Precious Metals POP!

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Great and Wonderful first trading day of the year folks,

      Gold popped right out of the shoot last night, and continued to rally into the night, with the trade now at $1,938.40, up $43.30 and close to the high at $1,941 with the low at $1,911.30. Silver leads the percentages with its trade at $27.40, up 98 cents with its high close by at $27.55 and the low at $26.73. The forever in print US Dollar is now valued at 89.485, down 40.9 points, and 10 points off the low at 89.39 with the high at 89.87. Of course, all this happened before 5am pst, the Comex open, the Brexit, after Bitcoin traded higher than our Dow Jones Industrial Average (LOCH)and after a country goes full retard with a 100% digital currency, and its one we’ve been watching too!

      Gold, under the 100% digitized Venezuelan Bolivar, is now trading at 19,359.77 gaining 409.49 Bolivar since Thursday with Silver adding 7.841 with the last price at 273.658 Bolivar. In Argentina, Gold is now valued at 162,998.43 proving a 3,327.34 A-Peso gain with Silver adding 64.54 A-Peso’s with its last trade at 2,304.04. On the other side of the planet, Turkey’s last price for Gold proved a gain of 187.05 T-Lira with the last buy at 14,279.57, with Silver’s last price at 201.782 T-Lira, adding 4.107 to its last years closing price. 

      February Silver’s Delivery Demands now has a total of 483 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts waiting for receipts with a Volume of 31 already up on the board and with no price posted. Thursday’s full day of trading activity happened in between $26.54 and $26.35 with the Calculated Comex Closing price at $26.332, a loss of 15.6 cents, helping to reduce the demand count by 466 contracts that may have gotten receipts. Silver’s Overall Open Interest lost only 419 contracts bringing this early morning total to 171,427 contracts willing to trade against the physicals. Which begs the question; are the numbers in the early morning not updated, or is it possible the algos are willing to hold their shorts as a $1+ gain puts their short positions closer and closer to a margin call?

      February Gold’s Delivery Demands now has a total of 521 fully paid for 100-ounce contracts waiting for receipts with a Volume of 143 already up on the board and a trading range between $1,929.60 and $1,912.60 with the last buy at the high, a gain of $36.50 while the papers push the prices higher. Thursdays full, yet partial, day of trade happened in between $1,901.30 and $1,892.70 with the CCC set at $1,893.10, a gain of $2.10 that had a total of 127 swaps helping to reduce the demand count by 653 contracts that may have gotten receipts. Gold’s Overall Open Interest also lost very little of its paper proving only 993 shorts jumped ship leaving a total of 560,059 contracts left to lose money will the precious metals climb.

      The level of frauds perpetrated, which is intentionally being ignored by those assigned to uphold the electoral laws, is huge. I have watched each state’s voter fraud hearings, seen the videos, listened to those willing to go to jail if they lied, observed how everything lines up proper, and to me, it is conclusive! Either it’s all a joke, or we’re going to see the real reasons for treasons. If this election is truly stolen, then prepare for the removal of the First and Second Amendment and for your vote to never matter again. We choose law and order, and the right to speak freely and openly, and of course, the right to bear arms.

      To see the Dow Jones Industrial’s value, trade below that of digital air (Bitcoin), should really wake people up to what has happened already. This political crap called the CCP19 shut down, only helped the big corporations, and have killed off all the small companies that make our nation the greatest, because small companies don’t get the handouts. If the rumored links between China and the DNC are real, then shit has already hit the fan. Which explains the stink in this election, and the reasons it’s not being reported fairly, or without bias. Why are these hearings not being shown on Main Stream Media?

      Back to the positive, today we celebrate Bill Holter’s Birthday. The markets sure are! Make all day’s count, and keep piling on precious metals and have a prayer for all suffering under the politics of today, and as always …

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson

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