Gold In Today’s New Normal

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Composed by James Sinclair, market maker in physical gold before 1973, the year it was made legal in the USA.

There are very few in the industry still active today with an uninterrupted 61-year career of dealing in nothing other than gold, long and short.

61 years of experience from making the cash market prior to 1973, thence to becoming the largest trader in the make-believe paper market to calling a major top in March of 1980, to developing what will be one of the major gold properties on the planet; and speaks to what I am about to say.

I know gold in a sense that I am gold. It speaks to me as equity markets talk to those mavens.

It is not fundamentals, charts, algos, quants, inside information that makes the successful trader long term and consistent. You genetically have the commercial genes or not. Without that your best hope is to break even, if you decide to attempt professional investing and trading.

Why is gold’s action being so counter intuitive that both precious metals leave the average investor seeking some financial protection without an historical precedent of effective prior performance?

What drives people towards nonexistence, with pretend to exist coins, tulips, South Sea companies or dot coms? It is greed, produced by fear of being left behind by the bubble market. All these markets without exception are created by central bank owner’s financiers, market manipulators both historic and now electronic, felons and their bed fellows.

The past shields from events so severe socially, politically, and economically that they must be labeled nothing other than historical disasters to every categorized are now too common.

Why the action of the gold market will have no precedent in history for what it is about to do?

Why do so few self-recognized gold experts even consider the axiom of “Texas Bill Holter?”.

He has said quite clearly that if you do not own gold now (or successfully mine gold now) you will have no chance of doing so on pay-date

As freedom was the motivation of Braveheart, so too does the motive of “Freedom for Gold” push silently behind gold’s price as its present intent, to better the value of any previous temporary substitute like nonexistent pretend-coins or traditional equity bull markets prior to a major fiat currency inflation.

When the true counterfeit nature of paper gold, leveraged beyond common sense is realized, it will be clear, to all, that the so-called “experts” are living in the past. Many, if not all of today’s well known gold luminaries were not even born when the first bull market in gold of 1968 took incipient steps the USA.

They are now mainly felonious merchants of nonregulated complex forms paper contracts, listed or unlisted schemes of fake gold and silver assumed ownership.

The newbie scoundrels in the neighborhood are those that promote commingled ownership of silver and gold under the wings of the dealer, only taking advantage of the unregulated profession of financial engineering. In the final analysis much of these pools are nothing more than the same basic concept of nonexistent coins, which are so popular now.

The plan of total doorway to global Marxism is hidden in plain sight behind the move to what is now called “social democracy” with their captains and soldiers shining in the sunlight.

We have transitioned back to Marxism via capitalism in the form of rigged markets and the absence of the rule of law, the grips of the “globalists”, who are the formulators of this transition to “American Marxism.” This goal has been accelerated because of their dire fear of the rise of populism in the world of politics during the last administration. Plans for decades to come are now in place to occur before the end of 2022.

Yes, there are globalists who have blueprints for what is to occur for the next decade. Mr. Schwabe presented it well at the World Economic Forum holding back nothing, not even eugenics. However, the time schedule has been accelerated by populism as the dire enemy of globalism by the actions of greed maddened globalist businesspeople, neither conservative nor liberal, but just immorally outrageously and unethically defunct.

Now, the rush to execute the framework rise of American Marxism has accelerated. That necessitates more of a social rather than Economic Reset as the necessary bridge to American Marxism under the guise of democratic socialism.

That need has the fuse set by the Globalist financial institutions in the form of unprecedented, unthinkable, and enormous nature of worldwide debt. A false belief shared by all the younger businesspeople and academics in the non-system of “Modern Monetary Theory.” This new religion truly is an economic opiate.

My conclusion is that the World Economic Forum as the voice of globalism has no choice but a violent acceleration form of the previously, future planned major economic contraction. As an example, the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan was known during the previous administration. Why did a new president order take the USA away for energy independence back to offshore dependency? It is not a green motivation, but rather a green excuse.

The ongoing fear of the new normal black plague has stunted world economies. Keep in mind the move to American Marxism demands a significant economic and eugenic shock for the remaining populous to accept a totally defunct system.

