Response To Clif High’s Latest

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There are links of great wisdom in this that have given me the answer to the why of what we see instantly in motion in our specialty, which is that which we strain daily to understand. I urge you to listen to this as a review.

The key to the organic growth of economies was obvious until 1913 when “financial systems” began the takeover of organically grown economics, and its fathers accepted axioms (Von Mises, Ricardo, Smith, etc.). Organic economics died in 1929. Roosevelt and his Mrs. were the modern Globalists who introduced the tools of the financial systems, overlaying the “Fed” with the “IRS”, which so firmly instilled the new financial system’s power structure. We are now in the period of the collapse of this new behemoth financial system due to the size of the debt in “Modern Monetary System Economics,” a make-believe system fostered and necessitated as a lie due to the size of the spider’s interdependent global web of financial instruments of debt that make up the nonexistent, “Modern Monetary System.” And its duration has been only taking hours, not years threatened. Paulson actually questioned the results of the seed he and others planted at the emergency meeting at the New York Fed 2008, with the true size frothing almost beyond the human ability to add zeros to millions of dollars due to others. The duration of Capitalism and Free-market was extremely long. What is now coming will be instantaneous having been seeded only in 2008.

Clif’s position, as I interpret it, is that all this madness will continue when suddenly it simply ends as debt instruments of all kinds become devoid of bids. The difference is 1929 unfolded in its unwinding of standards of living over 18 years. This will in occur in a 24 hour period. This will implode in a flash that is different and much faster. Then the global standard of living will instantaneously evaporate. This is the difference we have been looking for. There is no time now for a “RESET.”

Clif is right in that for us, September is the “Month of Preparedness.” By the way, as I repeat FRANK sits at the pinnacle of this satanic unfolding of a master plan which took its root in the Fabian society.

Please listen carefully, at your leisure, not judging but only silently absorbing, and therefore understanding.

Clif is the keenest mind alive today in my not so humble opinion. Listen to learn, not to argue. You then will hear things that you otherwise would not.

Respectfully & Sincerely,

Jim Sinclair