WSBz Have Reached Their Goal, Billboard Signs Just Ahead

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Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,

     There must be something brewing behind the prices, with the same old group doing the same old thing, keeping Gold down $2 with the last trade at $1,713.80, recovering from the hit down to $1,703.50 with the high at $1,719.30. Silver “is” their biggest issue with the price knocked down to $26.005, down 38.2 cents, yet is recovering from the low of London at $25.66 with the high at $26.36. The US Dollar is also being supported with the Index valued at 91.18, a gain of 23.8 points, and right close to the high of 91.24 with the low at 90.985. Of course, all this happened, before Comex opens, London closes, and after a Texas Judge was arrested on, at the very least, 150 counts of voter fraud. It’s these little things called facts, that irritate the lying press narrative. How many have to be arrested and convicted before voter fraud becomes a fact for the Supreme Court to look at?

      The international pressure on the prices of precious metals continues, with Gold under the Venezuelan Bolivar now trading at 17,116.58, a loss of 87.89 Bolivar overnight with Silver losing 6.50 with its last trade at 259.77 Bolivar. Argentina’s price for Gold is now at 154,604.68 Peso’s down 685.96 with Silver buyers seeing a 57.45 A-Peso drop with its last trade at 2,346.22. Turkey is mixing things up a bit with Gold gaining 71.25 with the last buy at 12,765.92 Lira, with Silver prices taking back some of yesterday’s gains with the last trade at 193.67, a loss of 2.84 T-Lira.

      March Silver’s Delivery Demands now shows a total of 2,870 fully paid for contracts and with a Volume of 558 already up on the board with a trading range between $26.275 and $25.685 with the last buy at $26.06, a loss of 29.7 cents so far today. Wednesday’s full day of ICE trading happened in between $26.805 and $25.935 with the last swap at $26.23 with the Comex Calculated Close at $26.357, a loss of 49.3 cents on the day that had a total of 236 swaps helping to reduce the demands by 114 contracts that got receipts, maybe. One thing for certain is the Overall Open Interest is proving a continuing reduction of short trades as 1,725 contracts left the field of play leaving a total of 156,787 “shorts over physicals”. We’re less than 25k away from hitting a new low in paper over product, in a time when interest rates are not cooperating with billboard signs ready to popup.

      March Gold’s Delivery Demands now has a total of 600 contracts waiting for receipts with a Volume of 319 up on the board with a trading range between $1,717.40 and $1,706.50 with the last buy at the high, a gain of $2.10 while the paper pushes the futures lower, for now. Yesterday’s full day of ICE happened in between $1,732.40 and $1,703.50 with the last buy at $1,718.40, a loss of $14.70 with the CCC at $1,715.30, a loss of $17.80 on the day that had a total of 501 new buys helping to reduce the demands by 464 contracts that got receipts, maybe. Another round of liquidation continues in Gold as well, as the Overall Open Interest proves the shaving of the shorts as 2,573 left the game, with the count now at 465,796 Overnighters willing to trade against the physicals.

      Far more activity than normal is happening within the Treasuries, as the 10 year is seeing “more sellers than buyers” bringing the rate to 4%, before we hear from Federal Reserve Chairman Powell who will be speaking today. With the activities in all of our debt instruments, the forcing down of precious metals pricings, and the old school regime back in play, we may be seeing the new resurgence in precious metal demands, with the rumored Billboard Signs everywhere. If you see one of these Silver Squeeze billboards, please send them my way. Here are some of the ideas the WSB-Boyz have posted already. 



The Donations to the WallStreetBets Billboards have reached their goals and then some. This just so happens to be a new wrinkle going against “the same ol’ group doing the same ol’ things” as the new (WSB-Boyz) enters into our realm of buying physicals seemingly not caring one bit what the authorities and news services are claiming; “poor hedge funds are getting hurt by this gang of non-institutional traders as the Boyz react to the accusations by saying “eabod” (don’t look this up). In fact, WSBz have gained more notoriety after the Congressional hearing as their followers gained, which was around 90,000 before, and now it’s several million. Hey Boyz! Come on in and join our group at JSMineSet, there’s far more “real” inside our subscriber’s side. More importantly, the weekly audio with Mr. Gold himself – Jim Sinclair, and our Boyz, Bill, Dave, and Denny.

      I wonder what the next hearing will do to support the new kids on the block, that is, if there is another one? Stay Tooned and get more precious metals before those Billboards get posted. Will the Boyz be putting Billboards up, right in front of the SEC, CFTC, or the Main Stream Media buildings? Just askin’, so keep the faith, hold on tight, and as always …

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson

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