Use What Is Left Of Your Freedom Or Lose All Of It

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Speak up, but do not ACT up.

Forget the reconversion of a Woke.

Give comfort to those that once thought constructively.     

We have to Speak up for the return of the Constitutional Republic.

I know that I must.

We must for your safety Speak up, Not act Up.

The time is now, this instant. There is no more time for Constitutionalists’ self-pity parties.

Events are consuming the strength of who we are and what we stand for.

Do not fear losing your friends, fear losing your country’s soul.

Do not fear losing your children’s love or respect.

Let your college-educated American Marxist kids fear you will leave your entire wealth upon your demise to the local no-kill dog shelter.

Prepare a bill for these same children for all the money you spent on their indoctrination to the “New Normal Hate the Elderly Society (DEAD HEADS)”.

Next subscription article: anomalies in US Treasury Bond Market, the merger of the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury now utilizing state of the art financial engineering to create infinite money until the federal, treasury dollar creation and administrative deficit spending demand a reverse split of the US dollar.