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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Because everything is so good…or, because they have printed and debased money like drunken sailors?

Fastest Bull Market In History As S&P 500 Doubles.
August 23, 2021

In the fastest bull market in history, the S&P 500 doubled from its pandemic lows. While this is undoubtedly a newsworthy milestone, what does history suggest happens next?

As noted by CNBC:

    “Here’s a market milestone to encapsulate the stunning recovery rally. The S&P 500 doubled its level from its pandemic closing low.”


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Just ask any Venezuelan, they’ll tell you!

Do Empty Shelves Count As Inflation?
August 23, 2021

The prices of a lot of things are up these days, which fits the common definition of “inflation.”

Meanwhile, an increasing number of products are appearing at the same price but in smaller packages.This is inflation’s slippery first cousin “shrinkflation.” Here’s a sampling from a recent study:

• Bounty paper towels: The triple back has shrunk from 165 sheets to just 147.

• Costco’s toilet paper: A large pack was 425 sheets last year, but now is just 380.

• Dial Body Wash: Reduced from 21 ounces to 16 ounces, a 25 percent reduction.

• Ziploc freezer bags: 54 bags last year, but just 50 bags this year.

• Quaker Instant Oatmeal: 10 packs last year, but just 8 this year for some varieties.

Empty Shelves

But what about when the thing you want just isn’t there? Where does the complete absence of something fit on the inflation spectrum? This question is no longer academic, as empty shelves appear in stores across the US. (One nearby example: The Sequim, Washington Costco is – shades of 2020 — currently out of toilet paper.)


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Chris has legitimate questions and is ultimately told by the I-shares rep she could not be on a recorded line (even though THEY record the calls themselves?). Please listen to this and future videos re the “silver conundrum” which can only be explained as a Ponzi scheme in our opinion.