bright ideas! The largest revolt is presumably Australia, but then again, what would you expect once a population willingly gives up their guns? But we digress…

The point being, people in the US have not revolted versus the lies and falsehoods “yet” because they live the good life and their 401k statements are the proof. Stock, bond, and real estate markets are THE ONLY glue left holding the social system together. If asset values were to only go back to where they were the day Donald Trump was duly elected in 2016, we would be seeing anarchy. People “feel” rich, so no matter how many times they are lied to it does not matter because it “doesn’t affect me”. Well, it doesn’t affect you until you are mugged, robbed, raped or killed by…an illegal alien, your federal, state or local govt., your bank or broker, any three letter agency, or even by someone just plain hungry…and the hungry part is coming!

Folks, it is now as obvious as it can get. The system was already broken, it is now being purposely destroyed. The only truth you have been told is their plan to “build back better”. They have told you, “you will own nothing and be happy”. The only way to build back better is to totally destroy what exists. Why do you think they teach CRT in schools? Why are statues and landmarks being taken down? They are trying to re write history (which should be read “his story”) so there is no longer any reference point to decipher good vs. evil.

Now to the real point for this writing other than blowing off some truthful steam, this is the final chapter for the global financial system. Real supply chains have been broken, credit has become untenable, currencies led by the US dollar are collapsing versus real goods and bluntly, the shit has already hit the fan. For many aspects of life but financially for sure, there is now no turning back. It is over, and the long awaited crash is happening. The bubble has burst and no amount of new money, free credit etc. can possibly fix what has already broken. In fact, judging by the increased tyranny worldwide, we are not even sure there will be an effort to prolong “normal”?

Your time to prepare is short, maybe only weeks or days. Goods of all sorts are in short supply if even available? Please, PLEASE do whatever is left on your lists to prepare, because the day is quite near when the only options you have left are the ones you’ve already created!

Standing a tearful watch,

Bill Holter

Holter-Sinclair collaboration