Waiting for The Day the Last Bar Leaves Comex

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Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,

      Gold started off Sunday night trading a little lower, then turned direction and is now up $6.10 with the April contract at $1,866, recovering from the London low at $1,851 with the high nearby at $1,869.10. Silver is following with its trade up 15.9 cents with the March contracts at $25.715 after dipping down to $25.47 with the high so far at $25.88. The US Dollar index is proving everything is the way the centrals want it, unwavering, with the trade calculated at 90.235, up 2.3 points after dipping down to 90.075 with the high at 90.34. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, London close, and after the Washington monument and White House went dark last night, and no one seems to be able to explain why? Probably Trump fault.

      In Venezuela, Gold is now worth 18,636.67 Bolivar, gaining 113.85 since Friday morning with Silver adding 3.2 Bolivar with its last trade at 256.88. Gold’s priced under the Argentine Peso gained 1,065.59 with the last price at 161,376.24 Peso’s with Silver’s last trade at 2,224.41 A-Peso’s proving a gain of 29.18. Even the Turkish Lira is allowing Gold’s price to rise with its last buy at 13,784.58 adding 37.97 Lira’s with Silver’s last swap at 190.00 T-Lira, regaining 1.73.

      January Silver’s Delivery Demands have yet to change count with the waiting list tally stuck at 124 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts waiting for receipts, and with Zero Volume, so far this morning. Friday’s trades had a total of 10 in the Volume column but no prices posted, but Comex was kind enough to give us a closing price at $25.524, down 29.8 cents where no trade was made, helping no one but those who don’t have to post a price in order to take bars out of the Comex Warehouse. Since Friday morning, Comex’s Overall Open Interest lost only 35 contracts leaving a total of 169,898 paper contracts to trade against the physicals, that no one can view or confirm.

      January Gold’s Delivery Demands are also unchanged from Friday with the count stuck at 10 and with a Volume of 2 already up on the board and with no price. Friday’s delivery activity had a total of 8 buys with a trading range between $1,855.30 and $1,852.70 with the last buy at the high, and a closing price calculated at $1,855.70, down $9.60, yet higher than any trade, and like we said, no change in the demand count. Is this the new norm? Gold’s Overall Open Interest lost 951 contracts leaving a total of 545,101 contracts to trade against the physicals.

      Keep buying precious metals and stay out of the way. Have a prayer for all and keep that smile on your face, as we wait for the very last bars to leave the warehouses in short supply.

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson


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