I had planned to show the images of all the personalities with Marxist/Leninist quotes since the formation in 1913 of the USA Federal Reserve and the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to now; those who are the architects of present-day American Marxism. A Russia leader, Khrushchev? Was not acting out but honestly predicting the end of capitalism when he banged his shoe repeatedly on his desk at the United Nation general assembly. He knew that eventually felonious, selfish, unethical, immoral, political devils, Americans and Europeans, would destroy themselves. The shoe tyrant was certainly correct in that.

Thereafter I would have given you a tome on how we have purposely built a mountain of debt never imagined in all history.

You would get more verbiage to prove that debt such as now is unsustainable by any means. “Modern Monetary Theory, as coined here resulting from Quantitative Easing QE to Infinity were both empty of rescue tools and eventually empty of any substance to halt the transition to American Marxism.

To understand what I so sincerely pray you do, I will distill this article to bullet points for the conclusions. I sincerely urge you read or listen to three foundation books.

The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

American Marxism, recently released.

Now you have all the basis to understand fully the following conclusive predictions:

1/ The US Dollar is in no way or by any means properly valued by the USDX formula. That simply shows position between fiat currencies in terms of momentum useful to speculators.

2/ Gold is not CURRENTLY a widely used medium of exchange.

3/ Gold is however, historically and presently the only storehouse of value.

4/ The true measure to the US paper fiat Dollar and as its performance as a Store House of Value to protect your wealth is the price of gold. gold is not up, rather the dollar is down, hard.

5/ Do not be diverted in your thinking concerning the perma-bull market in equities. It has been traditionally manufactured by the PPT, the leaders of today, Globalists, again hiding in plain sight.

6/ “Cryptocurrency” is today’s “Tulip Craze” however, people will make money in it until they don’t at all.

7/ Since scarcity is the maker of price for cryptocurrency, why do you believe that a dollar or treasury instrument cryptocurrency is possible?

8/ The goal of first Reset will be more woke than financial due to the outrageously severe economic problems without immediate and marketable solutions. Hyper-inflation comes first, with footprints which are now firmly set in cement like the remains of Jimmy Hoffa.

9/ Braveheart’s freedom was spiritual while gold’s freedom will be systemic, monetary, and lasting.

10/ The value of gold will eventually be higher than the highest quotation, maybe still to come, on Bitcoin. Who could predict what a tulip was worth yet there were many expert tulips price predictors, solidly believed by presumably (but consumed) intelligent people?

11/ Fiat currency like critter scat will always be with us. It will be only a medium of exchange for goods and services, not as storehouses of value once the panic ends. They all are.

12/ Shortages of what is needful has already begun.

13/ What did you lack during last year’s height of COVID-19?

14/ Listen weekly to the round table discussion of Bill, Denny, David and I or read articles on the public side of JSMineset.

15/ Stop inventorying that which is unnecessary.

16/ You are better off with a non-woke master plumber than a woke college indoctrinated American Marxist. Maybe if they are basically good kids they might show you some respect in your later years, if not now. Do not expect shelter. That is what four-season tents are for.

17/ Get your financial house, camper or tent in order today, not tomorrow. Better to live in a four-season  tent on a 20 foot by 20 foot paid for lot in the Arctic Wildlife Preserve than a house mortgage and refinanced three time in the Hampton complete with 3 snooty cars on a pp plan.

18/ Remember we entered this world without anything and leave in the same condition. If you want a scary visual, Zillionaire Soros is going out butt naked to meet his due. No matter what some globalists believe, they can’t leave their wealth to a yet unborn but selected family body who will be them reincarnated. I am not kidding you. From the walls of a fort like Yale Fraternity to a Bilderberger convention admittance is by strict personal confirmation of identity only. The purpose of the guard is so you do not witness what is at the heart of these meetings, not economic or political discussions.

19. Make sure you have that in stock, now!

Properly understood, a person is a trillionaire who experiences the love of other while fiercely seeks from whence he/she came and to where or what he/she about to go. This is all that matters, the rest is how you select your assumption of reality and the illusion of time.

My next article will be why this time gold will rise slowly until one day, in the not too far future, if you do not own it, you will not be able to. Oh how you will wish that you did!

All else is prattle and ignorance,