How “Creature from Jekyll Island” Can It Get?

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Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,

       The precious metals are still trading sideways with Gold now priced at $1,954, down $10.40 after dipping to $1,944 with the high nearby at $1,957.20. Silver is down as well with the trade at $26.99, off by 30.1 cents and recovering from its low at $26.725 with the high at $27.115, so far today. The US Dollar’s September contract will expire on Monday with the banker’s inventory/balance/count going on throughout the Triple Witch period, with the value now decided at 93.14, down 17.6 points and close to the low at 93.11 with the high at 93.36. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after another round of information was released in regards to the MI5 & 6 Pee-Steele dossier and the antics that help prove treason at the highest levels. It’s stated in this article, and it winds up falling right into our topic, “it’s all about the money”. Do these foreign links lead towards the printing presses of the Federal Reserve and the control of the US Treasury (Larry Summers)? How “Creature from Jekyll Island” can it get?

      Gold in Venezuela is flat to lower with the last swap at 19,515.58 Bolivar, down 36.95 from yesterday’s quote with Silver at 269.563, it too down by 3.845 Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso price for Gold is now at 146,109.78 Peso’s, down only 110.52 overnight with Silver losing almost half of yesterday’s gains at 2,018.17, down 26.69 A-Peso’s. Turkey’s Lira price for Gold lost 29.05 from yesterday’s 154 T-Lira gain with the last trade at 14,598.28. Silver lost a little more than half of Thursday’s gains with the price now at 201.638, down 2.9 T-Lira.

      September Silver’s Delivery Demands now shows a total of 1,316 fully paid for contracts up on the board and once again with no Price or Volume so far today. Yesterday was a ghost trade day as a total of 66 Contracts got swapped out inside the delivery system with the proof being in the Volume Column and still Comex feels it’s not important to post the values because these are considered “spread trades” which, in their minds, require no prices. This ghost game helped reduce the Overall Demand Count by 2 with that Comex Calculated Closing price at $27.163, a gain of 20.8 cents. Silver’s Overall Open Interest is increasing as more positions are added in order to provide liquidity to go against the physicals, as another 1,608 additional short contracts got added to the mix bringing the total to 161,177 Overnighters.

       September Gold’s Delivery Demands now show 364 fully paid for contracts up on the board with a Volume of 22 so far this morning with a 10-cent trading range between $1,944 and $1,943.90, down $10.30 helping to prove these sellers are more willing to take the cheaper price instead of a higher. Yesterday’s full day of delivery activity happened in between $1,962.70 and $1,944.10 with the last trade at $1,946, yet the CCC was decided upon at $1,954.20, a gain of $9.50. Also, of note is the final Volume during Thursday’s trades which totaled 698 contracts, giving the demand count, a gain of 97 fully paid for contracts waiting for those promissory bars of purity. Could this be evidence of a Resolute Buyer punking the spreaders! The fear is here as another 4,898 contracts had to be added in order to provide more time for the controllers, bringing the Overall Open Interest in Gold to 570,504 Overnighters to go against the trade as we wade into the deep waters of the Triple Witch. Let’s see how they work it and how the Resolutes respond with their purchases. I got a feeling one day the Triple Witch Fix will be the period of time, when all hell breaks loose, completely upsetting the Pavlov Dog approach the technicians apply to the Quarterly Triple Witch Week.

      We’re still looking into the US Dollar’s trading anomaly and the obviousness of it all with today’s early morning chart, not showing as much activity as the last 2 sessions. The day ain’t over yet, but here is what we see so far.


      Those little blips are what we normally see when it comes to the daily trading activity, yet these long 1 minute (of trade) vertical bars, is what has happened, all day long, every day, since Wednesday.

 US$ 910 

      What kind of agreement is this “thing” we’re seeing here in the US Dollar? Is this Jay Powell’s idea of control, where the price is kept at one level as the daily chart is proving a sideways move since the beginning of August, and after he stated inflation is their goal at Jackson Hole? Silver and Gold are also coiling inside the high and low of August’s trades and we’re entering into the best time to buy a contract on the TW quarterly dip. Oh yeah, we also have the FOMC meeting starting on TWW-Tuesday, what can go wrong?

      Of course, it’s all up to the players who trade. Those that hold physical Silver and Gold know it’s the best way to deal with it while we all witness the events, with an occasional chart to prove things are strange in the fiats, that go against the real.

      Never forget September 11th, Patriots Day! May God Bless America, it’s unsung heroes, and everyone of you, as we make it through, this and every day. Keep the faith, a smile on the face, and as always …      

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson

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