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Dave’s interview with General McInerney was two days prior to the election.  Ask yourself this, if they knew ahead of time “how” the steal was going to be done, do you not believe they had protocols in place to document the fraud?  I would suggest we will have some very interesting times immediately ahead as proof, proof and more proof of a stolen election (in reality a COUP) is released!


Here is the interview of General Tom McInerney 2 days PRIOR to the election on how the Deep State was going to electronically steal the election for Basement Joe with The Hammer/Scorecard


Here is the interview of General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell with Lou Dobbs on the Friday after the election regarding  “the steal”.


Here is the article BEFORE the election, October 31, 2020 about Hammer/Scorecard by Investigative Journalists Mary Fanning & Alan Jones: